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Title: 60 Minutes expose Greg Mortenson as a fraud
Description: Afghasnistan war propagandist exposed

Craig Ranke CIT - April 21, 2011 05:52 PM (GMT)
Hats off to Steve Kroft with 60 minutes for exposing this war profiteer/propagandist.


Greg Mortenson is a former mountain climber, best-selling author, humanitarian, and philanthropist. His non-profit organization, the Central Asia Institute (CAI), is dedicated to promoting education, especially for girls, in remote parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and according to its web site, has established more than 140 schools there.

President Obama donated $100,000 to the group from the proceeds of his Nobel Prize. Mortenson's book, Three Cups of Tea, has sold more than four million copies and is required reading for U.S. servicemen bound for Afghanistan.

But last fall, we began investigating complaints from former donors, board members, staffers, and charity watchdogs about Mortenson and the way he is running his non-profit organization. And we found there are serious questions about how millions of dollars have been spent, whether Mortenson is personally benefiting, and whether some of the most dramatic and inspiring stories in his books are even true.

This isn't just some random author trying to make a buck. His book is "on required reading lists for senior U.S. military commanders, and [he] had lunch with Gen. David Petraeus, McChrystal's replacement".

Looks like he finally got caught with his hand too deep in the cookie jar.

m reed - July 30, 2011 07:02 AM (GMT)
I skimmed through Mortenson's book a few years ago. It was a New York Times best seller. What struck me was his background in the US military, then a change of lifestyle- moving to Berkeley and living out of his car as an avid rock climber.

It's hard to dislike a man who is interested in building schools for girls in Afgh. I offended several housewives by raising suspicions of his motives. But in the book he repeatedly mentions how the hijackers and terrorists of 9/11 could have been prevented with proper education.

He certainly became popular with the anti war left and those in favor of providing human rights in the Middle East.

But, Mortenson seemed like a creep to me.

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