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Title: File Folio
Description: What's this...

Border Walker - October 7, 2007 04:56 PM (GMT)
Find any files? A note? Writing? Post it here. Guarantee some of you will.

Darkwater - October 7, 2007 05:03 PM (GMT)
Writing on the Wall
I've been stuck in this room for the longest time, one of the cooks having gone crazy and attacked me. I can't really blame him, a lot of people are in an uproar of panic and fear after we struck that iceburg. His mind probably just snapped from not wanting to die. I know I don't want to either, but I'm stuck here while the water rises unless someone happens to rescue me. I wonder if that nice girl Eleanor is looking for me... we did seem to hit it off those past few nights. Maybe... maybe she's sacrificing herself to look for me...

Oh god... I think hear the water rising outside the door... If this is the last thing I write, I write it in the blood from my shoulder, hoping that maybe it will never wash away... and that it may be read should someone find the ship...

-Liam O'brian

He threw knives at my groin.....

dray - October 7, 2007 08:02 PM (GMT)
Burnt Corpse Note
Oh god, oh god! The screaming! it's so loud! I can't take it! The incessant banshee screeches! They're deafening! I can't take it! I've hidden hear to escape those... those things... but I can still hear the screeching. I can't... can't take it... they're getting closer... they're opening the door... oh shit... oh shit!

The note ends there, a trail of pencil lead streaming off...

dray - October 23, 2007 10:03 PM (GMT)
Ruth's Diary

April 11th, 1912

I'm fearful for what we have done. My daughter and husband are as well. We are possibly the only three who regret it. I look at that dreadful picture, and All I ca think of is that summon we did, and the words she spoke... 'You are foolish to do this without all the diamonds. Foolish! You'll pay for your Foolishness, you pill pay!'

All I can think of is what she meant... how are we to pay? I can tell my husband and my daughter is thinking the same. Even now, my husband watches as I write, while my daughter flirts with another man aboard... I do hope she can find a man someday and settle down...

Ruth McGowen

Ruth's Diary

April 13th, 1912

I've heard word that the Captain recently received and Iceburg warning for the area, but he has ignored it... and increased to full speed on hopes of Arriving on Tuesday... I can only speculate that this may be a sign of some sort... but I am unsure...

As a side note though, I came across this Pervert in the Turkish Baths. He was spying on me while I was undressing, and I told the Master-At-Arms. I believe he is in holding for now... Good ridness I say.

Rose McGowen

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