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Posted by: Border Walker Sep 30 2007, 11:38 PM
Naturally, this is a Cruise liner, so you will have rooms for your characters. Where they are depends on the Class your character has, or if they’re a crew members.

Crew members: Crew members vary on where they go. Most upper crew members can claim one of the officer rooms if they wish, or make another bedroom for them if you wish. Security bunk in passenger rooms, mostly the second Class, and the Coal Shovelers in the Lower areas bunk in the Third Class rooms.

Passengers: Passengers get one of many areas. The richest get the Subforum on the A Deck. These would be the equivalent of the Richest people on earth and Wealthy business owners/entrepreneurs. Regular rich class, which is most of Hollywood quality, get the rooms on the C Deck. Second Class, which are your average Joes get the Second Class bedroom on the E Deck, and the poorest get the Third Class bedrooms on the F and G deck. What constitutes as those people? Well, I’ll let you decide. However, if you choose to be a Third Class passenger, I must PM you first before you make a place on the ship.

Naturally, there are chances someone with low income could come into the First class, but those are more contest winners, and yes, there were contests, but not many…

As for what they typically consist of, The richest are your usually luxury and Penthouse suites. Second class is your typical Apartment, and Third Class is pretty much not much larger than a Bathroom and with bunkbeds. Crewmembers Rooms I leave up to you people, but know I will check to make sure it's not outrageous.

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