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Title: Roleplay Rules
Description: These Aren't Guidelines Either.

Border Walker - September 30, 2007 10:58 PM (GMT)
1. The world may be in the future, but it's the Near future people. Nothing out of the ordinary people! Your either a crew member or a passenger. That's it. You can add your onw little bits, but nothing crazy.

2. Post for yourself only, not NPCs or other player characters unless I say so. Very rarely can you control NPCs, but there will be chances if you play right...

3. YOUR HUMAN! No Bullet time and Crazy antics please! Trenchcoatery will find your roleplaying less desirable...

4. This is Play by Post people. Wait for me to say you can move to a new area.

5. While you'll rarely encounter things that will harm you, if you are harmed, don't bitch about it. Don't whine and cry, and don't throw a hissy fit should you die.

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