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" If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you?"
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 Southern Ariel: Bathe River Valley
Dr. Cheng
Posted: Nov 13 2007, 06:35 PM


Group: OC
Posts: 62
Member No.: 282
Joined: 3-March 07

“Hopefully it isn’t a gorram llama or something. What do you people think?”

Llama? Cheng stopped himself from querying the unfamiliar term, instead focussing on the infrared captures. Some animal, maybe? Not that we can tell the difference through this mess. He had given up trying to use image matching to augment their search, and now simply squinted into a grainy blackness awash with splashes of gray, any of which just might be people. People who are going to die if we can't find them.

"There! Dr. Adewulf! Hurry! That roof doesn't look as if it's going to last much longer."

Cheng struggled up from his reclined seat and took station next to the winch. He palmed open the door and had just grasped the clip at the end of the winch cable when the phones on his spex shouted the bulletin directly into his ears. Heart suddenly pounding, he froze, then couldn't help himself from glancing down to the sodden roof and a lone, desperate child.
Benjamin Franklin Crowe
Posted: Nov 21 2007, 10:31 AM

Employee of the Millennium

Group: OC
Posts: 92
Member No.: 106
Joined: 26-July 06

Crowe’s gloved fingers fumbled to access the manual release latches of his C-Suit. With S.U.E. seemingly gone and the crashing of the suit’s own CPU, the scientist was very much a knight of old…a knight without a squire to help remove his armor. Finally, the manual release panel opened and Ben pulled the lever housed within. With a rush of trapped water, the limbs and helmet of the C.L.A.R.I.O.N. popped off and the thorax cracked under his left armpit. Quickly climbing from his near-tomb, the soaked man entered a command prefix into the keypad beside the manual release. With a jolt all six pieces of the suit clunked together as the magnetic field Ben had activated collected the pieces of the C-Suit and attached them to the metal decking of the Dolphin.

“Doctor Crowe, that is some kind of suit you possess there. What exactly was that thing you did back there and should I be worried about swimming through it?”

Ben was still gasping in air as Adelwulf spoke, and when it came time for a response the normally reserved man couldn’t quell the shakiness in his voice,
”It was my Periodic Box. Probably some base and acid combos…some low grade chemical burns,” he looked up at the mercenary doctor, ”It was all I had…my suit shut-down…it was filling with water…I couldn’t…thank you, Dr. Adelwulf. I don’t know how I ever will, but I will repay you for saving me.”

"Hold that thought."

"Dr. Adewulf! Hurry! That roof doesn't look as if it's going to last much longer."


Ben pulled himself from the decking and joined Cheng by the open door. As the wind and rain plastered the two doctors, Crowe’s eyes identified the small form huddled on the roof. With a jerk he shot his gaze toward the end of the valley…and the wave of water rushing toward them.

His brown eyes widened, nearly consuming the rest of his face.

There was no time…and without S.U.E. the scientist was out of tricks.

His eyes found the Spex visor of the doctor beside him and he spoke…barely more than a whisper by the time it reached the other man’s ears,
”Oh my God, Cheng.”
Posted: Nov 21 2007, 01:17 PM

Research Assistant Extraordinaire

Group: NPC
Posts: 26
Member No.: 423
Joined: 27-August 07

ooc: *looks indignant* Child? I'm thirteen, nearly fourteen! And I'm almost as tall as you are, Dr. Cheng... :P

Nikita dragged herself from the tarp, her muscles protesting every motion as she crawled to her feet.

A shuttle? A shuttle! Even through the driving rain, the Med-Acad symbol was clear on it's belly. Hair whipping in the wind, she hastily tucked the rabbits securely inside of her shirt as hope flooded back to her heart once more.

Laughter mingled with tears of relief. Scrabbling forward, she raised leaden arms and waved, her voice, worn and rasping, screaming into the wind, "I'M HERE! I'M HERE!"

And then she heard it.

Grinding. Roaring. Rushing. Devastation.

The barn quaked as the earth shook with the force of the coming flash-flood and relief turned to terror, her thoughts muddling into a cold chant as she stared up at the shuttle,'please don't leave me please don't leave me please don't leave me.'
Maria Villasenor
Posted: Nov 23 2007, 01:58 PM

Making lives better.

Group: Members
Posts: 28
Member No.: 432
Joined: 12-September 07






"Dios Mio." Maria silently motioned the sign of the cross. She didn't want to leave an innocent behind to die. She didn't want to die herself. She voiced the only words that came to mind.

"Dr. Cheng! Dr. Adewulf! HURRY!"
Dr. Cheng
Posted: Nov 23 2007, 03:31 PM


Group: OC
Posts: 62
Member No.: 282
Joined: 3-March 07

Glowing numbers materialized in Cheng's left peripheral vision. He blinked, then remembered: Channa was running the script he had pieced together after being told that the dam was definitely going to burst. It correlated Dolphin 2's current position with the predicted wavefront and had been triggered by the total loss of sensor data from the lower dam. I guess I'm not going to miss it, after all.

"Dr. Cheng! Dr. Adewulf! HURRY!"

Huge, red, and far too few, those digits were now the seconds until this dishrag of a girl, soaked and wrung out, would be crushed under a mountain of water. Approximately, Cheng thought, horrified at the calm voice in the back of his skull. Since the estimate is only as good as the hydrology models.

He looked up as a seemingly stunned Doctor Crowe came to the hatch, then past him to where the tall, broad Doctor Adelwulf was rising. Cheng found his hand moving before he had finished the thought, That roof is falling apart and with all that armour- The basket would take too long- He looked down to find that he had already clipped the winch cable to his harness. No. Oh no.

"Oh my God, Cheng."

A single glance was enough to blot out all other thought: Do it. Now. Or she dies. He shook himself from his befuddled panic.

It's too far! What was her name? He frantically racked his brain as he checked that his spex were on tight, V- something. I'll look it up- No!

"Maria!" Cheng's high voice erupted over the storm, "Get us level with her! Hover low! Just over the roof! Ah, please. Ma'am!"

He popped the clutch on the winch and pulled several meters of slack, looking to his work to avoid meeting Doctor Adelwolf's gaze. "Sorry sir. You're too heavy." His eyes widened as he realized what he'd said. "Ah, your armour, I mean-" No time! He cut himself off with a sharp nod to each man and turned purposefully to the hatch.

Soft brown eyes focussed straight out, through the maelstrom, to an invisible horizon. Taking a deep breath and crouching low, he stared down at the crumbling wreckage, searching for a piece that might be solid enough.

Cheng slowly released his breath, became motionless.

And without further thought, the young hero leapt into the roaring void.

OOC: Apologies for my minor god-modding of Rain. If it's not ok, please let me know and I'll change it.

Dr. Cheng
Posted: Dec 1 2007, 04:34 PM


Group: OC
Posts: 62
Member No.: 282
Joined: 3-March 07

Cheng seemed to hang at the top of his arc. The moment of newtonian grace shattered as he slammed down, left foot smashing through and his right coming down at an awkward angle on the slick roof. Falling forward happened in slow motion, until his left ankle erupted in agony. Then it all moved too fast, though he did get his hands up just before his face hit.

Adrenalin surged and the soaked, wiry figure levered himself back and yanked his foot free. If he screeched with pain, he didn't notice. The surface to which he clung shuddered violently and he peered around frantically, finally sighting the girl. She had lost her footing at Cheng's impact and was now in a crouch, one knee down. One hand steadied her, the other clutched at her stomach.

Great, just what I need: she's injured. Move! Or it won't matter! And he was up, staggering towards her, arms out for balance. His ankle screamed and the storm howled, but desperation drove him. Not broken. Not broken. Not broken. he chanted. After an eternity, he reached the sopping child, nearly tripping over her in his haste. He crouched, favoring his left ankle.

Dolphin 2 was easy to spot: Light spilled from her, dancing across the blasted waters as Maria fought the tempest. He thought he caught sight of dark hair through the windscreen and it occurred to Cheng that he had asked her to do the impossible: to close-maneuver a space-rated vehicle in gale conditions with enough precision to neither crash nor kill the fragile humans trying to climb aboard. It'll never work! I just couldn't thing of anything else!

A harsh gust shoved the little ship aside. It spun about, tacked, and was suddenly bearing down on them. The nose came up and Maria fired the small belly thrusters, full bore, into the wind. Billows of steam obscured the little craft, only to be whipped away. Cheng and his charge hid their faces against the heat.

Maria cut thrusters and slewed aside, turning the open hatch toward them. Cheng froze: Still too fast!

His first instinct was to hunker down, pulling the girl down with him, but the red numbers trickling away made the decision for him. He stood, favoring his left foot, and raised her up, ready to help her through the hatch as it passed. She clutched her belly with both hands now. He didn't see any blood, but that didn't mean anything in this deluge. It will have to wait.

Perversely, the wind Maria had been fighting chose that moment to die. The rain became vertical and Dolphin 2 halted some half-dozen meters from them. The numbers, flashing their urgency, fled as the craft wallowed, adapting to the lack of an opponent. They're not going to make it!

He found himself stooping toward the hunched girl, sweeping her up, his thin arms around bony shoulders and under knobby knees. His first step was easy, but the second came down on his left foot. Sharp fire shot up his leg, but he ground his teeth and staggered forward. Though rail thin, the child was nearly as tall as he. She was heavy in full gravity, an awkward and fragile burden to haul over such a treacherous surface.

He surged forward, overbalanced, found himself accelerating in a frantic bid to keep his feet. Then they were bathed in the glow from shuttle's hatch. He lifted her high as he fell forward, desperately shoving her towards what he hoped was safety.

OOC: Thanks to Snap for approving my god-modding of Maria's m4d l33t piloting sk1lz. :D
Benjamin Franklin Crowe
Posted: Dec 3 2007, 02:39 PM

Employee of the Millennium

Group: OC
Posts: 92
Member No.: 106
Joined: 26-July 06

Ben actually reached for Cheng as he jumped but grabbed only air as the small man committed the most selfless act he had ever witnessed. Cheng didn’t wear a C-Suit or possess Adelwulf’s training…he was a sheltered scientist living through the VR filter of his Spex. Yet, here he was acting the hero.

“No,” Crowe mentally corrected himself, “Cheng isn’t acting.”

Ben leaned out the door, as the young doctor landed hard on the roof. With a glance up the valley the dissolving horizon marked the flood’s progress…they had little time.

For the next few moments, it took every ounce of strength Ben possessed simply to hang onto the bucking and twisting Dolphin. When he was finally able to orient himself, he saw Cheng and the girl rushing toward the open door in front of him. At this speed, the collision could kill them all.

Aiming his shriek toward the cockpit, he screamed at the imbecile piloting the craft,
”For God’s sake, stop!”

Surprisingly the fool listened and the Dolphin stopped it’s suicide run, but the pair on the roof were still nearly six meters away. Ben didn’t have to look up the valley…he heard the flood close to killing distance.

Frantically, he waved his arms toward the young doctor, but Cheng was already running toward the Dolphin. The whole scene slowed. Rain drops hung in the air…sounds elongated as they reached his ear…the wind was only pressure against his skin…but all of it fell away completely as Cheng leapt.

“They aren’t going to make it,” his mind screamed.

Without thinking, an extremely rare event, Ben wrapped his foot in the winch line and leaned out of the Dolphin, grasping Cheng’s outstretched hand.

Time resumed its normal course, and the BlueSun man’s chest crashed to the decking. With a slightly delayed jerk, Crowe was drug out of the Dolphin until he hung halfway out of the craft…the winch line the only thing keeping him from being pulled completely out.

He had Cheng. Cheng had the girl.

Ben’s muscles wrenched as he fought to hold on to the pair…but they weighed too much.

With a sneer, he did the only thing he could…he called for help,
Posted: Dec 23 2007, 12:04 AM

Research Assistant Extraordinaire

Group: NPC
Posts: 26
Member No.: 423
Joined: 27-August 07

Nikita shut her eyes, squeezed tight against the terror. Safe. Safe. Safe. They came... she's safe. They would save her! She was safe!

The roar of the engine of the shuttle above did nothing to mask the heaving breath of the man holding her, rasping in her ears. Wind howled around her as she felt a jerk. Slick with rain, the arms holding her slipped slightly, and her eyes flew open.

Above, the tortured sky in gray and blue, and below, flashing toward them in a tsunami wave of solid brown and black was water and water and more water!

A scream ripped from a throat too raw to support it, high and terrified.

With a squirm of her slender body, she turned in Dr. Chengs arms, fingers clawing for purchase. Her booted feet scrabbled, finding purchase on his knee, then his belt, as her hands scrabbled upwards, unknowingly scratching over Cheng's face, then Crowe's arms. The feel of slick wet fabric, and then her fingers tangled in wet hair. Blindly frantic, Nikita climbed up Benjamin Crowe, one boot landing on Cheng's forehead to propel her up and over scientist.

A lurch of the shuttle and she rolled sideways, skidding on the plate-decking. Instinctively, her body curled up, the bunnies pressed trembling to her stomach, she lay on the steel plates and shut her eyes again. Only one thought wrapped around her mind as unconsciousness stole her.

She'd made it.

OOC: Thanks to Grims & Manitou for the God-mod permission. :) Sorry, guys, I know that was kinda uncomfortable. :D
Dr. Cheng
Posted: Jan 3 2008, 11:10 PM


Group: OC
Posts: 62
Member No.: 282
Joined: 3-March 07

Cheng clutched reflexively as a strong hand slapped against his left hand. With the girl in the way, he couldn't see who's. Their mutual grip tightened just before the Dolphin shifted, trying to yank them apart, half-dragging him across the roof.


The red numbers in the corner of his eye flashed their urgency, but the accompanying polite tone was drowned by a growling giant. He flexed a puny bicep, vainly struggling to pull two bodies to safety.

Without warning, the inert bundle in his arms flailed out, screaming, clawing and kicking at him as he twisted helplessly in Doctor Crowe's iron grip. Freed, his right hand sought out the lip of the hatch, but it was too far above. Cheng could feel his rain-slicked left hand slipping. He pushed up with his right foot, balancing desperately on the toe.

A small yet forceful boot slammed his nose and spex, knocking him dizzy. His right foot slipped. His left smacked the roof. He shrieked in pain, felt himself writhe. Then he was falling, landing hard, flat on his back on the shaking wreckage.

The hand put to his nose came away bloody. He blinked at it a moment too long. Well, at least the girl is safe. That was the point, right? Stunned, he staggered to his feet, favoring the left, casting about for his singular hope.

Crouching, he prepared to leap, even as he realized, I can't make that distance! Not in full G!

Suddenly, Dolphin 2 was gone. A blast of steam filled the space it had occupied as the little craft shot upward. Wha-? was as far as his mind got before his eyes refocussed on the darkness beyond.

Tall as the sky, a wall of chaos roared down upon the slight figure, an enraged god's frothing maw devouring a blasted world. Trees, buildings, bodies, became, for an instant, black specks on dull gray, then erased. The very embodiment of destruction, mind-shattering in its raw power, towered over him. A tiny, trembling shape shrank away as the monster's shadow swallowed him whole.

"Oh-" And then his line snapped tight, rudely jerking a screaming, struggling puppet into a violent sky.

OOC: Apologies for being so slow in posting. Thanks for your patience!
The Hippocrates II
Posted: Jan 4 2008, 01:10 PM

Rescue Class

Group: NPC
Posts: 88
Member No.: 119
Joined: 4-August 06

Water crashes down, it's claws reaching for the young doctor. Through Maria's piloting, her straight upward soaring into the storm, the deluge fails in it's quest for more destruction. Cheng is pulled free of it's grasp, and the shuttle, pushed to it's very limits by the wild of the storm, pauses to raise him onboard.

As Maria skillfully pilots them back through the storm to the Refuge Site and their mother ship, the fury of the flood washes over the farmland below, taking all it can in it's headlong rush to the sea. In it's wake, a scar forms across the battered landscape- brown and gaping.

It is no rent that the doctors can heal by stitch or by skill. Only the willingness of mankind, working together to rebuild something from nothing, combined with the passage of time will heal the Bathe River Valley.

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