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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 Belly of the Beast, Episode 2, Season 1
Aialia Kensrowe
Posted: Nov 1 2011, 02:45 AM


Group: OC
Posts: 25
Member No.: 939
Joined: 21-March 09


Aialia flew towards their target as fast and hard as she dared. After all, she didn’t want to cause any permanent damage to the ship, but there were lives that could be lost if she took it too easy. She had been grateful for Boone’s help with clearing up the communications as she had only dealt with small interferences before. None of which were on the same scale as those Niflheim created. It was a trick she made a mental note to have him teach her for future use in case it would ever be needed again.

The pilot of the other ship, Mickey, seemed the decent sort, and certainly knew what she was doing. It hadn’t taken long of collaboration with her to figure out best suited plan of getting the Horizon docked and ready to transport the passengers on over. The time she spent talking with Mickey, Nate sat in the co-pilot’s chair listening patiently. Lia was pretty sure he didn’t understand all that they were talking about. Having had lived on a ranch nearly her whole life, it had taken her longer than she liked to admit to get used to pilot lingo. Some of it was incredibly technical while other bits, she always thought, would be simpler to say in smaller and fewer words.

Within only a few short hours that seemed to last forever; which made Lia eternally thankful for Clare’s thoughtful gift of food earlier, Sleipnir’s Daughter was looming closer into view next to Niflheim. Lia hoped they had room enough for everyone, and was pretty sure they did. Might be a cramped and uncomfortable fit, but it would work. When she wasn’t working with Mickey, Aialia remained silent and focused on her job, while Nate made plans with the Daughter’s captain. It all seemed solid enough and doable so she wasn’t that worried they would run into any trouble. So long as the passengers didn’t panic, it would all go smoothly.

"Ready when you are, Rescue,"

She heard the, now, familiar voice of Mickey coming from the comm system followed shortly by Nate’s comment to Ty. The fact that the entire situation could be a hoax, and therefore, a trap didn’t escape anyone. So, as she awaited the captains word, Lia began slowing down and maneuvering the Horizon to prepare it for docking with the other ship. But she did so in a way that if Titania decided she didn’t want to take the chance, they could then continue on their way without the danger of a collision. Soon, would be the moment of truth.
Clare Rilke
Posted: Nov 10 2011, 06:13 PM

Medic with a Cause

Group: Members
Posts: 29
Member No.: 1,135
Joined: 10-February 11

Cargo Bay

"I should be almost disappointed if this does not end badly."

Not for the first time, Clare gave Quarter Key a long, hooded study. The medic was not dressed for space walking, but once her gaze moved on, it was to the other members of the crew waiting in their suits. It was a calculating look, and one unburdened by the rights and wrongs of life and death. Simply counting. Weighing.

"Our luck, I'll be shocked it anything ever goes right."

The calculating look subsided once it landed on Gwil. Clare looped her stethoscope on itself a couple times and slipped it into a trouser pocket, then tucked a penlight behind the collar of her shirt. The other trouser pocket already bulged slightly with the several sets of gloves she had already stashed away, each pair carefully folded together. The rest of her supplies and tools were waiting in neat stacks and lines at the make-shift triage area to the side.

"Appreciate your levity. Right?"

"No harm in planning for both good and bad," Clare commented finally, her faint smile reinforced by a tone of light amusement. She looked away then as the sounds of the ship changed, reflecting the adjustments Aialia was effecting on the bridge. "Sounds like we're about to find out."

She looked at the group waiting to board the other ship. Their faces were still so new to her. Some had the look of soldiers. Others... not so much. She took a slow, bracing breath and gave them a quick nod. Wishing others good luck always felt silly. Instead, she smiled a little more warmly. "Tread softly." It was something that belonged in the foxholes amid the mud and soot, but it felt appropriate here as their waiting morphed into something keenly pending.
Nate Crawford
Posted: Dec 17 2011, 03:11 AM

Killer Queen

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 80
Member No.: 797
Joined: 27-October 08


He was happy enough leaving the final decision up to Titania, not having to take on the responsibility of leadership himself. While Nate knew a thing or two about tactics and strategy from his time in the military, his training had mainly focused on getting himself and a spotter in and out of enemy territory or supporting a fire team, not on guiding a whole squad or making the hard decisions that could mean life or death for many other people. So when the captain took the mic he handed her, he let out a quiet sigh of relief, turning back to look out at the advancing behemoth of the Daughter.

"Take us in slowly, Aia," Titania said to the pilot, her voice quiet but full of the kind of confidence that Nate so admired. Then he head to click of the mic as the captain activated it, re-opening the connection to the other ship. "Roger that, Daughter. We'll be docking in a few minutes. Rescue out." With that, Titania handed the mic back to Nate, gave a firm nod to Aialia and turned to leave the bridge without another word.

Holding the mic for a moment, Nate just sat there, still looking out the window as he tried to think of something to do. Patience was something you were supposed to learn as a sniper, but Nate had never really mastered the art, not to the point where the best snipers had. And right now, he was impatient, feeling like he ought to be doing something, anything. He replaced the mic in its cradle, useless now that Titania had signed off and glanced over at Lia, fingers drumming on the armrest of his seat for a moment.

On the other hand, he didn't want to leave Lia here alone, in case the Daughter's pilot or her captain made contact again or in case Murphy decided to make an appearance. So he stayed in his seat, telling himself that this was where he was needed right now, even if it meant sitting on his butt, doing nothing. Still, he got up and limped over to a locker at the back of the bridge, punched in the code and got out a pistol before going back to the co-pilot's seat. Just in case the go-se did hit the fan.

<< GM of Titania with the permission of Ertia >>
Aialia Kensrowe
Posted: Dec 18 2011, 03:12 AM


Group: OC
Posts: 25
Member No.: 939
Joined: 21-March 09

Aialia gave a short nod of her head in response to Titania’s decision. Good or bad, they were going in to rescue the passengers. She set her eyes on the goal and headed towards it slowly. Docking with another ship was always tricky. The slightest error in calculations could result in very bad happenings. As the Daugher came closer, Lia gave a silent thanks that the Horizon had an extender airlock equipped. Otherwise, her only option would have been to dock upside down as they had on their last job. She doubted that the passengers who would soon be boarding with them would appreciate the uncomfortable disorientation that kind of experience would be. Undoubtedly, there would have been a few messes that would need cleaning from unsettled stomachs.

Lia made a few last calculations in her head as she slowed her already crawling pace to come side by side with the Daughter and prepared the extended airlock. “Moment o’ truth.” Her brown eyes turned to Nate with a half-smile. He seemed either impatient or anxious and most likely both. She couldn’t really blame him. Turning back to her controls, she hit the mics for both ships. “Dockin’ in five…” Lia held down the control that extended the airlock and began the countdown. It was best to keep everyone prepared, and in a situation like this, countdowns were very useful to her. She heard Nate walk over to the lockers at the back of the bridge, but ignored it to keep her full attention on her task. “four… three… two… one…” As if beckoned by the last number, the airlock made home on its precise mark with a light bump. A second later, all lights were green. “All’s good here.” She announced the successful docking to both ships before turning off the mics.

With a sigh to expel the half breath of air she had been holding onto, Lia rolled her tightened shoulders and sat back in her chair. The next glance to Nate told her his trip to the lockers gained him a pistol. “Never hurts ta be careful.” She smiled. Aialia always kept her own pistols near her, even when she was flying the ship. A situation like the one they were currently in could result in many different outcomes and she was determined that she wouldn’t be caught unarmed in case things went wrong. “Let’s hope it don’t need ta be used.” She said as she put a reassuring hand on her gun strapped to the side of her chair for easier access.
Posted: Dec 20 2011, 01:07 PM


Group: NPC
Posts: 33
Member No.: 1,067
Joined: 16-March 10

Cargo Bay

At first thought, Boone had felt wearing a full pressure suit was unnecessary, cumbersome and frankly rather uninviting to the people they were here to rescue. But as he had pulled on the uncomfortable thing, it occurred to him that though the good folks of Sleipnir's Daughter had pressure and air now, that might not be the case throughout the entirety of the evacuation. And, of course, this armoured suit offered far better protection than any kind of body armour they had in storage as evident by Nate's unfortunate wounds.

With the helmet in one hand and a handheld spotlight in the other, he pounded down the stairs from the mezzanine where he'd been locking away Reno's toys in order to keep them away from the wrong hands. No telling what kind of trouble could be made with those explosives that had littered the workspace. Just as he reached the last step, Aialia's sweet voice announced the imminent docking with the colony ship and Boone spotted Titania coming down the stair from the bridge. Time, then.

“Dockin’ in five… four… three… two… one… All’s good here.”

The bump as Horizon met with the much larger ship was so soft that Boone hardly felt it at all and he sent a thought to the powers-that-be that they has such as spectacular pilot in Lia. Then he hopped off the last step and hurried over to the others by the airlock, double-checking the weapons that hung at his side first, then that the air tanks on his back were full and working. Coming up next to Gwil, he gave a knock on the kid's helmet, sending him an encouraging smile as he checked over the connections from air tanks to helmet. "Hey, quit worrying," he said, noticing the look on Gwil's face. "This here's a rescue operation, Gwil. So quit moping 'n get yer hero face on. I know you got one stashed away in there."

He winked at Gwil, then turned to Titania as she spoke up, standing all suited up like the rest of them, one hand on the airlock controls, ready to open for the flood of evacuees on the other side. "Not going to delay this any more than necessary, so all I'll say is this: You all know what to do and how to do it. Keep yourself and each other safe and watch out for trouble. You all know the plan, so let's make it happen quick and easy," she said and looked around once more, eyes fixing Boone with a dark glare. "And Boone... Put on your helmet." With that, she turned, punched the airlock control and waited for the doors to open.

<< OOC I: Titania GM'd with permission (hope I've done her justice?). >>

<< OOC II: At the moment, I'll leave it open for people whether the want to join the evacuation party or stay on board to shuffle people into place. Please note that the bridge, upper cargo bay/gunner's nest and engine room are off limits. Otherwise, let's cram people in everywhere else. >>
Posted: Dec 21 2011, 02:04 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 26
Member No.: 1,065
Joined: 12-March 10

"This here's a rescue operation, Gwil. So quit moping 'n get yer hero face on. I know you got one stashed away in there."

"Were rescuing people last time too, only that one didn't turn out so well, did it..." Gwil muttered darkly, trying to rub his head under the helmet where Boone had hit him. The gesture might have been meant in friendship, but it set his already frayed nerves one snap closer to coming apart at the seams and made his headache even worse.

Oh...god, they were all going to die. He just knew it. Or he was, which was pretty close to all of them, because who the hell would cook then.

Taking a spot at the back of the Bay, Gwil took up a position to stay behind and move people if he needed to. Safer--hopefully--and less shadows to jump at.

He was still pretty sure that Nate meant to kill him if he jumped again.
Clare Rilke
Posted: Feb 3 2012, 12:30 PM

Medic with a Cause

Group: Members
Posts: 29
Member No.: 1,135
Joined: 10-February 11

Shrouded in a calm that was mostly quite genuine (attitude is everything), Clare watched as the hero party prepared to welcome the people from the dying ship. A faint smile played across her lips as she watched Boone with Gwil, but her attention was soon captured by the ship's captain.

"Not going to delay this any more than necessary, so all I'll say is this: You all know what to do and how to do it. Keep yourself and each other safe and watch out for trouble. You all know the plan, so let's make it happen quick and easy. And Boone... Put on your helmet."

Sound advice all around. Clare straightened her stance, reminiscent of a soldier at attention, and turned to watch as Titania released their side of the airlock. She gave Gwil a quick nod as he moved toward the back of the bay, but her focus was on that airlock door.

Faint sounds filtered through all that metal, ceramic and plastic as the folks on the other side began opening their side of the airlock's portal. The tiniest thrill of adrenaline rushed through the medic as she watched that airlock open at long last, revealing the face of the Sleipnir's first mate.

"My name's Fox Mikkelsen. I'm the first mate of this ship. Captain will be along shortly, but I reckon we'd better get this evacuation started sooner rather than later, agreed?"

Clare most certainly did agree. Eagerly, she leaned to the side as if she could get a better view through the airlock. All she could see was Fox so far, though it seemed there were others just inside the other ship. She glanced at the suited and armed members of the Horizon, then looked over at Gwil and spoke in a quiet voice. "If there are injuries, I'll need to see to them. Until then, however, you and I should be able to direct traffic. Sound like a plan?"

<< Sleipnir's Daughter reference found here >>
Dominic Doyle
Posted: Feb 4 2012, 12:24 PM

Big Damn Hero

Group: OC
Posts: 134
Member No.: 158
Joined: 17-September 06

Dom's uses in the engine room proved to be little more than holding the odd flashlight and getting out of the way of Nik as she worked frantically all over the room. He had never realized how much work was done in the engine room for every little thing. Just flying in a straight line wasn't so simple even.

Eventually his only use was staying out of the way and being so thought he might be more useful elsewhere so he excused himself from Nik, ensuring her that if she needed anything to just give a shout on the comm. before he maneuvered to the cargo bay and watched as the rescue crew put the finishing touches on their prep before they set off. He leaned against the railing and watched in silence. He had a feeling there was a reason he'd been told to help Nik instead of suiting up himself. It was obvious he would just slow them down but if that was her reasoning for busying him in the engine room Dom was glad Titania had done so in a way not to point out he was a liability.

His hand slipped into his inner pocket, the familiarity of the silver flask no longer there to grasp and his hand came out again. Instead dipping into his exterior pocket and grabbing a small container. Popping the lid he tapped out a couple tiny white pills and swallowed them whole waiting for the relief they offered to wash over him. The grizzled vet remained stagnant against the rail not making any account of himself to them. At least he could play at being a tour guide once the passengers started flooding in.

"God I need a drink." He muttered to himself as the fast-acting numbness caused by the pills cleansed his body of the pain.

If only the physical.
Quarter Key
Posted: Mar 18 2012, 05:47 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 14
Member No.: 1,070
Joined: 19-March 10

"If there are injuries, I'll need to see to them," Clare whispered under the commotion. She could see it, the word, 'whispered.' Clare seemed fond of whispering, though Quarter Key supposed that maybe that was the only way to be heard over all the shouting that seemed to be a regular occurrence on the ship. Like now. Not in the usual way, with the bunching and the howling of orders that she continued to expect but had yet to receive, but in the quiet slanting slump of Fox's shoulders on the other end of the airlock connecting the Endless Horizon to Sleipnir's Daughter. Whispered at full volume, screaming with the cool, dry tones of a man who is needed, not the man who is. "Until then, however, you and I should be able to direct traffic. Sound like a plan?"

Quarter Key eyed her shipmates sidelong. Their suits reminded her of something she used to know, and they bunched and curled like the rapids in the river beside her...

She touched a finger to the airlock, unafraid, hissing little reassurances that went unheard in her dark comm-link and dug her fingers into the thick material behind the gap.

Fear was something she was long familiar with, and she did not hesitate when more voices came through the tenuous umbilical cord linking child and sky, bounced back and forth with the ones she'd expected and the one she listened to now, long moments after Fox Mikkelsen had finished speaking them. Good words, strong words, shape and face and form red and the long shadow of him darker than... another thing she used to know. Together they teased her, tugging her hands or blowing lightly in her ears as she stepped forward and into the gap made by her fellows, and into the Sleipnir's Daughter.

This post has been edited by Quarter Key on Mar 18 2012, 05:47 PM
Dumas Cruise
Posted: Mar 28 2012, 11:49 PM

Strong Silent Type

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 45
Member No.: 974
Joined: 22-June 09

Upper Cargo Bay

Dumas paused to brush sweat from his forehead with the back one gloved fist. His shirt was soaked through, and, even though he was in top physical form, he was panting with exertion. He'd managed to get most of what they had stashed in the bay against the walls, stacked compactly and nearly to the ceiling.

Ever since the moment that he'd seen the Sleipner's Daughter and realized how many souls must be onboard, he'd been fighting a sinking feeling of doom. They'd never rescue them all... there wasn't space, wasn't room.

So he'd started to make room, clearing every square millimeter they had to spare. He'd also started to make a list.

Titania and Nate would argue it, probably, but it had to be considered. How much of their supplies, and their haul from the last job, could be dumped to make room for living breathing bodies?

However much their mission, their fight, was worth, it wasn't worth the loss of individual lives. A broken grunt cut his lips as he shoved one more box into the netting and secured it. That was what made the difference between them and the Alliance. Alliance didn't give a rutt about the common man. So common men had to make the room to care about each other.

He stepped back and surveyed the open space with a judicious eye and then headed down to the main bay to do the same...

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