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News Scrolly Thingy

Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 Den of Thieves, Season 1, Episode 1
Quiet Storm
Posted: Mar 30 2012, 09:07 PM

Bad Girl's Boat

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 10
Member No.: 1,260
Joined: 14-January 12

(Plot Progress)

A test is defined as the means by which the presence, quality, or genuineness of anything is determined or a means of trial. And that’s exactly what Drea put Ephraim through. She tested his pick pocketing and con skills, watching him work under the hot sun. His pick pocketing was superb, she had to admit. Still, he could be better. As for his conning… Drea thought he was average.

For the ship’s purposes, he was perfect. Who was going to accuse a kid? No one would expect it. Her mind was made. The boy was coming along. She could hear Taylor and David’s arguments in her head, but she didn’t care. Ephraim was coming along for the adventure.

Despite Drea’s alert personality, she didn’t catch on to the person following behind them, watching them. But that didn’t matter. They weren’t the person who had alerted law enforcement to arrest them. Maybe Drea and Ephraim had gotten a bit cocky, but one of the merchants had caught them, sending them into a panicked run, Drea yelling for the teenager to follow her lead.

Putting her stem phone to her ear, Drea made a call to Taylor and David.

“Get back to the ship! I need us to take off literally as soon as my foot touches the cargo bay!”

And with that, she hung up, leading Ephraim and their follower through the crowded streets of Persephone.

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Posted: Apr 2 2012, 09:11 AM

Beauty & Brains

Group: OC
Posts: 62
Member No.: 415
Joined: 17-August 07

Not knowing quite why other than the dynamic of the motley crew intriguing her Charise followed at a fair distance as the one woman tested the young chap who'd previously tempted fate trying to pick her.

They were getting through it fine, she wondered if she should have called the feds. Part of her was endorsing their behavior while something else tugged her the other way. She knew what the right thing to do was but maybe the person she was before wasn't into doing the right thing. Charise noticed flashes of a wild side in her while on Route 66. Maybe who she used to be was trying to get out, for now though that was speculation and introspection that served only to complicate the matters so she let it rest and opted to continue in strictly an observational role.

Eventually however someone did the whistle-blowing anyway and soon a couple of feds were on their tail, gaining ground before one grabbed Drea by the wrist it looked like the adventure was over.

The smell of grilling meat drew Charise to the vendor beside her, laying on the grill with smoke drifting off it was a chinese knife still with chunks of meat splattered across it's face. The owner, seemed not to be paying attention and Charise for the life of her couldn't explain why but she picked up the blade and sent it spiraling through the air until it found itself embedded deep in the forearm of the arresting officer. Wasting no time she approached the now freed woman.

"I saved your pe-gu from gettin' arrested. How 'bout a lift?" She hoped she'd given herself enough leverage since it was no longer safe to stay on Persephone after nearly be-handing a fed.

(OOC GM'ing of anything in this post is approved by Spy, though let me know if anything needs to change.)
Ephraim Mallory
Posted: Apr 4 2012, 12:13 AM

Pickpocketing street rat

Group: Members
Posts: 7
Member No.: 1,285
Joined: 16-February 12

Ephraim couldn't help but wonder just how the woman planned to test him? When she told him she wanted to see more of his thieving skills, he couldn't have been happier, though he hid the fact from her. For a second he was worried she'd ask him to do something that he wouldn't be able to manage, but if stealing was all she wanted to see, he could easily manage that.

"Oh, name's Ephraim, by the way," he said to her. "In case you need it. Been called 'E' before-" He lifted the wallet swiftly out of the back pocket of a passerby and tossed it back to the captain. "-and one girl and her little brother called me 'Ephie,' so you can call me whatever you feel like." He walked up to a lady and told her some go se story about how he and his sister hadn't eaten in days, they were so hungry, yadda yadda. He sold the story with his face, though, and enough so that the woman took out a small wad of money from her purse and handed it to him. As soon as she was out of sight, Ephraim tossed it back to his "examiner."

Several picked pockets, lifted wallets, and sob stories later, the young woman pointed out a merchant she wanted him to rob. Ephraim recognized the man as one of the merchants that had a sort of sixth sense when it came to their wallet and certain sticky fingers. Ephraim thought about voicing his concerns to the captain, but decided against it. If he spoke up, it could ruin his chances of actually getting on a ship. So he approached the man, and as he began to reach into his pocket, he spotted a woman standing a short distance away from the captain. He'd glanced her a couple times before during the test, but hadn't thought anything of it. Now, his mind was wondering if she was planning on ratting them out to the Feds. Unfortunately for him, he was focused on her while his hand was in someone else's pocket, and he felt his hand brush against the man. With a silent curse at himself for being so careless, he quickly grabbed the man's wallet and yanked his hand back. By the time the man had whipped around and started yelling, Ephraim was already several steps away, breaking into a run.

"Shall we be going?" He tossed the wallet to the captain as they broke out into a run, the Feds giving chase. He followed her through Persephone's busy streets, hollering quick apologies to the people he had to shove out of his way. As they rounded one corner, one of the Feds managed to get a hand around the captain's wrist. Ephraim stopped and turned to help her, but he paused. He'd caused enough trouble already, but assaulting a Fed? He didn't know if that was something he wanted to get busted for, even if it meant losing his chance to get on a ship. Luckily, he didn't have to make the decision as a knife came flying through the crowd and embedded itself in the arm of the Fed. Their stalker from earlier approached and asked for a ride on the ship. Ephraim made a scoffing sound. Now really wasn't the time to discuss things like that, seeing as they'd just assaulted a Fed and his friends were quickly approaching. He grabbed the two women by the wrists and started pulling them into a run.

"Hate to interrupt, he said. "But we really, really need to leave. Like now.

And with that, the chase was back on.
Posted: Apr 13 2012, 12:37 AM

Low down, dirty... deceiver.

Group: Members
Posts: 13
Member No.: 1,286
Joined: 21-February 12

”I’ll have to check with the captain, though, when she gets here, to make sure that you’re what we’re looking for.”

Jiro nodded to the man's words, extending his arm once more, accepting his credentials as offered. That happy smile growing back over his features. "Your terms are acceptable, sir, If you don't mind if I mill about the hold a bit while we wait?" He gestured about the somewhat open space, feeling the urge to place his glasses back on, but not wanting to feel suspicious in the shade of the ship's hull. He leaned forward, taking an assertive step forward, looking as kind and inviting as always!He discreetly stuffed his I.D. into his jacket, a mote of dust rose off his shoulder as the material strained. Nothing to see here, obviously!
David Cohen
Posted: Apr 17 2012, 10:21 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 53
Member No.: 1,255
Joined: 6-January 12

How long could this take? Drea had said the plan was to take off that day, and that she and Taylor would only be gone for a few hours. And yet here he stood, having heard nothing to suggest that they’d be heading out any time soon. What was he supposed to tell their prospective copilot if the ship’s captain never showed up? That wasn’t exactly a professional way of doing things. Hopefully Drea would soon give him some indication of when to expect the new arrivals, or at least her and Taylor’s return. If not, he might just go looking for the two himself, leaving Ai as the sole protector of the ship and its contents.

David handed back “Mr. Nichol’s” ident card and nodded at the man’s request. ”You might as well,” he replied. ”Might be a while ‘til the Captain gets back here.” Just as he finished saying that, though, Drea’s voice came in over his stem phone. “Get back to the ship! I need us to take off literally as soon as my foot touches the cargo bay!”

Well, that changed things. ”What?!” the pilot exclaimed. ”What’s going on?!” He received no response. Whatever Drea had gotten herself into, it must be bad. ”Gorramit!” the man exclaimed. This was just like Drea. She was always rushing into things without thinking and getting herself into trouble. And it sounded like Taylor wasn’t there to help her. Great. Rutting fantastic.

”Change of plans,” he said, directing his voice to the older man. ”We’ve got to ready to go. Looks like you’re hired.” Knowing that time was of the essence, David turned away from the newest crew member to run into the cargo bay and on to the cockpit. He stopped only briefly by Ai and the cook to explain. ”Got a call, we’re leaving soon, don’t know much more than that.” He knew that wasn’t nearly as much information as one needed to know that they were suddenly shooting off into space, but he had no more information to give. He’d just have to hope that Drea got to the ship soon and explained what the hell was going on.

He moved through the ship, quickly arriving at the cockpit. His hands were at the controls even before he’d sat down, and they got to work flicking switches and pushing buttons. The ship slowly came to life, the engines whining in protest as he roused them from their long sleep. As stressful as this situation was, David couldn’t help but smile a little. This was always his favorite part. Right before take-off, when he was just waiting for the words that let him blast off into the Black. At least he’d get to fly sooner than expected.

”Ship’s ready to go,” he spoke into his stem phone. ”I’ll take off as soon as everyone’s on board. And when we’re off-planet, I better get a long, detailed explanation of what the rutt is going on.”
Quiet Storm
Posted: Apr 23 2012, 12:21 AM

Bad Girl's Boat

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 10
Member No.: 1,260
Joined: 14-January 12

(Plot Progress)

The captain followed her two new crew members through the crowded streets of Persephone, back to the docks. She let Ephraim lead the way, going through back alleys and shoving through people without apology. Once the odd trio reached the dock, Drea pulled ahead of them, leading the way to her precious ship, to her home.

"Stop them!" a gruff voice called out. Drea glanced behind her. Something she knew never to do, something she always spoke against, but they were closing in. Her eyes flitted around her surroundings, searching for a distraction or at least an obstacle. The captain slowed, glancing around. Up ahead, she saw Taylor pulling into the ship on the mule.

"The mule! Follow it!" she shouted to her new companions. The teenage boy stopped, looking back at her.

"What are you doing?!" Ephraim shouted.
Drea Allen
Posted: Apr 23 2012, 12:22 AM

Captain of Quiet Storm

Group: Members
Posts: 33
Member No.: 1,254
Joined: 6-January 12

"Buying us time!" she called back. She gestured for the teen and the woman to go before running off to the side of the dock. The young captain reached into her boot and pulled out a pocket knife. Spotting a rope holding up a group of crates, Drea began cutting. One of the guards came to her. Looking up, she attempted a kick, but he quickly grabbed her foot and twisted.

Drea groaned and grabbed onto the rope with both hands. The pain shot through her ankle. She was afraid that if he twisted anymore, there'd be a snap. Drea closed her eyes, trying to find an alternative to her current idea. She wasn't much of a hand-to-hand fighter, but what choice did she have? She jumped up and twisted her body in his direction. Her boot met his face, causing him to drop her leg.

Still gripping the rope, her body dropped, the soles of her feet lading on the pavement. She let out a relieved breath, pulling herself upright. She finished cutting down the rope, causing the crates to fall to the ground, creating a mess in the middle of the dock. Drea placed a kick to the guard's face before running off towards her ship.

"Go!" Drea called into her stem phone to David before her foot was even on the ship ramp. She saw the ramp coming up and sped up. Leaping, she managed a landing onto the barely lifted ramp. She ran into the cargo bay as the ship lifted, out of breath. She looked at what crew she had gathered in the ship, a smile gracing her face. "Close shave."
Grant Gardener
Posted: Apr 23 2012, 08:59 AM

Waster of Words

Group: Members
Posts: 40
Member No.: 1,279
Joined: 6-February 12

Grant held on to the cargo rack for dear life as Taylor gunned the engine of the mule down the crowded street, the wheels in his shoes sending vibrations all the way up into his ribs with their humming speed. This was way better than downhill wheeling. That required climbing up the hill. This way, he could just ride behind. There was a slingshot effect to be used here, somehow. Grant was sure of it. As they neared the ship, Grant caught sight of her, and grinned.

Sleek and slightly avian in form, the Quiet Storm reminded him of a predatory bird. Dents, scratches, carbon scoring, and general use weathering covered her hull, but she was gorgeous nonetheless. She was obviously tough, looked fast sitting still, and the one plasma turret he could see meant that she was ready to bite back at those who attacked. He couldn’t wait to hear her voice.

Each piece of technology had its own sounds and codes and personality, when it came to Cortex operations. Ships and large buildings were his favorites. They were all unique, and had much more robust systems for him to work with. They spoke to him, and he loved to speak back. Most of his work was on the Cortex, searching through feeds and proxies and backdoors into systems that he probably shouldn’t be mucking about in, but sometimes it was nice to just shut out all the external noise and information and listen to a single system (even if that single system was running thousands or millions of subsystems). A single voice in the crowd that was the Cortex.

Mr. Universe, the mysterious man that any Cortex Jock worth a half a cred looked up to, might call it, a single ship’s system, Grant’s signal. Mr. Universe followed “The Signal”, something he’d expounded upon to many a captive audience (since he’d taken control of all the feeds in the area). Grant was satisfied with listening to his own personal signals, listening to each ship or place’s “voice”, as opposed to following “The Signal”.

As they neared the ship, Grant spotted Drea with her foot in the grasp of a member of the local constabulary. With fierceness, style, grace, and power, she used the ropes she held in her hands, and the man’s own grip, to slam her booted foot into his face, releasing his grip and sending him to the ground.

He was so busy watching her spin-kicky-face-smashy-rope-cutty-Captainy-awesomeness that Grant forgot to let go of the mule as they reached the Quiet Storm’s bay door, and so when they reached the edge of the ramp, the mule just rolled right in on its nice large wheels, and Grant’s smaller ones caught the edge, sending him sprawling. He rolled to a stop, a few bumps and bruises to show for his entrance, and slowly got to his feet, just as the Captain leapt aboard. He felt the deck sway under his feet, and knew that they were taking off in a hurry. He made sure to move over to the nearest secured container and put a hand on it for support.

"Close shave."

Grant nodded his assent.

“How mad are the razors you pissed off, Cap? Should I start covering our tracks already, or do we have a moment to catch our breath?” he asked, reaching into his messenger bag and removing his upgraded Corpad to start checking for interception of the electronic kind.

The last thing he wanted was a remote takeover of the ship by the Feds. He’d seen an old junker boat once upon a time that had one engine slaved to it’s Cortex systems, and the other on manual mode. The Feds had taken control, and the manual engine had kept reaching for atmo, and between the two of them they crashed the ship. The last thing he wanted on the first day of his new job was to let the Feds crash the storm. That’d be a bad day.

Also, she was much too pretty for him to let her crash on account of him.
Ai Kangeki
Posted: Apr 23 2012, 12:34 PM

Damaged Mechanic

Group: Members
Posts: 38
Member No.: 1,264
Joined: 15-January 12

David had come in just after the untrustworthy blonde had headed further into the ship. Ai shot him a nervous smile. Things were already getting weird, and with the haggard looking guy from outside following her friend, they stood to get weirder.

And then, all Hell broke loose.

The roar of an engine filled the cargo bay, as the mule rolled in from the world. Ai counted the riders, including the lanky guy who somehow fell off of the back of the moving machine and planted face on the ramp. Ai backed out of the way of the rush, trying to keep herself out of harm's way. Whatever was happening, it was awfully urgent. Her stomach flipped over once, and she wondered whether David wasn't into something dangerous this time. Something deep. Maybe it was a mistake to have come here. She didn't assume that Nick would want her to be involved in something potentially illegal.

And then the captain came, her entrance as grand as any she'd seen. The young woman barely caught the edge of the ramp and pulled herself into the ship before it closed. Ai turned to look toward David, but he was absent, and that's when she noticed that the ship was moving now. More than likely heading for atmosphere. Any thoughts she had of pulling herself out of this situation were dashed. Whatever was going to happen from this point on, she was along for the ride.

"Close shave." This coming from the young captain, Drea. Ai sized the woman up and decided that it was no wonder David was so willing to follow her around, as she was awfully pretty. How someone so young had become a captain that inspired such loyalty was anyone's guess, and Ai began to wonder whether she wanted to know the answer.

“How mad are the razors you pissed off, Cap? Should I start covering our tracks already, or do we have a moment to catch our breath?” This came from the lanky guy, and her attention immediately shifted. He was handsome enough, if you liked them slightly elfin. His comment, however, was cause for concern, as Ai couldn't imagine who they would be needing to cover their tracks against. It was getting to be a little much. She took a deep breath and stepped forward, her voice only shaking a little, right?

"Okay, what exactly is going on here?" Her focus turned back toward the captain, and she tried to look mad but probably looked more nauseated. "David wouldn't tell me what you were up to here, but I'm hoping that you'll be straightforward with me..."
Ephraim Mallory
Posted: Apr 30 2012, 08:23 AM

Pickpocketing street rat

Group: Members
Posts: 7
Member No.: 1,285
Joined: 16-February 12

Ephraim led the women through Persephone's back alleys as best he could. Normally, he'd have taken a shorter route, but that involved a lot of box-jumping, fence-hopping, wall-running, and other such improvisations, and he had no clue whether or not the women had any sort of skill in that department. Besides, with the Feds as hot on their tails as they were, flat-out running was probably the better idea.

The stretch of the docks appeared before them and Ephraim charged ahead, though now that he thought about it, he had no clue which ship he was supposed to be running towards. Luckily, the captain pointed out a mule with several passengers and told them to follow it. Ephraim had taken a few steps before he realized she'd stopped following. He called out to her, and she shouted back something about buying time. He wanted to go and help her, but every nuance of his instincts were screaming at him to run. So he ran. He followed the mule up into the ship's cargo bay and finally stopped running. After the Captain's near-miss of an entrance, Ephraim got his first look at his new companions. Besides the captain and mystery woman he'd just run a marathon with, there were the two tense-looking guys from the bar and the jumpy suit who'd looked so out-of-place. With them was some gangly creature who Ephraim vaguely recalled being in the bar as well. Then there was the older, shifty man, the small Asian girl, and the unseen pilot who was flying the ship. All-in-all, a very odd variety of misfits.

"Little stealin', lotta runnin'," Ephraim said in response the the small woman's question. He pointed toward the captain and the mystery woman. "Those two decided to play whack-a-Fed. Y'know...the usual. And by the way, nice show Cap! They'll be cleaning that mess up for hours." He gave the captain a thumbs-up and laughed.

He had no clue what his future with these people held, but he was mobile again. For once, Ephraim was actually glad that he'd been starving.
Taylor Masen
Posted: Apr 30 2012, 10:55 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 14
Member No.: 1,256
Joined: 6-January 12

Taylor turned in his seat, watching as Drea made her escape and left chaos behind. In no time, the ship was leaving atmo, the hodge-podge of crew naturally gravitating towards their Captain. It was something Drea had always been able to do - even Taylor hadn't been able to escape her gravitational pull. When they were younger, he'd tried, avoiding her unless they were on the dueling floor. There, at least, he had known he had the upper hand. Now, he wasn't so sure.

Where had she picked up some of these people? And why? Judging by his offer to help cover their tracks, the songbird had a skill set - presumably, something that could help them. The question came, of course, from someone David must have found. "Okay, what exactly is going on here? David wouldn't tell me what you were up to here, but I'm hoping that you'll be straightforward with me..."

The woman sounded irritated and looked like she wanted to be sick. "Nothing's going on yet," Taylor responded, sliding smoothly off the mule. It was true - he'd seen much worse on plenty of other ships. "That back there really was nothing. A perfectly legitimate conflict of interest with some Feds." Feds were nothing in the grand scheme of things. There were worse threats out there and always would be. Still...

He wanted to know what had happened out there, but now was hardly the time. There was no need to call Drea out in front of everyone; that would just undermine her, which would ultimately ruin everything. He could find out later. After a glance towards the kid, who was proving just as chatty as the songbird, Taylor shook his head. Time to get to work. "Infirmary's right over there, Doc. It's fully stocked, thanks to some donations we got from Athens."
Nemo Agoa
Posted: May 2 2012, 10:33 AM

Sawbones on a pirate ship/ Messed up Father-Figure

Group: Members
Posts: 18
Member No.: 1,258
Joined: 10-January 12

Nemo utterly hated the ride back from the Brown Bottle. Mr Masen, his new First Mate, drove like a maniac, forcing the mule to go far faster than was safe. It was all he could do to clutch the safety rail with one hand and hold tightly onto his bag with the other. He felt his knuckles growing white, his eyes watering behind his spectacles as the mule continued on a breakneck rampage. With the entire journey being made at this pace, his trench-coat stood almost erect behind him, flapping in the wind like some sort of cape. And, of course, Grant Gardener wouldn't shut his mouth.

The entire journey he babbled on about nothing in particular, giving everything some sort of nonsensical rhyme. When it wasn't the rhymes it was the lisp, honestly, Nemo wasn't sure which one he hated more. At least Preator was quiet, no doubt thinking about his own possible future.

As the mule drew closer to The Quiet Storm, Nemo noticed something. The small woman who'd turned out to be the captain of this admittedly magnificent vessel, was engaged in some sort of scuffle with the local authorities. Even as he say the action it was over, the Captain dropping her attacker and sprinting up the ramp. Mr Masen followed closely, gunning the mule up the same ramp leading directly to the ship's cargo hold.

While Mr Gardener was busy taking a tumble of the mule and, in general, making an ass of himself, Nemo was climbing off the back with as much dignity as he could muster. Readjusting his tie and straightening his trench-coat, the doctor made a quick check of his own personal things.

Everything is still in order. Good. One less problem to worry about.

Standing in silence, he listened for a moment as several crew members conversed, including a young Asian woman he had yet to meet. Apparently, there was debated about one topic, namely, what the rutt is going on here? It hardly mattered to Nemo they'd be off this rock soon enough anyways.

"Infirmary's right over there, Doc. It's fully stocked, thanks to some donations we got from Athens."

Taylor pointed him in the direction of a small room, next to a similar room housing an engine.

Who puts an engine room right next to an infirmary? What kind of design is this?

Out loud, Nemo stated cordially enough, “I'm sure it will be fine. I'll be in my infirmary getting things organized if anyone needs me. Captain? Pay me a visit when time permits. After your little scuffle I need to make sure you aren't damaged in any way.” Turning on his finely made shoe-heel, Nemo walked off into the infirmary, bag in one hand, the other reaching for a handkerchief in his breast pocket.

As soon as the door behind him sealed and he was certain he was alone, Nemo removed the handkerchief mopping his brow furiously. His head was pounding, the day's excitement sure to trigger a flashback. Dropping his bag on the floor, the small man reached into a different pocket, pulling out his little bottle of pills. With a major sense of urgency, Nemo popped the lid off with his thumb, tipped the bottle up to his lips and shook four of the little blue pills down his throat. A bit more than required, but he was taking no chances.

A sense of relief washed over him as the drugs took effect. Handkerchief still clutched tightly in one hand, Nemo slumped to the floor in a heap, laying there for a moment. Once he felt rested enough he'd organize and set up shop. He'd get to it in a minute....

OOC: Mr Masen's driving is up to him. Whether it actually was fast or only seems fast to poor Nemo is up to Jax. The opinions of Nemo Agoa on Grant Gardener do not reflect the opinions of WB of Mr Gardener. I actually find him hilarious.
Drea Allen
Posted: Jun 19 2012, 06:46 PM

Captain of Quiet Storm

Group: Members
Posts: 33
Member No.: 1,254
Joined: 6-January 12

Drea began stripping off her jacket, listening to her crew speak. She smiled as she traveled toward her room. Her crew? She definitely liked the sound of that. Her dreams were finally becoming a reality. It was right there on her ship. Sure, it wasn't starting the way she'd pictured it, but hell. What a great beginning to an adventure, right? Might as well get used to the action.

Although, some of her crew didn't see it that way.

Drea tossed her jacket into her room and closed the door, so no one could go in. She returned to the center of the cargo bay where most of the crew was. She stopped next to Ephraim, her new young charge, as he was speaking.

"Those two decided to play whack-a-Fed. Y'know...the usual. And by the way, nice show Cap! They'll be cleaning that mess up for hours."

Drea grinned. Well, the teenager was certainly entertained. She ruffled his hair. He kind of reminded her of her younger brother... If that was a good or bad thing, they'd eventually find out. For now, it was a good thing.

Her gaze moved toward the more hesitant young woman. She recognized her from David's description. This had to be Ai. Shouldn't there have been something else with her?

"Nothing's going on yet. That back there really was nothing. A perfectly legitimate conflict of interest with some Feds."

Drea glanced at Taylor. She was definitely grateful to have him on board. If anyone was good at keeping people calm, it was him. She cleared her throat, looking away from him after a few moments.

"He's right, but, Grant, definitely check the Cortex and see if there was a bigger issue. Wouldn't want anyone chasing after us," she said sternly as Taylor spoke to their new doctor. She added, "Don't spend too much time in there, Doctor. I am planning a little meet and greet as soon as our pilot gets down here." Her gaze moved to the smaller young woman. "And you. You must be Ai. David's said so much about you. I thought someone else would be with you."

Drea kept her eyes on her as she backed away towards the comm box and hit the button.

"David and any other crew member you may have up there with you, please come down to the cargo bay."
Tari Bedson
Posted: Jun 21 2012, 12:53 PM

The new cook.

Group: Members
Posts: 9
Member No.: 1,275
Joined: 1-February 12

Tari cut into the egg and it bled yellow over a slice of toast. Her stomach clenched and decided it didn't want to ingest anything that oozed, so she pushed the plate away, next to a frozen loaf of bread and the hammer and chisel she had used to chip a slice off of it. "This kitchen is cold," she said to the egg, accusingly. It responded by oozing some more.

To warm herself, she took a long pull from the dark bottle with some sort of clown-pirate on the label. It burned and felt good and bad at the same time, like getting bad news from an old friend you hadn't seen in a while. Her suitcase sat open on the table before her, into which she placed the bottle next to its twin, and a small .45 caliber pistol.

"David and any other crew member you may have up there with you, please come down to the cargo bay." Harland didn't sound like a very masuline captain.

She hopped off her stool and took a few experimental steps around the kitchen. "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain," she said out loud. The egg ignored her this time.

Satisfied that her clown-friend hadn't poisoned her too badly yet, Tari Bedson headed back to the cargo bay, idly wondering if they had taken off earlier or if that lurching had all been in her head.
Ai Kangeki
Posted: Jun 26 2012, 03:31 PM

Damaged Mechanic

Group: Members
Posts: 38
Member No.: 1,264
Joined: 15-January 12

"Nothing's going on yet. That back there really was nothing. A perfectly legitimate conflict of interest with some Feds."

Not exactly a straight answer. Honestly, not an answer at all. But they were well outside of the atmosphere now, and Ai was stuck on the ship now, whatever sort it was. She looked at the very strange assemblage of people in the cargo bay, and couldn't figure it out.

"And you. You must be Ai. David's said so much about you. I thought someone else would be with you."

This came from the captain, and Ai's attention focused right on her. What sort of woman Drea Allen was couldn't be determined from a glance. She looked relatively normal, all things considered. Not really much of what one might consider a captain, though it shouldn't matter what she looked like in that regard. In either case, she'd said something about another person, and the dots started to connect. Suddenly, the sadness had welled back up in her. She pushed it down.

"You must be Drea, and likewise. As for someone else... you must mean Nick. I'm sorry to say that he died. I came here to tell David and now I guess I'll be coming along with you for the time being." And then she suddenly remembered something else, and her eyes went a bit wide.

"There's a stowaway on this boat, though! She just sort of blew by David so I followed her in. She said the captain sent her, but she didn't even know you were a woman. Blonde, looked sort of disheveled... I think she went that way." She pointed down to where the offensive blonde had gone, hoping that maybe the woman would get what was coming to her. "You might want to check it out..."

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