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Title: Connor McGowen
Description: My Ghost Character...

Border Walker - October 24, 2007 03:13 AM (GMT)
Name: Connor McGowan
Age: (Appears) 47/ (Actual) 147
Gender: Male
Occupation: Formerly the head of McGowan bar and Grills all across Ireland.

Starting Inventory: Ghost Chair Leg (+3 Power) Light Melee, Pocketwatch

Description: Connor appears like a normal Victorian Irish man, with the exception of having come out of a shower, clothed and all. Short red hair dots his head with a red mustache on his face as well. A Green Suit can be seen underneath the Lifejacket he seems to have on, with a matching pair of slacks. Black shoes cover his feet, though look the most wet of all of him. He seems frightened and searching for something...

Short Bio: Connor met and married his wife in 1890, and had their first daughter two years later. Being the owner of a few bars, he struck it lucky one year and made alot of money by coming into a few jewels. He gave on to each of his family members, and Soon found his luck being higher by him becoming the head of country wide bars. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when he was invited on the Titanic. The Captain persuaded him onto the bridge, and Connor's life went downhill. During the night of the Sinking, him and his family tried to escape, but found themselves being stopped by the Captain and the Officers, tossing them into the lower chambers and causing them to drown alive. For the next one hundred years, they were trapped with all who died aboard a ghostly Titanic no one could see, until The Calypso was built, and focused the Ghost ship into a physical form. Now he wishes to escape, but hopes to reunite with his family first...

Power Level: 5

Skill: Titanic Mystery - Connor is in on the Mystery of the Titanic, and knows how to stop the Calypso from suffering the same fate, or at least the passengers. However, it can only be done if he can find enough of the Diamonds of the Sea...

Father McGowan - Connor is the Father of the McGowan family, and if reunited with his family, he may be able to escape the Titanic once and for all...
Kinda Dead - Being a Ghost, Connor is unrestricted in his movement, and can make things go through him every so often...

Stats: 27/46/68/54/70/57/87

Room None

Starting Location: ???

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