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Title: Firearms
Description: Seriously, How did you get these on?

Border Walker - September 30, 2007 11:16 PM (GMT)
1) All guns have an ammo count and a full ammo count. Example:

Security Handgun (+2 Power) Light Firearm [11/14]

The wise amongst you will gave noticed the little bit in '[]' brackets at the end of the gun item label. the first part in '[]' brackets ([11/]) is the ammo currently loaded into the gun. The second '[]' brackets part (/14]) is the more amount of ammo that can be loaded into the gun at a single time. At the moment, you can see that there are 11 bullets loaded into the gun at the moment, with the gun's full capacity of 14 bullets. So, 3 more bullets have to be loaded into the gun to make it completely full. Got that? Lets move on...

2) All guns have an ammo type that can be loaded into the gun. there are many types of bullets that can be found, yet only a certain type will fit into each gun. Also, same types of ammo can be loaded into different guns. For example, the Police Handgun and Security Handgun use the same ammo type, Handgun Bullets. An example of guns requiring seperate ammo are the .38 Snub and Police Handgun. With the .38 Snub requiring .38 rounds and the Police Handgun requiring Handgun Bullets. A full list of ammo types Can be found in the Rules section.

3) In the Inventory, Ammo will be in its own seperate column, underneath the inventory bar. So, here's an example of an ammo count in a siggie:

Inventory: Security Handgun (+2 Power) Light Firearm [11/14]
Ammo: Handgun Bullets (3)

4) Ammo does not have an Inventory Space, but an Ammo space. In the Ammo Count, only 60 Light Firearm bullets can be carried, 100 Medium Firearm Bullets and 20 Heavy Firearm Bullets. Max in all firearm types can be carried at once. If you try to take more than you can allow, I won't let you.

5) Whenever firing a gun, I will deduct bullets. It is your job to count the number of bullets you have used. Example:

John fires at the creature... (Creature #1 -11) [-1 Handgun Bullet]

You take the bullets used from the current ammo count in the gun you have just used. If you do not record this, you will be penalised. I might even deduct all of your ammo. But remember, this is to stop cheaters. And cheating isn't fun, believe me.


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