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Title: Ammo
Description: How the fuck did you Even get a gun on?

Border Walker - September 30, 2007 11:11 PM (GMT)
Not that Guns are going to be found readily on the ship, since you can't really bring them on the ship by normal means, but here is how the Ammo for some guns will be...

Light Firearm
Security Handgun (+2 Power) Light Firearm [14/14] - Handgun Rounds
Revolver (+2 Power) Light Firearm [6/6] - Revolver Rounds
Glock 39 handgun (+3 Power) Light Firearm [10/10] - Handgun Bullets
Dart Gun (+1 Power) Light Firearm [2/2] - Darts

Medium Firearm

Heavy Firearm

Of course... you'll need to find them first...

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