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Title: Vehicles
Description: On a CRUISE SHIP?!

Border Walker - October 1, 2007 01:17 AM (GMT)
Naturally, you will not find Cars on a ship, but you can find other things that constitute as Vehicles to help you get off the ship. They will be listed in the second post of this topic as they are found.

Keys - The keys to the Vehicles must be located before it can be driven. No-one can hotwire Vehicles without the correct skill. Characters with Lockpicking skills can though, especially Hotwiring skills.

Naturally, though, Oars will be needed for rowboats...

Level and Health - All Vehicles have a certain Level, this shows how powerful they are, it also shows how strong they are to damage. No Vehicles can attack a Vehicle that is two levels higher than them.
When a Vehicle is at 0hp, it will cease to function. In some cases though, it will explode or sink, killing all passengers.

Attack - Vehicles can attack both other Vehicles and people. Although, the strength of the damage depends on the Power Level and current Health of the Vehicle. Some attacks on Vehicles and people may result in the attacker being injured in the process

State - Vehicles cannot be driven if the driver has Bleeding, Pain, Infected or Poison. Or if the Driver is below the health of 30.

Start - Characters can't start with a car, obviously, but they can start with the Keys to a motorboat and such. Of course, they will all be in the garage for them...

Border Walker - October 1, 2007 01:29 AM (GMT)
Jet Skis
Jet Ski
Health: 60/60
Passenger Capacity: 2 Normal sized + 1 kid sized
Level: 3
Required to use: Jet Skis Keys

Two Person Rowboat (Such as A Kayak)
Health: 40/40
Passenger Capacity: 2 people
Level: 1
Required to use: x2+ Oars

Four Person Rowboat
Health: 45/45
Passenger Capacity: 4 People
Level: 2
Required to use: x2+ Oars

Health: 110/110
Passenger Capacity: 20 People
Level: 4
Required to use: Someone to lower into Water

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