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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!


 Jürgen Roibeard, Fly high or not at all...
Posted: Apr 5 2012, 03:28 PM


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The Big Damn Canon Characters Application

Your ‘Real’ Name (or preferred 'out of character' Handle): Pearl

How Often You Can Post: Lots now, pending other worldly issues

Tell Us About Your Roleplay Past/Abilities: I have other characters here.

We all know the Canon characters. Now tell us how you 'see' them.
Robert Sheehan

(Posted Image)

Character Name: Jürgen Roibeard (Yerr-gen Roh-Byrd)

Ship: Vindicator!

Character Occupation: Pilot

Gender: Male

Age (the character, not the actor/actress): 25

Detailed Physical Description (2 paragraphs):

Jürgen's outfits consist of a causal range of clothes each dark in color. One notable piece of clothing is his black Harrington Jacket, worn over several white t-shirts with different patterns on. He usually wears skinny jeans, (black or denim) and wears simple burgundy, teal or gray t-shirts. He wears black converses as shoes and wears a metal necklace around his neck.

Jürgen has several tattoos, a simple black star outline on his wrist, several stars of the similar style on his hip, and a crest pattern of some sort under his arm.

His hair is always worn a bit fluffy, not by choice mind you, but because of its natural curliness.

Detailed Personality(1-2 paragraphs):

Jürgen is outspoken, rude, and morally flexible, and has a habit of verbally abusing everyone around him - except people that he cares for or respects. He is self-absorbed, impulsive and incapable of taking anything short of a direct attempt on his life seriously. Even when in the most ludicrous and dangerous situations, he'll take time out to make a wisecrack. Naturally, Jürgen's abrasive personality means that he's often the subject of others' ridicule and abuse. However, he almost completely lacks the capacity to feel embarrassment, shame or emotional pain from such attacks and will quite happily shrug them off.

It's suggested several times by various characters that his personality flaws might be the result of some kind of mental illness, and its roots probably lie in the fact that he grew up as a single child with an emotionally distant father who left him with his mother when he was a child. Certainly, he jealously guards his mum, going so far as to falsely claim that her boyfriends have sexually abused him.

Detailed History(2 paragraphs):

Growing up he was a terror, as forementioned in reguards to his Mother's suiters. However, Alliance run boarding schools changed him, though keeping the same over all attitude towards peers, Jürgen started to see that some people were worth more, worth not picking at, and above all else deserved to be utterly respected. Easily he shifted his abrasive stance towards them.

The years in the boarding schools are what truely shaped his uncanny way to see through people, to see exact faults, and then point them out. He learned fast that Alliance run schools don't exactly take well to that sort of well bullying. Thus Jürgen barely had any alotted time to himself, or entertainment. So in his spare time started to write to keep himself entertained. He wrote all sorts of shorts, novellas, poems, fairytale epics, and horror. Strangely enough all of it.. was geared for or to or about children. Not wanting anyone to really know about it Jürgen started mailing them to his Mother. Loving what was shown in the stories, loving that it was her son that wrote this beautiful tale, the poems..all of it. She took it upon herself to get them published. Thus without ever really knowing it fully till much later, Jurgen was an author. Not like E.E. Cummings or John Saul, but an independent.

Flight Academy

When Jürgen took his finals at the Flight Academy the Captain assigned to his group for the tests was none other the Captain Masters- Masters had lost the draw so to speak, but in truth Masters had his own agenda in mind while working with the students. He wanted a pilot worth having, one that knew flying like one that knows breathing, and one that had 'spunk'. Through each test there were those that failed, those that passed, but there was one.. just one.. that did every test as if he had memorized it, ignoring instructions... he just did with out fail. That student was Jürgen. Unsure, Masters ordered that an investigation be launched to ensure that Jürgen had not been cheating...Jürgen hadn't.

Normally Jürgen's tendancies would have made it rather difficult to find a steady job. Thanks to Captain Masters though, Jürgen, got his job. Flying about the 'verse for a while with Captain Masters, Jürgen learned quick that this man deserved respect.. And so.. Jürgen allowed Captain Masters into his world, and is still with him today.

Strengths (1 paragraph):

Despite the rather careless disregard with which he treats other people, Jurgen understands them a lot better than he lets on. He had always been a rather empathetic individual, with an interest in humanity --what drove them, made them tick and tock, what made them dance-- but his years as an author honed this interest into keen insight. For all his bluff and bluster, he takes care, still, to understand every situation from the point of view of an outsider. Had he taken a different path down the yellow wood, perhaps he would have ended up as a psychologist or on the bestseller list-- as it is, events and a growing disgust for humanity turned understanding into a weapon. A single interaction can leave him with enough ammunition for months.

He can fly.

Well ships that is. Seeing that his mother mostly raised him on ships, well he naturally love the openness. The way the ships seemed to glide through the air.

Jürgen when in combat primarially uses hand to hand, or a revoler which is only novice at best, but for the most part his words are his weapon.

Weaknesses (1 paragraph):

People... People.. People.. He will while on the ship, any ship, will do his best to avoid talking to anyone. Most, no all would say his biggest weakness is his mouth. It has caused more brawls then he would ever care to divulge.

Sample Post: (3 paragraphs minimum/Third Person Past Tense): Please use the Big Damn Verse Styling Guide to format your post.


Fuzzielumpkins screeched as he raced across the impacted snow, "Anon, Anon, I hear you Lark! Call again that I may save thee from an icy death!"

Chirping whistles rang through the frigid air, hanging on the winds that carried it towards Fuzzielumpkins' floppy ears. "AH-hah AH-hah! I see, I see! There there!!" Then with he furry paws he dug down, and down. What is under the frozen trap?! Eureka! Lark's little house that had been knocked down by the wicked. controlled wind golems sent by the evil Archie-Bald-Eagle.

Fuzzielumpkins uncovered the windows, and the door to Lark's house a quickly as possible to help his best friend out of the bird house.

'Ohh! Fuzzie! Sweetest of sweets, you are a true hero.' Lark cooed in chirps.

Fuzzielumpkins blushed as he looked into her eyes. "T'was nothing fair Maiden, thine art thee true hero... Ye kept yer song echoing against thee moors. With out it.. I would have never found thee."

Lark puffed her feathers, 'As you say, but no..'

Both wandered off chuckling feathery hand in a furry paw.

Thus is the end of 14... What secrets? What..adventures await our hero?...

Jürgen reread the final chapter at least another 8 times before letting out a long sigh. 'More maybe? Less?..Ehhhh' Bringing his right hand up he rubbed his face in thought, before frowning and tossing the journal behind him onto the floor. 'Ain't got time for thinking right now anyways..' He thought to himself as he looked out at Andersonville. 'People... Criminal people. Here is hoping that they aren't all a bunch o' twats. Nah.. they're gonna be twats... Hard-ons wit' sticks up they're arse, an' ready fer a fight. Pfft... Eh.. Feel kinda bad for'em... Wait.. no I don't...' Smirking which rapidly went back to concern, 'I need more coffee.. they better not drink all my coffee... Twat, hard-on coffee stealers.. the lot o' them.. betcha..My coffee..' Jürgen's brow furrowed further as he sat there staring out the window. Standing abruptly he made his way to the kitchens, and took all the cans of coffee out of the pantry. "Hell with them.. Captain wants coffee.. I'll make for him.. yea.." He froze for a moment staring at the bowl of plums- his plums- on the counter. "The sneaky bastards! They are after me plums!" Dropping the cans of coffee he dove for the bowl, and hugged it his chest pouting.

((ooc: Hunter/Hannibal and I talked about this, and he approved of my character knowing Captain Masters, and already being on the ship.))

This post has been edited by Vanya on Apr 8 2012, 07:16 AM
Posted: Apr 8 2012, 03:03 AM

Board Bitch

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Okay, I'm not trying to be a total bitch here, but that's really kind of my job.
I would be totally remiss as an admin if I were to accept this application at this point in itme.
You have a half-dozen abandoned characters on this board, with a long history of leaving game-masters in the lurch. Now you want two characters on the same ship.

If you can successfully play through an entire episode of The Vindicator with the character you already have in play there, then I'll consider accepting another application.

And please resize that image to 600 pixels or less. :)
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