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Title: Beastiary
Description: There is nothing harmful on this Ship!

Border Walker - September 30, 2007 11:00 PM (GMT)
Spectors (Most Areas) - Spectors are the ghosts of some of those who died aboard the Titanic, and are often those of the more horrific victims who died before actually drowning, sometimes having the injuries they sustained. Spectors can be dispelled rather easily in small groups, but what makes them really deadly is the illusions they can create, often sending people into some sort of Hellish version of the Titanic. The larger the group, the more horrible the situation...
Power Level - 7
Health - 100/100

Poltergeist (Most Areas) - Poltergeists are usually the ghosts of the passengers aboard the Titanic, and are usually those who went crazy before they died in the sinking. They tend to hang where they died, and usually use attacks based on what they did while they went crazy. They can be a little hard to get rid of, but are weakened by Light, and can be beaten by Enchanted items...
Power Level - 5
Health 60/60

Possesed (Most Areas) - Some ghosts may in fact Posses a person or item and make them come to life. Items that are possessed are put in the enemy territory, while Possessed people get the (Possessed) mark next to them (See Status Effects for more info). While possessed, the ghost inside cannot be harmed until the item is either destroyed or the ghost Expelled.
Power Level - Varies
Health Varies

Border Walker - October 7, 2007 12:57 AM (GMT)
Added Spectors...

Border Walker - October 7, 2007 06:21 PM (GMT)
Added Poltergeists...

Border Walker - October 8, 2007 10:30 PM (GMT)
Added Possesed...

Border Walker - March 4, 2008 09:54 PM (GMT)
Calypso's Minions

You've no doubt noticed the new type of Enemies. Here's the info for them...

Sharkling (Common) - Sharklings are Shark-like creatures with the head and tail of a shark, but with arms and legs covered in claws and flabby skins between them. The Sharklings can come in all varieties of shark species, which tends to not the aggressive level of them as well. However, while being nasty sharks, they're still only sharks, which means they suffer the same weakness of other sharks do, for those that know shark anatomy...
Power Level - 6
Health 80/80

Angloir (Extremely Common) - Angloirs are Angloir Fish-like creatures with the head in the shape of an Angloir fish, but a body of a humanoid with the same skin covering of an Angloir fish. The thing to note is that all Angloirs are Female, but their bodies do not display this very obviously. Angloirs can be found in singles or large Groups, having a sort of 'Hive Mind' thinking...
Power Level - 5
Health 60/60

Angloir Knights (Less Than Common) - The Next Step above Angloirs, the Angloir Knights are what would be among a 'Queen's Court'. However, they are not the ones found protecting Calypso, instead, roaming in groups of one to two and often have some sort of crude clothing on them, as apposed to the other Minions of Calypso. They can also sometimes be seen with Rusty swords or Revolvers...
Power Level - 6
Health 80/80

Dolphus (Common) - Dolphus are Dolphin-like Creatures, with the head shape and beak of a dolphin, but the body shape of a human, with the exception often times of a tail. Dolphus are a common sight, and to a degree are less aggressive than the other creatures, but they can still be a force to contend with. They tend to search more and be inquisitive, but do not let the playful nature of a Dlphin confuse you with a Dolphus, for even a Dolphin has teeth...
Power Level - 6
Health 80/80

Orcano (Rare) - Orcano are Orca Killer Whale)-Like creatures with the head and tail of an Orca, but the body type of a Humanoid. These are not Free Willy, however, and are about as Muscular as an Extreme Bodybuilder, making their attacks almost always deal double damage. One of the Toughest creatures out there, the Orcano attack without mercy, either from the front or back, and know how to use basic items as weaponry. Beware an Orcano that has a Piece of steel in its arm. In fact, just beware the Orcano period.
Power Level - 9
Health 120/120

There is more than just this, but for now, these are the most common...

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