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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 Burgesstown: Saints & Sinners
Rosie Freedman
Posted: Oct 24 2011, 07:32 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 23-August 11

Rosie knew she was over reacting, and yet her free hand somehow found the butt end of her pistol, dancing across its surface ever so slightly. Eat her dog? Not bloody likely. Still it had just been a joke after all, best to let it slide. Though Magnum didn't seem keen to, growling at the man in the suit who'd spoken before the surgeon. He seemed like a nice fellow, older but distinguished, like a rich uncle or wise grandfather. Roise decided she liked him. The crotchety one, the young man who'd snapped at her on the other hand had earned her distaste. Sheesh, had all that foul language really been necessary?

Congratulations buddy, you made a bad first impression on your new sheriff, for nothing. Sun Tuz would be ashamed. Rosie determined to look the fellow up once she was settled into her new office, he seemed like the law breaking type and it never hurt to know the trouble makers in her town. Preparation for trouble before it began was something her books of military tactics always stressed.

But back to the older gentleman, he'd said she needed to see the Rim Marshall? Well he should be easy enough to spot, given that he'd be waring a badge, not to mention he'd have the cop stance, all lawmen did. Giving the older fellow a warm smile she thanked him purposely ignoring the rude man, “I appreciate your assistance! I'm sure we'll see a lot more of each other, I'll be here a while.” Whistling at Magnum to come she started down the street, dufflebag still slung over her should. That blasted red dust was all over her face now, blowing about as the sun beat down, that'd take getting used to. On the core worlds she'd been stationed at before everything was so clean...

Magnum barked happily though as a tumbleweed blew by, chasing it for a few steps before returning to her side; Rosie found the gesture comforting. At least on this strange new world she had one ally she could trust. Her quick jaunt down the street brought her to the school house, which looked like most of the other ones truth be told. The man standing outside of it was clearly the Rim Marshal.

“Hello Marshal?” She called out cordially, giving a friendly wave, “Rosie Freedman, the new sheriff of Burgesstown. I was told you were the man to see about settling in.”

He seemed competent enough, an older man brimming with experience, he'd be someone to ask about the recent events, he'd have answers. Hopefully he'd also have a place to put her things because her arm was getting tired...
Cal Foster
Posted: Apr 5 2012, 03:49 PM

Straying Surgeon

Group: Members
Posts: 14
Member No.: 1,129
Joined: 4-January 11

With fresh lemonade in hand and the retreating backside of the law in view, Cal took on a speculative appearance. He started to shake his head, stopped as the new sheriff's dog took after a piece of dead foliage, then resumed as the pair continued toward the schoolhouse. His thoughts were hazy at best. Something to do with leashes and dust. Time was definitely running short before he'd need to find the soft side of a pillow.

"Hell of a time for a first look at Burgesstown," he muttered in a voice as dry as Jinye, though whether he was referring to himself or Freedman was left unstated. Could have been both.

We're running out of time if...

Eyes blinked against the grit before he handed back his glass, now empty. "Thanks again, Miss Sinclair. Judge Styles? Just let me know if you want to continue. We're running out of time if we're going to take look before my brain pan's holding nothing but overtired mush. Could be I'm there already, truth be told." The smile that followed was a little on the wan side, but it was an honest smile.
Judge Styles
Posted: Apr 2 2013, 09:59 PM


Group: NPC
Posts: 6
Member No.: 1,059
Joined: 6-February 10

Matthias took a deep swallow, giving the medic a good look.

If I ever had to be stuck in a town in the middle of a holocaustic Reaver attack, this is the kind of man I'd want my by side. And here he was. How was that for fate smiling?

"Matt's just fine, Mr. Foster. I'm not wearing my robes today." He gave the dparting back of the new sherrif, (he really didn't want to have cross her in the courtroom anytime soon!) another smile. "Let's get this over with. Kord said he thought the local... ladies establishment... would be willing to give us refrigeration priveleges. Think we should take the thing with us? In case she says yes? Or leave it and move out there after dark? We can probably take Kord's flyer straight out after dark, and just let folk think he's taking a patrol."

OOC: Feel free to yank the Judge along and plot progress them out to Miss Petalines! Or if you'd rather I do it, just let me know.
Marshal J. Kord
Posted: Apr 2 2013, 10:10 PM

Rim Marshal

Group: NPC
Posts: 25
Member No.: 561
Joined: 13-March 08

“Hello Marshal?” She called out cordially, giving a friendly wave, “Rosie Freedman, the new sheriff of Burgesstown. I was told you were the man to see about settling in.”

Kord turned slowly, his bright blue eyes glinting against the late and still smoke-orange sun as he looked the woman up and down. With slow movement, he held his hand out for the dog to give a sniff, "Welcome to town, Miss Freedman."

Another badge to keep out of the way, he reckoned.

The Alliance moratorium on any investigation into Reavers, the insistance that they were just pirates, men gone a bit past the edges of humanity, was ridiculous. He was a man of the badge, but he saw no point in standing in the way of men like Cal Foster, who had lost at the hands of monsters and wanted answers.

"You caught us on a bad day, but we've seen worse." Yesterday, for example. Kord's smile remained polite as tea in the Sahara, "Afraid your office, what's left of it, is still standing, but if you want a jail, we'll have to rustle up some folk to rebuild it."

He gestured around him at the town, "We still got half a dozen severely wounded, a handful of walking wounded, and a huge pile of rubble to put right. Good thing about tragedy, though..."Kord caught her eye and this time he wasn't smiling, "Not many folk feel like gettin' up to trouble when they've already had all they can take. So, where would you like to start your tour? Met the Widow yet?"
Rosie Freedman
Posted: Apr 9 2013, 08:13 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 4
Member No.: 1,223
Joined: 23-August 11

"Not many folk feel like gettin' up to trouble when they've already had all they can take. So, where would you like to start your tour? Met the Widow yet?"

Rosie smiled. “Good to know folk are being logical about these things. I reckon nothing pleasant comes of seeking trouble out.” She cast an appraising glace about, "Especially when you've seen more than enough." She liked his Marshal Kord, he seemed tough, respected and by-the-book. Good traits in a Rim Marshal. Evidently, Magnum shared her opinion.

The German Shepard dashed over to Kord, tail wagging, panting happily. Nudging the older man's leg, the dog looked up with inquisitive eyes, begging Kord for a pet.

“Don't let the puppy-sad eyes fool you, Magnum will take your throat if he has too.” She chuckled, adjusting her grip on her rucksack. “He's taken a shine to you, that doesn't happen often. Magnum doesn't like men much, you must be special.”

Leaving the rest of her dog comments behind, the woman got straight to business “I doubt I'll have need of a jail this soon, marshal.” Glancing around the wreckage of the town, that much was clear. “Glad to have an office though, my arm's getting tired.” She forced a smile, trying to give the marshal a sense of hope and energy. She was no country girl, but she'd learn the ropes.

“I have yet to meet the widow, though, I have one concern I'd like to address.” She placed she bag on the ground, before sifting through its contents a moment. A variety of mundane items were removed, placed gently in the sand out of the way before she found the intended object. Removing the corepad, she brought up the briefing she'd received before being given her assignment. “The local...establishment the 'Heart of Gold?' It's been involved in several unpleasant incidents. While I doubt the good people of Burgesstown will be a problem, I'm hoping the ladies will respect my authority in legal matters here.”

As she re-stowed her loose belongings, Rosie took a long draft of outer rim air through her nose. “After I've made my investigation at the Heart I would like to see the Widow, my office and then I'll give you a hand picking up rubble. Deal?”

She gave her broadest, most welcoming smile. Rosie Freedman cared about her new found home, and she'd be damned if anyone doubted that.

OOC: Apologies for the amount of dialogue in this post. I couldn't find another way to get what needed to be said across.

This post has been edited by Rosie Freedman on Apr 9 2013, 08:13 PM
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