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Title: Status Bar
Description: You need these...

Border Walker - October 1, 2007 12:35 AM (GMT)
Status Bars are placed in your sig. This is needed because I don't keep records of your character, and you have to update it. I will notice if they aren't updated though, and I can make errors since I'm only human...

[b]Current Bonds:[/b]

Details: (In here record Name, Age, Occupation, Power Level and Health of Character)
Inventory: (In here record all of the Characters Inventory, including Inventory weight)
Ammo: (In here, record ammo count)
Stats: (In here, put down the Characters Statistics)
Skill: (In here, put down the Skill I give your character)
Traits: In here, Put the Traits I give to your Character)
Current Bonds: (In here record all the bonds a Character has with NPC's.)

Here is an Example of a Status Bar:

Details: Will Turner, 25, Pirate swordsman, PL 5, 100/100
Inventory: Rapier (+4 Power) Light Melee, Flintlock (+2 Power) Light Firearm [5/5]
Ammo: Flintlock Ammo [15]
Stats: 44/62/47/43/78/69/43
Skill: Bootstrap Bill's Son - All Swords gain a +1 Power Level, can operate any ship station
Life on Both Sides - Can gain bond from Both British Navy and pirates
Love of Elizabeth - Can never lose Bond with Elizabeth Swan
Current Bonds: +50 Elizabeth Swan

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