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Title: Post Awards
Description: POST POST POST!

Border Walker - October 1, 2007 12:11 AM (GMT)
As you increase your post count, you unlock the ability to gain awards. You can choose one at each level, and any below that level of posts.

100 posts

+5 to a stat
+10 bond with an NPC (Not all though)
Gain a 9mm Pistol (+1 Power) light firearm [15/15]

200 posts

+10 to a stat
+1 Power level to one character
Create a second character (Cannot be taken again)

400 posts

+20 Bond with A character (Does not affect all though)
Gain a Longsword (+5 Power) melee
Gain a Magnum (+5 Power) light firearm [6/6]
Gain a weak Enchanted item (Chosen at Random)

800 posts

+15 to a stat
+1 Power level to one character
+30 Bond To Most Characters
Gain an Enchanted item

1000 posts

+15 to a stat for every character
Gain an Enchanted Sword (+8 Power) Medium Melee
Gain an Enchanted Gun (Gun is Chosen at Random, Cannot be taken again)
Gain an Assault Shotgun (+8 Power) Heavy firearm [8/8]

Every 500 posts past 1000, you can choose another award...

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