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Title: Uniforms
Description: Crewmember Character read this!

Border Walker - October 1, 2007 01:11 AM (GMT)
Upper Crewmen:
Upper Crew members wear typical sailor outfits. You know they type. White suit, white pants, and white shit with black shoes and gold embroidery. The detail on outfits tells how high up they are, and I leave that up to you...

Security Staff:
Security on the Ship is designed to be almsot non-existent. they dress in normal clothing.

Maids wear the typical looking outfit. No not the French Maids. Black Skirt that is just below the knee, black top, white apron, black shoes and a white maid hat.

All Chefs are required to wear the usual Chef Attire, consiting of Spotless white dress shirts, spotless white dress pants, and a pair of white shoes. All Chefs are also required not to have long hair or to tie it out of the way due to a large firehazard. Chefs hat is optional.

Waiters and Waitresses wear a white dress shirt, black pants, Black shoes, and a vest that is sparkly silver on the front, and black on the back. The uniforms are Unisex, but one can still tell a guy from a girl.

Lower Crewmen:
The guys that shovel the coal typically wear anything, but most tend to wear overalls and jeans.

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