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Title: Joshua Kuneson
Description: I get to have a character too!

Border Walker - October 1, 2007 08:31 PM (GMT)
Name: Joshua Kuneson
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation: Medium/Psychic, Ghost Hunter

Starting Inventory: Laptop, Ghost Hunter Field Case (Includes: Electromagnetic field Detector [EMF], Pocket Thermometer, Gieger Counter Rdiation Detector, Specialized Camera), Flashlight, Ship Keys

Description: Josh looks like someone who'd be an Alien hunter or soemthing. Mushroom top hair in a chestnut color, stubbly goatee, and a pair of rimless glasses. He always seems to have this observing look about him, like he's almost looking right through you. He wears a button up shirt with a dirt brown T-shirt underneath, and a pair of light bluejeans with black boots.

Short Bio: At a young age, Joshua acted different than most kids. In fact, it became very prominent when, in kindergarten, he told the Teacher that a ghost was haunting the preschool, which was why things disappeared. Nobody believed him then at first, but when he came home one day and told his dad 'Not to cry, Mommy bye bye', He suspected something. A day later, a phone call came saying Josh's mom had died in a car crash. Both early signs of being a medium and a Ghost Whisperer. Call it lucky that Josh's dad was friends with a retired Ghost Hunter, so he trained Josh in the techniques of Ghost Hunting.

Naturally, though, people are skeptic of stuff like ghosts, so the prospect of him being a medium or psychic, while paying good pay, wasn't that popular. He graduated college with a degree in Psychology, but put up a website for those looking for a Freelance Ghost Hunter/Medium. For a while, he got a few odd jobs here and there a traveled a bit, but what really counted was when he was contacted by the company building the Calypso, when they reported strange sightings of Spirits and stuff missing. He came right away and found the area to deffinetly seem to contain what seemed to be signs of ghosts. The company hired him to take part on the cruise in case anything else seemed to happen, and gave him one of the Second Class rooms to stay in...

Power Level: 4

Skill: Life Among the Dead - Joshua has lived a life amongst the dead, hunting them down and studying them. This will come in handy later, as he will have less of a chance at becoming Insane and a greater chance of spotting dangers, along with being less likely to be manipulated, as well as being able to help break others free of Manipulation...

Traits: Psychic - Josh has the Sixth sense. He can 'sense' things that may happen...

Ghost Hunter - Josh has worked with the Supernatural before. He will be less fearful...

Stats: 38/46/71/45/47/44/90

Room Second Class Cabin 13

Starting Location: ????

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