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 John Edwards Indicted For Conspiracy, and false statements
Posted: Jun 3 2011, 08:50 AM

A Regular Jim Garrison

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John Edwards charged in felony indictment

By MIKE BAKER and NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press – June 3, 2011

RALEIGH, N.C. – A federal grand jury charged two-time presidential candidate John Edwards on Friday with soliciting and covering up the secret spending of more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and their baby during the peak of his 2008 campaign for the White House.

The grand jury's indictment in the case of USA v. Johnny Reid Edwards contained six counts, including conspiracy, four counts of receiving illegal campaign contributions and one count of false statements.

Read the rest of the article here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_edwards_investigation

Posted: Jun 5 2011, 09:38 PM

Rise Against

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i'd like to add some background informationin relation to edwards... it starts with a plane crash that resulted in the death of two attorneys:

WNY lawyers killed in small plane crash
Single engine craft crashed on takeoff

Updated: Wednesday, 29 Apr 2009, 3:34 PM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009, 6:34 PM EDT

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, OH (WIVB) - Two WNY laywers, Michael H. Doran and Matthew J. Schnirel, were killed in a small plane crash in Ohio on Tuesday. Doran and Murphy, LLP, released the following statement.

"Michael was a great person, a dedicated father and son, a close friend and a wonderful attorney. He will be dearly missed by all those who knew him as a result of the countless lives he touched.

Matt was a bright, ambitious young lawyer who came from a wonderful and very tight knit family. He had recently passed the NYS Bar Exam and purchased a home with his longtime girlfriend Lauren.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michael and Matt's family and friends. Our two brothers will be missed by their Doran & Murphy Family."

-at the time (this was a couple years ago) various internet boards voiced suspicion about doran's death and suspected it was related to him having represented some "victims of 9/11". at the time i searched and did not find any evidence that he had actually represented any people that died ON 9/11, but did find that he represented a worker at the wtc site who died in 2001:

http://doranandmurphy.railroadasbestoslawyer.com/?page_id=30 (sit has been hacked is currently "pwned")
QUOTE (doransbiopage)
Michael H. Doran, has been representing those afflicted with serious injury, occupational disease and wrongful death cases for over twenty years. He has achieved multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in various types of complex litigation, including medical malpractice, construction law, products liability, asbestos litigation, pharmaceutical litigation and representing injured railroad workers in both occupational and trauma-related injuries. Among those was a $15,250,000.00 verdict on September 6, 2006 for the family of a construction worker who died of mesothelioma in 2001. This case was tried in Los Angeles, California and after three weeks, the jury rendered its verdict.
In particular, Mr. Doran concentrated on representing railroad workers who sustained on-the-job traumatic injuries, as well as those who contracted occupational diseases including noise-induced hearing loss, lung disease and asbestos-related cancers. He has been honored with induction into the Million Dollar Advocates Society for his efforts in representing numerous injured railroaders. Mr. Doran lectured on railroad law on several occasions to the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, where he served as past chairman of the railroad section. Mr. Doran also volunteered his services to helping the victims of the 9/11 tragedy receive compensation.
"Edwards affair seen here as betrayal"
Buffalo lawyers believed in him

Updated: 08/12/08 07:46 AM  By Jerry Zremski NEWS WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF WASHINGTON — For some of Buffalo’s most prominent trial lawyers, John Edwards’ admission that he had an affair with a campaign videographer is much more than a tabloid scandal.

It’s a personal betrayal from a colleague who they thought could and should become president.

“I’m obviously very disappointed,” said Michael H. Doran, one of several local attorneys who formed an unusually generous local support network for Edwards in Buffalo. “We spent a lot of time helping him and believed in his cause.”

Local lawyers like Doran gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Edwards’ efforts — including $62,250 of the $1.9 million raised by the Edwards political committee that paid his mistress $114,461 for four YouTube campaign videos.

“We had no idea that money was being used in that way,” said Francis M. Letro, another prominent Western New York lawyer who contributed heavily to Edwards’ efforts because he felt so strongly about Edwards’ efforts to fight poverty.

In addition to the money local lawyers gave to Edwards’ “One America Committee” — which paid Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter, for those videos — attorneys from Western New York raised $230,000 for Edwards’ 2004 presidential campaign and $75,525 for his 2008 effort.

Buffalo-area lawyers raised more money for Edwards’ political committee in 2005 and 2006 — the latter being the year he had the affair — than he got from lawyers in Boston and Philadelphia combined, federal records show.

Edwards’ relationship with local lawyers had its roots in three visits he made to Buffalo in 2003, which left several of Buffalo’s leading personal-injury attorneys excited that an eloquent and passionate colleague of theirs had a serious shot at the presidency.

“I found him to be a bright, articulate fellow,” Paul W. Beltz, a lawyer who enlisted colleagues to contribute to Edwards in 2004, said at the time. “He’s hard-working and a good family man. He comes from a humble background, which means he understands the rights of individuals and wants justice for everybody.”

Edwards raised more money locally than any of the 2004 Democratic primary candidates. His periodic fundraising trips to Buffalo continued after he served as Sen. John F. Kerry’s running mate on the 2004 Democratic ticket, which lost to President Bush, and as the former North Carolina senator formed the “One America Committee” as the run-up to his 2008 campaign.

“He has strong support in Western New York,” John P. Feroleto, one of the lawyers who spearheaded the local Edwards fundraising effort, said in April 2007. “He’s a sincere person, and that resonates here. He comes from a working-class background and is in touch with regular everyday folks.”

Feroleto and many other big Edwards donors from the Buffalo area did not return telephone calls seeking comment on the scandal, revealed by the National Enquirer.

The scandal broke into the mainstream media Friday, when Edwards — who had publicly denied having the affair — told ABC News that he had a fling with Hunter in late 2006. He told ABC the liaison occurred after he hired her as a campaign videographer to produce four “webisodes” chronicling Edwards’ political activities.

Edwards insisted the affair ended in 2006, but he acknowledged to ABC that he visited Hunter in Los Angeles last month, and the Enquirer claims he fathered the girl Hunter gave birth to in February. Edwards denied fathering the child, and a former Edwards campaign aide, Andrew Young, has said he is the father.

In the wake of it all, Doran and Letro indicated they were deeply troubled by the news. They and other local lawyers not only donated money, but also time to the Edwards cause, campaigning for him in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere.

“He was vibrant, a new voice, a new approach,” Doran said of Edwards. “He was full of energy. He was something different from the other candidates.”

Like Doran, Letro stressed Edwards’ working-class roots and his insistence on making poverty and the plight of working people central issues in his efforts.

“He spoke of values that were important to me,” Letro said.

Phillip Lucas of the News Washington Bureau contributed to this report.


personally, i've always suspected doran's death was more likely related to his edwards' connection, than a 9/11 one. maybe doran's death could have had to do with his intimate knowledge of the money trail, which is exactly what's being used now to indict edwards.

regarding the indictment, some background info (and connections) that i found noteworthy-


The opinion is important because Hunter received more than $1 million from two contributors, 100-year-old philanthropist Rachel "Bunny" Mellon of Virginia and attorney Fred Baron, who has since died.

Edwards was ordered Friday to stay away from Mellon for the duration of his legal proceedings.
Fred Baron, 61; Asbestos-Fighting Lawyer, Political Operative
Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fred Baron, 61, a lawyer who won billions of dollars for clients in asbestos cases and served as finance chairman of John Edwards's presidential campaign, died of blood cancer Oct. 30 at his home in Dallas. (remember mike doran who died in the plane crash won money for a wtc victim of mesithilioma - which is an asbestos-related illness link)

Mr. Baron, a founder of the Dallas-based Baron & Budd law firm, said he had worked as a youth sweeping mounds of asbestos from a factory floor.

He later built his legal career by suing makers and users of the material, including W.R. Grace & Co. and Halliburton Co., over claims that exposure caused lung disease and mesothelioma, a fatal cancer. Baron & Budd also represented clients claiming injuries from drugs and toxic chemicals.

Mr. Baron later sold his stake in Baron & Budd to be more active in Democratic politics, lobby against changes to limit lawsuits and serve as campaign finance chairman for Edwards, a former U.S. senator from North Carolina. 

The New York Times reported in August that Mr. Baron had a role in helping Edwards, who is married, conceal an affair with Rielle Hunter, who produced videos for the presidential hopeful's campaign.

Mr. Baron died two weeks after he obtained an experimental cancer-fighting treatment following a public plea by his son, Andrew, who had called the drug Tysabri his "last-chance effort for life."

Mr. Baron received the Biogen Idec drug to treat his cancer last month after pleas also were made by former president Bill Clinton, cycling champion Lance Armstrong and Mr. Baron's wife, Lisa Blue, who also is a lawyer at Baron & Budd.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., to give Mr. Baron the drug under a rule for compassionate use. Tysabri is approved to treat multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease and is in the early stages of testing for multiple myeloma.

Frederick Martin Baron was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and moved to Smithville, Tex., as a teenager. He was a 1968 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and a 1971 graduate of its law school.

He was a past president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, now known as the American Association for Justice.
Her husband Paul Mellon, scion of the banking family, died in 1999. While she inherited some of his estate, worth $1.4 billion per the 1998 Forbes 400 rich list, he left much of it to charitable causes. But Bunny Mellon is rich in her own right, not just by marriage: her father Gerard Lambert was the one-time president of Gillette and made a fortune through his Warner-Lambert pharmaceutical company, inventors of the mouthwash Listerine. Pfizer bought out Warner-Lambert for $110 billion in 2000; it is unclear what, if any, stake Bunny Mellon had in the company at that point.
Mellon’s stamina and faith in her longevity are remarkable, but she ultimately responds to pleas that the garden should be photographed at the peak of its spring glory, and we agree to shoot it on Memorial Day. The Friday of the holiday weekend, Mellon’s name surfaces in the most unlikely place, however, under a front-page headline in The New York Times: adviser to stars named in fraud.
In the account that followed, about the numerous celebrity clients allegedly bilked by Kenneth Starr, the shocker was the revelation that the victim referred to in the criminal complaint as an “elderly heiress” is Mellon. Starr is accused of using $5.75 million of Mellon’s money to help buy his condo. Her personal attorney, Alexander Forger, said that Mellon has known Starr for many years and trusted him to manage her investments. In The Wall Street Journal, Forger elaborated: “[Mellon] is in a state of shock over the allegations” and “doesn’t know the extent of loss.”
Mellon connection set Starr on his path
By Bloomberg News
Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kenneth I. Starr knew how to cultivate relationships with powerful people, and he did it in the most transparent way -- by serial name-dropping.

Dining with Starr in the Grill Room at the Four Seasons in New York meant listening to him reel off bold-face names as fast as he guzzled Diet Cokes, according to one occasional lunch companion who asked not to be identified.

Certain people would come up again and again in his boasts, according to a story in Bloomberg Businessweek. Starr would say he had lunch with Peter Peterson, co-founder of the private-equity firm Blackstone Group LP, or that he and "Pete" were talking at the Council on Foreign Relations, long chaired by Peterson, or that he had done something with "Pete," according to the companion.

Starr managed money for a living, and his relationship with Peterson was one of his key assets. Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, the 99-year-old widow of the bank heir and philanthropist Paul Mellon was a longstanding client, according to Alex Forger, Mellon's lawyer. It was his connection to the Mellons that started Starr on his path to wooing the rich, according to people who knew Starr and who asked not to be identified.

Starr's career famously came to an end last month when government agents arrived at his home on Manhattan's Upper East Side and found him hiding in a closet, prosecutors said on the night of his arrest. His $7.5 million condominium, which he shared with his fourth wife, Diane Passage, a pole dancer, featured floor-to-ceiling windows, a granite lap pool, and a 1,500-square-foot garden, financed with what prosecutors said was plundered cash, according to a criminal complaint.

Days after his arrest, a grand jury indicted Starr for cheating 11 clients -- Jim Wiatt, the former head of the William Morris Agency, and actress Uma Thurman among them -- out of $59 million.

...Starr met Bunny Mellon when he was a young certified public accountant with Manhattan-based Oppenheim, Appel, Dixon & Co. The Bronx-born graduate of Queens College and Brooklyn Law School loved the idea of handling taxes for one of America's richest families, according to a person familiar with the situation.

In April, prosecutors said, Starr bought the $7.5 million condominium. This proved to be the final straw. On May 25, the lawyer for Bunny Mellon, Starr's first big client and one of his last, was looking through her financial statements. He saw a series of mid-April wire-transfers out of her Starr & Co. account, totaling $5.75 million, according to prosecutors. Starr had allegedly raided the account to close on his condominium. The lawyer called the authorities. Two days later, federal agents were removing him from the closet.
So are Rachel "Bunny" Mellon and Richard Mellon Scaife related? It's possible that they're not.

But indeed they are.

Bunny Mellon was married to Paul Mellon. Paul Mellon's father, Andrew W. Mellon and Paul Mellon's uncle Richard B. Mellon were heirs to the Mellon banking fortune.

I know this sounds like the begats, but bear with me. We're almost to the end.

Richard B. Mellon was Richard Mellon Scaife's grandfather. More specifically, Richard Mellon Scaife's mother, Sarah Mellon, was Richard B. Mellon's daughter.

So Dickiecougarmellonscaife's mom was Paul Mellon's cousin. And Bunny Mellon was Paul's second wife.

but even if the two are not blood-related-

mellon-scaife was the money and the power behind barbara olson's anti-clinton crusades.
bunny mellon is good friends with and a financial backer for ken starr - who legally led the anti-clinton crusades.
ken starr was good friends with both ted and barbara olson during the get-clinton chronicles.

ps - bill clinton pleaded to get fred baron experimental cancer medication,
and baron & doran (both asbestos attorneys) were connected directly to edwards and his campaign

some other background info and links:

scaife/olson (barbara):

starr/olson (ted):

bunny mellon/ken starr

Olson was targeted for a perjury investigation for his congressional testimony on the executive-privilege assertion and the withholding of documents. Olson turned up in some interesting places during his career. He worked with Ken Starr before and during the Whitewater investigation, and was implicated in the "Arkansas Project", funneling money to the private investigation of Bill Clinton in the 90's. With Robert Bork, Olson coached the lawyers for Paula Jones before their own appearance at the Supreme Court. Among Olson's clients was Ronald Reagan, whom he continued to represent as a private attorney during the Iran-Contra investigation. Through the Bush and Clinton years, when Starr served as Solicitor General himself and then as the Whitewater Independent Counsel, Olson remained one of Starr's closest personal friends and political associates.

Both Olson and Starr were part of a tight-knit network of conservative lawyers associated with right-wing legal foundations and "think tanks." They both sat on the Legal Advisory Councils of two such groups: the National Legal Center for the Public Interest and the Washington Legal Foundation - both of which were bankrolled by Richard Mellon Scaife.

Before Ted Olson served as a member of George W. Bush's inner circle and as the Bush Administration Solicitor General, Olson served as a defense attorney for Jonathan Pollard. Pollard was a civilian Naval intelligence analyst who was convicted of spying for Israel.
DAVID: Absolutely. Lewinsky was turned up in the course of the Jones suit. That led to Lewinsky, and that led to impeachment.

GLENN: Now, what was Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s role in the Arkansas Project? He played a role in that and then he of course turned around and pursued Bill Clinton in his Independent Counsel capacity. What was Ken Starr’s role in the project?

DAVID: Well, there were two aspects of it. One is that, one of the early agenda items for the Arkansas Project was to provide support for David Hale. David Hale was the key witness for Ken Starr in the Whitewater investigation. Hale’s charges, of course, were never corroborated, and they never led to a criminal charge against a Clinton, but it was thought for some time that they might. And so, Hale was extremely important, and the Spectator very early on provided support and propped up David Hale’s story. Hale was meeting very regularly over the course of at least two years with Arkansas Project people, and this was a time when he was in very protective custody by the Starr agents. That’s one thing. The second link is that one of Ken Starr’s best friends, Ted Olson, who is now the Solicitor General of the United States, was a key figure in this Arkansas Project.

GLENN: Uh-huh, and what was ol’ Teddy’s role?

DAVID: One of the original meetings regarding the David Hale issue and the Project was held in Ted Olson’s office. Ted Olson later became a lawyer for the Spectator; he became a Board member, and he would advise on various legal aspects of what the Project was doing, what laws might be implicated in various Clinton scandals. He was present in a Board meeting in 1997 where the Arkansas Project was discussed and he deleted the name “Arkansas Project” from the minutes of that Board meeting. The significance of that is, not only it shows where Ted Olson’s sympathies were, there was nothing criminal in that, it’s just that when he came up for Senate confirmation last year, and he was asked by Senator Leahy about his role in the Arkansas Project, he misrepresented his role and he gave false testimony, even though there are records that will back up what I’m saying. That became an issue in his confirmation, and he was narrowly confirmed.
TERENCE SMITH: On "Hard Ball" that night there was no reference to her political leanings or friendship with Ken Starr. Olson was identified as a former federal prosecutor and founder of the Independent Women's Forum. But Olson says she often sets the record straight herself.

BARBARA OLSON: When I'm asked a question about Ken Starr, I will quite often preface it with, "I'm a friend of his."


the bigger picture here, aside from all these various entities being so closely connected to each other, is that edwards could have been vice president (or president) of this country. imagine how compromised and leveraged he would have been if indeed he had come to power as the vp, with this lovechild always looming over him, his dark secret could have been used to coerce/extort him to whatever nefarious end deemed necessary by his enemies for the duration of his time in office. but thats where i get a little confused - edwards did not become vice president, so why are the powers that be still after him? what purpose does this indictment serve now? what threat does edwards pose that requires him to be further neutralized via criminal charges? i dont follow politics very closely, so i dont have any answers. but its clear he is still a target and that someone does not want to let sleeping dogs lie...
Posted: Mar 22 2012, 08:34 AM

A Regular Jim Garrison

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John Edwards used Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina to hook up with prostitute in 2007: report
Woman told investigators Edwards paid her for sex

By Christina Boyle / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Thursday, March 22, 2012, 8:50 AM

Former Sen. John Edwards allegedly used the services of a call girl employed by accused Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina while he was running for President, according to a report.

The woman told investigators that Edwards paid her for sex during a 2007 visit to New York to raise money for his failed White House bid, DNAinfo reported Thursday.

Continue reading:

John Edwards Reportedly Named In Investigation Of Alleged 'Millionaire Madam' Anna Gristina

By Murray Weiss

MANHATTAN — A call girl working for alleged "Millionaire Madam" Anna Gristina told investigators she was paid to have sex with former U.S. Sen. John Edwards when he was in New York raising money for his failed presidential bid, DNAinfo has learned.

Edwards is the first big name to surface in connection to Gristina's alleged prostitution scheme run out of an Upper East Side apartment.

Edwards' lawyer declined to comment on when reached Wednesday. On Thursday morning, his attorneys issued a statement to Politico and other news outlets saying their client "categorically" denied the allegation. Later Thursday morning, DNAinfo was contacted by Edwards attorney Abbe Lowell demanding a retraction.

DNAinfo stands by its story.

According to “On The Inside” sources, Edwards allegedly hooked up with one of Gristina’s high-end hookers in 2007 when the dashing pol from North Carolina brought his then high-flying presidential campaign to the Big Apple.

The one-night fling allegedly took place at an Upper East Side hotel suite and was arranged by an aide with help from a New Yorker familiar with Gristina’s prostitution ring, sources said.

The prostitute claiming to have slept with Edwards provided a detailed, first-hand account of their encounter to investigators in the Manhattan District Attorney's office in 2008 after they began probing Gristina’s operation, sources said.

“Most of the women don’t have any idea about the identities of the men they sleep with,” a source explained. “How would they know a money man from Wall Street or the face of a lawyer or banker who shows up?

“But the face of the national politician?” the source rhetorically asked. “She knew.”

Investigators found the woman credible, but never notified federal authorities, seeing no reason to involve the feds in a low-level local infraction, sources told DNAinfo.

At the time, investigators were shocked at the allegation because Edwards was then considered the All-American persona.

"On The Inside” sources said investigators were able to substantiate that Edwards was in New York on a fund-raising tour at the time of the alleged encounter.

Records show the Edwards campaign spent thousands of dollars for near-monthly stays at the Loews Hotels Regency at 540 Park Ave. on the Upper East Side in 2007, along with stays at several other Manhattan hotels including a Comfort Inn on West 39th Street.

The Loews Hotels Regency is also where he reportedly met videographer Rielle Hunter, who bore Edwards a love child while his wife, Elizabeth, battled cancer.

Continue reading:
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