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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 Alliance Station #23, Licensing & Regulation
Kai Aalona
Posted: Oct 21 2011, 02:13 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 20-October 11

He was tired, hot, and sick of being aboard the tiny ship known as “The Knife,” but Kai still managed to smile as the transport docked with Station #23. Here it was, his first and only stop on the road to a job on a ship and a life once again spent traveling the ‘Verse. As enjoyable as hopping from planet to planet could be, he was looking forward to having a steady job that didn’t have him back to searching for potential employers in just a few weeks. The fact that working on a ship gave him the opportunity to travel again? Well, that was a very happily received bonus.

When one of his old Rim Marshall colleagues had contacted him about possibly taking a job on a Rim Scout ship, he’d said yes before the man had finished asking the question. Recently, especially because he’d spent much of the last few months watching folk come and go from Persephone’s docks, he’d been getting the itch to see the stars again. He hadn’t been on a ship (including small shuttles to get from Point A to Point B or C) in nine years. It would be great to be able to actually settle in somewhere. And really, as much as he liked what he did, he’d worked for enough rich bureaucrats to last him several lifetimes. Working for an Alliance officer would be a nice change of pace.

Waving to The Knife’s captain, a cheerful man who’d been great company, Kai strolled down the landing ramp and into the station, one bag slung over his shoulder and another occupying his left hand. The second, more important, bag held his guns, and he couldn’t help but check every few seconds to make sure they were still there. The weapons were his source of income, so he liked to keep a close eye on them. Not that he expected anyone on an Alliance station to be the thieving. But still, better to be careful, just in case.

The Station seemed pretty small, more of a waypoint than a serious destination. Even so, he wasn’t quite sure where he was supposed to go from here. Was he supposed to check in with someone? That seemed like common Alliance protocol. But then, if that were the case, who was he supposed to see? The man wasn’t sure, so he decided to just wait for someone who knew what they were doing to direct him. He didn’t know where to go, and didn’t want to cause any unnecessary confusion. Better to rely on someone with more knowledge.

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Cpl. Robin Crane
Posted: Oct 23 2011, 05:13 PM


Group: NPC
Posts: 4
Member No.: 1,230
Joined: 10-September 11

"Well, Captain, I've been trying to find meself the mess hall in this gorram place, but it seems the only accurate directions I can follow are those given by me own nose. Seems ta be something bakin' and fillin' the air with wonderful smells, but I ain't yet made it there." he said. "I'd be most grateful fer yer help, me dear."

"Doctor... I mean," A weary half smile crossed Robin's face as she glanced up at the big man, "At least, I hope so. Anyway, cantina is this way."

She gave the Padre's elbow a freindly jostle with her own, finding herself already liking the man in a way God-talkers didn't usually pique her fancy. They were too judgemental, always with the platitudes. She remembered the first patient she lost, on a battlefield, up to her elbows in bloodied intestines she'd been trying to return to their shredded cavity, feeling the heartbeat stop beneath her hands. And that insufferable, all knowing Unit pastor had looked right at her, and, how did it go again? 'All things for a reason, God takes those he needs home.' And she'd looked into the dead eyes of a boy barely younger than she was, watched a silver cross move over that pale mud-streaked forehead, the murmuring of Last Rites, and known that God-Talkers couldn't possibly know God's will.

"Smells like Cook's got croissants goin'. Don't let 'em fool you, they're canned, like most all the other chow around here, but baked up fresh, it's a good bit better than field-fare." A tired smile itched across her face, "I'm famished enough even my Aunt Nelly's baked beans would be welcome."
Cpt. Jana Morrow
Posted: Oct 23 2011, 06:22 PM


Group: NPC
Posts: 5
Member No.: 1,217
Joined: 12-August 11

From the control room, she could watch the arrivals and departures, and pretend to be working.

Technically, was working, she knew that, but part of her didn't feel like she was working unless she was juggling ten ships, four hundred staff and the interests of three admirals, two presidents and nine different lobby groups. Standing in a control room watching monitors was nothing more than shluffling off.

Ah, The Knife's papers had checked and it was on the direct-off mark. Now that was one she was glad to see the back of, if not for the fact that they'd left behind what looked to be a wildman of the far reaches of Greenleaf's leafier and less green side.

With glance around to see who might be nearby, she quit the office, giving a wave to Danni and Wexler as she passed them in the corridor, and bee-lined (at least, she was fairly sure it was a bee-line) towards the new-comer. All six feet of her (two inches were her boot-heels) came to a halt just outside of the long-looking reach of the newcomer.

"Welcome to Station 23. I'm Captain Morrow." Her right hand snapped out her cor-pad, gesturing the scanner, "Identification, sir?"
Kai Aalona
Posted: Oct 23 2011, 07:29 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 5
Member No.: 1,242
Joined: 20-October 11

As he waited for some direction, Kai observed his surroundings. Nothing too exciting. Interesting layout. Multiple segments arranged in a circle around what he guessed was the administrative stuff in the middle. It wouldn’t be a great place to be in a firefight, but as a simple stop on the way to other destinations it seemed to function pretty well. It could do with a few more signs, though. He felt a little stupid just standing here waiting for assistance.

Luckily, he didn’t have to wait too long. Kai noticed a tall woman (almost as tall as him. That was unusual) walking his way. She stopped a few feet away from him, and he nodded in greeting. He noticed that the woman looked a little apprehensive. That wasn’t much of a surprise. His appearance tended to intimidate most people on first sight. It didn’t really bother him much, though. He was used to it.

The woman—Captain Morrow—asked for his identification, and he nodded again. ”I’m Kai Aalona,” he replied, getting out his ID card and holding it up to the scanner. That done, he waited. Captain Morrow would handle the administrative details, and then maybe he could figure out what exactly he was supposed to do while he waited for his new employers to arrive.
Padre Peter Garrison
Posted: Oct 24 2011, 06:52 AM

Bringer of Smiles

Group: Members
Posts: 32
Member No.: 1,229
Joined: 6-September 11

"Doctor... I mean, at least, I hope so. Anyway, cantina is this way."

The Padre nodded, and followed close at her heels, his soft boots shuffling along on the deck plates. He’d prefer to be barefoot, of course, but coming into someone else’s home without shoes, no matter how clean your feet might be, could be considered rude.

“Ah, praise the ‘Verse, someone who can lead me poor, starvin’ self ta the promised land.” he said, folding his hands together and glancing skyward in an almost comedic display of reverence.

She gave his arm a friendly nudge, and he couldn’t help but smile. It was nice, being a man of the cloth who didn’t make people feel all creepifying and judged. He’d met far too many of his brethren that took themselves entirely too seriously. Speechifying all the time, and condemning anyone who didn’t fit in with their view of what was “right and just”.


Peter’s view of the ‘Verse and religion and such was broader (some might say less defined) than most, and so less angry and condemning and, well, gloomy. Why focus on the bad, when there’s so much good to be had? What kind of sense does that make?

None. That’s what kind.

And so, with every new day, Peter resolved to continue on with his particular brand of faith until something better came along. After all, making people smile couldn’t be a bad thing, right?

"Smells like Cook's got croissants goin'. Don't let 'em fool you, they're canned, like most all the other chow around here, but baked up fresh, it's a good bit better than field-fare. I'm famished enough even my Aunt Nelly's baked beans would be welcome."

“Ah, of course. Aunt Nelly’s baked beans. I remember those. Of course on me own world, we called them Grammy’s biscuits. Loved her ta death, of course, but we never did figure out why she thought they’d survive months of space travel and still be tasty.” he said, rolling his eyes. ”We wound up using ‘em for wheel chocks and ta level severely unstable tables. I suppose that “Cook’s Croissants” have no choice than to be better than her biscuits. Also, anything as wonderfully alliterative as “Cook’s Croissants” must be delicious. I’m sure that’s a rule somewhere...”
IAV Ranjit
Posted: Feb 11 2012, 08:43 PM

Alliance Scout

Group: NPC
Posts: 49
Member No.: 546
Joined: 6-March 08

Fortunately for Kai Aalona, The IAV Ranjit has arrived in the nick of time, sparing him from Captain Morrow's scrutiny.

Padre Garrison and Corporal Crane have, at least, had time to enjoy a meal in each other's company, allowing him to depart the station with yet another soul to call friend.

Kai and the Padre now must join the rest of the crew onboard the IAV Ranjit- To follow their adventures, and even, if you are Station 23 Crew looking for a new career, to JOIN THEM- CLICK HERE! -
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