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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!


 CASTING CALL-Reply Here to Request a Role..., Current Openings
Posted: May 6 2006, 10:22 AM

Admin Team

Group: Admin
Posts: 374
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Joined: 2-May 06

The Aberdeen

Captained by Dumas Cruise, cousin of Cade Quinn, The Aberdeen is open to new crew as well as old players from Kasern and Endless Horizon.
If you are coming from Kasern, please feel free to tell your survival from the taibse in flashback in your introductory post.
Dumas Cruise is a former Alliance Agent. He was planted on the Browncoat fighter Endless Horizon, but has let it be assumed that he died in the crash of "Sliepner's Daughter" in the final Horizon storyline. Dumas escaped to the Rim to 'reassess what it means to be a man'.

If you flew on Endless Horizon or Kasern, you are welcome on The Aberdeen! Positions for former Endless & Kas crew will be given priority.

Have an idea? PM THE E!

Captain: Dumas Cruise
Pilot: Graham Steiner
Mechanic: Brian Wall
Gunhand: Monroe Hemming
Doc/Nurse/Medic: Clare Rilke
Communications: Nico
Companion: Dane Wood
Ships Psychiatrist: Jasper Russell Reeves
Crewhand: Rhiannon "Red" Miller
Crewhand: Nicodemus "Nico" Montenegro

The Serenade

The Serenade is a deep salvage ship. She finds the old, the wrecked, the abandoned, and sees the value where others see only heart-ache. Captained by the husband & wife team of Veena and Jive Farwell, she's looking for a few good hands to get her through the Black.

Captain: Jive & Veena Farwell Ertia & Wildback
Pilot: OPEN
Medic: Joe Knight Just Joe
Communications: Rhona Cego Caleb
Mechanic: Maurice Hall Jax
Mining & Salvage: Ximena Moreno Syn
Hacker: Katy St. Claire
Security: OPEN
Cook: OPEN
Deckhand: Jo Torwen Moira
Metallurgist/Scientist OPEN
Zero G. Field Worker OPEN

Got an idea for a character? Let Ertia know!

The Raven
The Raven picks up where The Ares Shield left off after High Mass.
Under direction of Cory YoSaffBridge Bell, she has one mission: To Kill Adelai Niska.

Per Dave: Characters need not have a specific background ; Alliance, Browncoat, military, civilian, cop, criminal, all can possibly work out. BUT, All characters must be the sort of people that the existing crew can agree that they can trust. There should be some real reason your character would be undertaking this mission to take on Niska and his organization (which many might term a suicide mission or worse) and how they would be contacted by either existing crew or by the backers of the mission. We are not looking for unreliable crazies, people with eclectic but mission useless skills, cowards, backstabbers or blind risk takers who endanger everyone around them.

Positions especially useful to fill would be:
Pilot (We have a pilot, but a Really Good one would be appreciated.
Spies, Forgers, Underground Contacts, Etc

Already Filled:
Captain/Pilot Cory Bell (Syn)
Marine OPEN
Cook/Nurse/Shadow in the Corners: Shanti (Ertia)
Engineer Erik (Zira)
Hacker OPEN
Sniper OPEN

The Heart of Gold

After Nandi's death at Joss Whedon's unkindly hands, Miss Petaline took over running the The Heart of Gold. The whorehouse & Hospitality Hotel has openings for the following:
Keep in mind this is a whorehouse- ADULT CONTENT! PLAYERS UNDER 18 PLEASE DO NOT APPLY!

* Fancies - aka Working Ladies and Gents
* Clientele and other Good Payin' Folks
* Bartender
* Cook
* A cleaning person
* Bouncer
- The Heart is also a good place for new characters waiting for a ship to get their feet wet in BDV style play.
Got an Idea? PM The E!

The Carmenta
Olympia Rosselini captains the carnival ship The Carmenta- A circus, a carnival, a parade of spectacle and sound!

Here's what we have so far:

Rabbit - Button Gwinnet - Gunhand/Gambler/Duelist
Just Joe - Gordon Benning - Poet and philosopher, troubadour and troublemaker, Ringmaster and ruffian
Caleb - Aline Hadrienne - Tightrope Walker/Thief/General Sneaky Person
Spyskater - Elisa Davenport - Magician
Abbygirl - Ariel Duquesne - Aerialist/Acrobat/Thief Aerial Silks are her specialty

She's not the biggest ship, but with 8 nicely sized crew quarters, we're nowhere near full, so, let's see what you've got. Being able to double up on a performance position and a ship's crew position is especially useful.
Synthia Lyndon Heller
Posted: Jan 23 2013, 08:42 PM

Big Damn Hero

Group: BDV Admin
Posts: 693
Member No.: 32
Joined: 7-May 06

Serenity Openings Now

Serenity will be needing a Zoe, a Wash and a Simon. We'll see where the ship is headed when we see who we've got on board :)

EDIT 2/4/13 : Wash and Zoe now cast, still need a Simon.

EDIT 12/29/13 : Serenity has, at least for the time being, a full crew, but passage on board can be arranged, as long as the destination was St. Albans, since that's where they've gone.

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