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Posted by: Border Walker Sep 30 2007, 10:51 PM
These are more or less Common Sense, but for those who lack it...

1. Be respectful to me. I made this board with no profit margin in mind and to let you guys have a fun time. I don't want to take your shit. If you have a problem, say it nicely.

2. The Golden Rule people. Be nice, and we'll be nice to you. Be a jerk, and We'll be a jerk to you. Be Airesore and... We'll laugh at you.

3. You want porn or very violent images? Google is your friend. No need to share it here. That's what the Chans are for.

4. Keep the Slurs to In Character only if your character is like that. If you want to bitch about a group, take it elsewhere. Also, don;t go too deep In Character with the Slurs...

5. Language skills, the spoken and written word have evolved a great deal over millions of years, please don't slaughter them within the space of a single post. If your post is too poor to understand, I'll just have to use my imagination to figure out what you meant, and I can garuntee that you won't enjoy that XD (This was word or word from Arlan, because I can think of no better way to word this.)

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