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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 Red Fire Part II, Kasern S. 2, Ep 2. Part 2.
Cade Quinn
Posted: Jan 5 2012, 10:35 PM

Reluctant Captain

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 332
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Joined: 3-August 06

Cade gave the girl a nod, no room for smiles anymore, and then made the mistake of glancing up.

Romulus was there, watching it all. Wearing the look of a father uncertain if his children were coming home.

'Don't look to me, Doc', Cade wanted to say, letting his dark-rimmed eyes seek Romulus' gaze with a grimace, 'I was the one who didn't come home.'

But this was different. That little brown brick and wood house with its wide green lawn, with the narrow stairs where he and Liberty carved their names in the wood just before their parents put in new carpeting, so that someday, someone would pull up that carpet and see that Cade and Libby lived here once upon a time... that house was just a box full of anger and memories he wanted to forget. That was then.

This was now.

Cade broke his stare from Rom's. Turning to the wall, he leaned his weight against the pallet shelving and shoved it out a few inches from the wall, knowing his crew and those not his crew, were watching him with wondering eyes. He didn't care. Yanking out his pen-knife he scratched Kasern's wall, etching as deeply as the carbide diamond blade could manage.

Cade Q Lives Here

Then he turned his back on his work, not daring to glance up to see Rom's face, and cracked open his rifle to check the shells as he raised his voice, "Everyone saddle up. Watch each others backs and keep each other safe. Find our folk, rescue others if you can, and then get back here."

There should be more here. He remembered how his CO in the war could always say something inspiring, and driven. They were scared, he should have words to take the fear away. But there weren't any. Cade kept his gaze on his rifle, "Last one back home gets to clean the septic."

Because he couldn't imagine that they wouldn't all come home.
Posted: Jan 8 2012, 02:32 PM

Gun-toting Bookworm

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 601
Member No.: 110
Joined: 31-July 06

Red Team on Kasern

Cade's speech hadn't exactly been the sort of rousing type that it perhaps once had, but it served its purpose, and blood was fired. Hands calmed as someone took charge and spoke what needed to be said, interspersed with the right amount of action to words.

The carved words weren't deep enough to be seen from where she was, but she could guess what they said. They were a mark of home, of life, and a promise to return to Kasern when all was said and done, hopefully with all of the originals and some newcomers in tow. newcomers that wanted to eat them. Zira would have to draw the line there.

"Last one back home gets to clean the septic."

"I'll keep a clean scrub-brush waiting for you then," she told her captain, leisurely checking her guns one last time.

Her face stretched in a way it was unaccustomed to as she spoke, and it took her a moment to realize why.

There was a small smile on her face.

At least there was always gallows humor to brighten up her day.

"We'll see you all later."
Posted: Mar 31 2012, 04:51 PM

Big Damn Hero

Group: OC
Posts: 129
Member No.: 193
Joined: 17-October 06

Romulus felt his own mouth tighten as he looked down at them, then, on reflection, opened to admit a cigar. He'd only ever actually lit one up a handful of times before, less, and he let the match fall from his hands now before he even really began the motion of scratching it. There were any number of reasons why. All of them seemed trite and maudlin now, but still he closed the little matchbox slowly, with careful hands that did not shake.

The cigar bounced between his teeth as he bent low on the rails, resting on his elbows, looking more to Cade's carving than the man himself. He could hazard a guess as to what it said. Trite and maudlin and perfect. The cigar bounced again, moving to the other side of his mouth as he moved his gaze from Cade, to Zira, then to the rest of the ducklings gathered below. It must have been the tobacco that made him clear his throat then, because there was really no other explanation for why the words he'd been going to say dried up in his mouth before he could say them.

He pushed off the railing and made his way down the stairs, gripping the worn metal, feeling the bumps and imperfections as if it were the first time. Probably a lot to be said about the inevitability of death, appreciating life, yadda yadda, but to him, right them, it meant only one more reason that he had to live to see the day through. Because someone had to be there to nag about sanding it down and re-painting it, and no one else would suit. Because it wasn't about the paint job, which he would instantly hate if it was replaced anyway, but because it was about this ship and these people, and it had never been about anything else, not from that first moment, and certainly not now, watching the crew of Kasern gear up, knowing whatever he could possibly say to them would be inadequate in the face of what they had come to mean to an old man. So he settled for grinning at Zira and slapping Cade on the back and tossing a wink at the youngsters. "Best make sure you hurry, then. I seem to recall there was cabbage for dinner. I hesitate to think about what that might mean for the state of your suits, but over here, it means Animal Farm."
Jason Cunningham
Posted: Apr 1 2012, 02:44 AM

The Cyberterrorist

Group: OC
Posts: 25
Member No.: 1,153
Joined: 13-April 11

The Red Queen

The more the captain spoke, the more nervous Jason became. Not for the situation that he was going into. He was nervous for his sister. He suddenly wished he had given her better protection. Or maybe just told Cade he'd prefer her not go. The way Cade had described it, though, he had figured that Riley would be safe. The way Red described it, Jason wasn't so sure. They definitely seemed more like Reavers now.

She kicks ass blindfolded, Jason assured himself, she can handle this. He had promised he would try not to treat her like a child, not like the ten year-old child he felt she was. She was eighteen now. By most people's definitions, she was a grown woman. Still, a large part of him was scared that he would lose his sister once and for all today and he couldn't have that.

Still, he understood what it was like to search for your sister in hope that she wasn't dead. He couldn't deny Cade the help he needed, because he knew how torturous it was to persist in that search and how bright that hope was when you finally had that lead.

Jason had to admit, though, this was quite the first adventure with this crew. Already at life or death stage.

As Red spoke, Jason moved through the programs on his Corpad. As the captain brought up new information, the young cyber hacker kept pulling up the data on screen... well, when he could get it. He also made note of it in the pad. You never knew when your memory was going to fail on you. This way, they wouldn't have that problem.

"Sounds like quite the adventure," Jason mumbled with an undertone of sarcasm, his long, swift fingers moving over the Corpad screen.
Posted: Sep 8 2012, 11:06 AM

Corsair Class Transport

Group: NPC
Posts: 130
Member No.: 121
Joined: 4-August 06


That's one word for it.

Against a deep backdrop of stars, the huge steel docking doors of the once Titanic derelict creaked wide open, the atmo inside rushing out in a thick puff.

In the cockpit, Stephen leaned into Kasern's controls, and the heavy old ship came around, spinning backwards and reversing thrust to slide through the gaping abyss rear first, her nose pointed towards the stars and open space.

Caleb and Saskia, in their minnow amongst the wales, rode Kasern's wake, and in a feat of piloting it was doubtful even Stephen could manage, slide into dock as Kasern came about, the docking bay doors closing over her.

Around Kasern, The Red Queen danced a lithe minuet at odds with her aged steel, all guns firing. The tiny wasp shuttles that buzzed and stung ceased their deadly humming and fell back, some into uncertainty, others into the totalitarian darkness of The Black.

The gates of the taibse were fallen, and the Goddesses of Sky and Fire had come to call.

Search Teams please continue posting onboard taibse. Those remaining onboard please continue posting in this thread.

"Oh, carry on, all you minstrels of the world."

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