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Title: Make Mini-games out of certain tasks?
Description: It deals with strictly the next board.

Border Walker - January 7, 2008 10:13 PM (GMT)
I had an idea last night while waiting for someone to IM me about what I could do to make things more interesting in the board after this. Like I said in the announcements, I have a new board I'm working on, and It's going to be somewhat like Bioshock in a way (Contain your joy DW), and it made me think about certain tasks.

For those who haven't played it: In Bioshock, you can hack disabled security bots, turrets, cashiers, and safes to get more items or lower prices. To do it successfully though, you need to complete a mini-game.

I was thinking this could be done textually as well, but not like the style in Bioshock. Instead, it'd be different sorts of games, that I would convert into Text. You'd need to reply with solving the puzzle, and if successful, it works.

It may be a little complex, but could add for a dynamic of puzzling... what do you think?

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