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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 The Mycroft Mistake, Season 1: Episode 6
Dr. April Chee
Posted: Jan 8 2012, 04:10 PM

Big Damn Hero

Group: Forum Moderators
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Joined: 26-July 06

"I must again apologize for my actions. Though I kept us alive in the debris field, I am sorry for forsaking the chain of command. It was particularly obnoxious of me to order you to press my suits and clean the latrines."

"But you were right." April sighed, barely forcing a wan smile to her face, "The latrine did need to be cleaned. Especially after Dillin..."

After Dillin projectile vomited all over it. Apparently, Christmas cookies and the Mycroft spores didn't mingle well in one's digestive tract. The security queen was still in her bunk with cold towels pressed over her face. "Anyway, I don't think anything any of us said or did over the past forty hours can be held against us. I'd like to work out how come the spores affected us all so differently."

She slid into a seat at the table and rested her chin on her fists, gazing half-longingly at the glass of liquer near Raine's hand, "I don't think I've been so confused since my first day of O-Chem class at University. Did Dillin really try to shoot Blodwyn with a stuffed penguin? Did ... did I imagine it? I've looked at the ships security caps, but even those don't seem to make much sense.Was Jasper really being seduced by Nail? "

"Good flying, though," April congratulated their pilot, "If it weren't for you we'd have been knocked apart, even if we did end up halfway to Ito Moon."
Kiri Fukuda
Posted: Jan 11 2012, 01:13 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 16
Member No.: 950
Joined: 20-April 09

Kiri sat at the table nursing a nice, hot cup of coffee. She still felt fuzzy in the head, but the images of happily playing children were not gone from her mind. Though it was nice to know that it had not really been real, a deep part of her still longed to go back. Children had never been a second thought to her before. She was always so very busy. But now that she had had those visions, she just couldn’t stop thinking about them. Odd, isn’t it? That spore-induced fantasies could awaken deeply locked desires?

"How's everyone feeling?"

“I’m okay.” She smiled at April after taking another sip from her cradled mug. “Just a little tired, really. I think sleep will take care of the fuzzy feeling that seems to be lingering.”

Kiri still wasn’t sure what had gone on with everyone else. They all seemed to have a variety of different reactions to the spores. As much as she hated to admit to it, she was real thankful that her own reaction wasn’t horribly over the top. At least, she didn’t think it was. And Kiri was even more thankful that she hadn’t tried to flirt with anyone, either. That would have just been absolutely embarrassing!

“Maybe the different reactions have to do with the individual’s way of thought, or how the brain processes information. I mean, people are made individual because they are able to think and take in information differently from each other. The spores obviously affected our minds, and when something messes with a person’s mind, there’s no guarantee how that person will take to it.”

Kiri shrugged her shoulders and took another sip of coffee. It seemed logical to her. But knowing that her mind still wasn’t very clear, she wasn’t going to dismiss that she might be wrong. It was just so hard to really think right now when all she could think about was her warm bed calling for her.
Jasper Russell Reeves
Posted: Jan 12 2012, 07:05 PM


Group: OC
Posts: 15
Member No.: 1,128
Joined: 29-December 10

A confused and weary Jasper made his way to the common area at Dr. Chee's request taking a seat as he gathered his thoughts. Already he was thinking of the possible psychological data that could be extracted from this experience. A whole volumes worth at the very least, though he was having a hard time looking Snail in the eyes after their... encounter on the bridge. The encounter of which Dr. Chee queried about shortly into the meeting. Avoiding the subject as he was avoiding Snail's eyes he cleared his throat and straightened his posture.

"If I may, I would like to be involved in the research to figure out exactly how the spores caused such reactions. As Miss Fukuda has pointed out if our personalities played a role in the response then I may be able to provide insight from a psychological perspective. It also may prove quite fruitful in my own research, I'm sure this is a unique occurrence to say the least and possibly ground breaking." He thought to stop there, silent for several moments before realizing he also had another duty aboard this ship besides his personal quest.

"Also if anyone should like to talk about their experience in a confidential setting I will make myself available at your request." He had half a mind to see a shrink himself but he would have plenty of time to mull over his own psychosis and wanted to see to any crew needs first and foremost.
Blodwyn Bardier
Posted: Mar 17 2012, 11:44 PM


Group: OC
Posts: 114
Member No.: 154
Joined: 14-September 06

"Doubt you'll find a whole lot of volunteers here," Blodwyn said from the door, and let out a heavy breath before coming in, cane clicking with every step. The rubbery tip skidded a little coming around the table and she grunted a little, pausing for a long moment before she braced it wide to lean against the gimp chair's cushions-- carefully. She was practically swimming in a borrowed dress in deference to the bandages that wrapped her ribs, and her face was pale with the effort of walking. It hurt. She couldn't feel it through all the phenol and endorphins and what all else, not properly, anyway, not as anything more than a deadened sort of shivery weight. Still. She'd strained things, she'd been told, or reopened something. She was a little vague, yet, but she'd been told. Had to be told, because she didn't remember much of it. What she did was fuzzy and dreamlike, fading in and out, like everything was coming from a distance filled with wind --faces and colors and flashes of melodies that shocked and surprised, texture that hid like ghosts and shadows, touches that faded as quickly as they gripped, fingers and bloody cloth and bone-- filling her mind before she frowned and shook her head.

None of that mattered now.

She looked down the table with eyes that looked tired, lids hooded down at a weary slope, but beyond that they were sharp as steel and green as the sea. "Where to rutting begin?" She pointed her eyes at April, then, heavy and dark. "We could run a panel, check everyone's IgE levels, but it wouldn't tell us much we don't already know, and... What am I talking about?" She muttered and leaned back, closing her eyes. "Probably cooked up a lab by some third rate dropout with a big, blank check and a bigger complex."
Dr. April Chee
Posted: Sep 8 2012, 01:26 PM

Big Damn Hero

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 197
Member No.: 107
Joined: 26-July 06

"If I may, I would like to be involved in the research to figure out exactly how the spores caused such reactions. As Miss Fukuda has pointed out if our personalities played a role in the response then I may be able to provide insight from a psychological perspective. It also may prove quite fruitful in my own research, I'm sure this is a unique occurrence to say the least and possibly ground breaking."

"Absolutely," April was solid-minded enough to respond, "I want everyone who can contribute in any way on this. If what we were exposed to could do this to us, imagine what could happen if it gets loose onboard an Alliance Fleet Ship, or a liner like the Bella Starr."

"Where to rutting begin? We could run a panel, check everyone's IgE levels, but it wouldn't tell us much we don't already know, and... What am I talking about? Probably cooked up a lab by some third rate dropout with a big, blank check and a bigger complex."

April shook her head, "Manmade? Possibly. But why? Terrrorism? Some Browncoat faction with a grudge? They don't have the kinds of budgets that could develop something like this. One of the Tongs? There's a number of them who would love to see a Core Planet fall hard enough that they could walk in and make it their own. And from what Black said, they could be behind Constance's pursuers..."

That meant that Sister Catherine's paranoid delusions could have had partial truth- That they were targeted specifically because of the escaped slave they carried. April's inward breath was cold. "I don't think we can rule anything out at this stage. Cheng and Drake have been analyzing everything they can get their hands on..."

There was a quick beep, followed by Susan Nail's voice over the intercom, "Doctor Chee? There's a priority one incoming wave for you."

Somehow, April's hand found the control panel, "Send it to the Commons Room, please."

The community cortex panel was already up and April flicked the switch. The static cleared swiftly into the stern face of The Director. "Ah, Good morning, sir."

The Director cleared his throat, glancing past April, "You may prefer to take this in private, April."

"My first name." She smiled grimly at the camera lense,"This must be serious. Whatever you have to say to me, Director, can be said in front of my crew."

There was a moment of silence, as though debating the wisdom of continuing, "Very well. I don't need to tell you that recent budget cuts have sliced deeply into the Research & Rescue program."

"Are we being decommissioned, sir?" Drake's voice, calm and reasoning, came over April's shoulder. The Director's surprised glance- obviously he'd forgotten the sabbatical-taking Commander was onboard April's ship- quickly reverted to calm.

"Not entirely." He took a deep breath, "Well, this will save Doctor Chee a briefing, at least. The Hippocrates II is to relocate immediately to the Rim-Moons, based on Jinye, where she will be permanently stationed henceforth."

"The Rim Moons." The cold in her own voice surprised April somehow.

"They have very little in the way of resources. You all still have jobs. I'm sorry, April. It was the best solution. This way, Med-Acad keeps the R&R program alive. Once Parliament understands how much the Allied Planets need us they'll have to reinstate our funding. When that happens, all the ships will be recommissioned."

All. April glanced to Drake, realizing that his sabbatical from The Nightingale had just become permanent. "And how likely is that to happen?"

The Directors silence and sudden refusal to look at her answered louder than syllables in air could have.

"Very well." She said as calmly as she dared, "We'll set a course for Jinye and report back on arrival."

He signed off and closed the connection, but April didn't shut down the screen. Instead, the unsteady stream of The Cortex began to flow over the panel, the bright and lurid colours of advertizing always aimed to the wrong audiences. She turned her back on it, arms crossed over her chest tight, almost too blind to take in the expressions of her crew.

Shut down.


Put out to pasture to vaccinate school-children, deliver babies, and stitch up after farming accidents.

A small gasp from one of the crew drew April's eyes back to the screen....
The Cortex
Posted: Sep 9 2012, 10:36 AM

Crew Member

Group: NPC
Posts: 90
Member No.: 69
Joined: 1-June 06


(Posted Image)

Incoming reports of yet another massive quake on Londinium. Scientists claim that this quake is centered away from yesterday's quake, meaning it is not an aftershock, but is it's own centered quake. As many as a thousand are already reported missing or dead in the wake of yesterdays quake.

As you can see from the images coming in from our mobile drones, entire buildings are crumbling into the streets.

In Pinicullis, we've been told Prime Minister Murdock has been moved to a secure location on the second continent, but Parliament House reports extensive damage, the number of dead and injured unknown.

The government is asking for aid in the form of search teams, food, clothing, shelter and airlifts to help move evacuees to secure zones.

(Posted Image)

Dr. April Chee
Posted: Sep 9 2012, 11:40 AM

Big Damn Hero

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 197
Member No.: 107
Joined: 26-July 06

Devastation was such a vast word. Personal devastation was being told that your ship, that you've worked your entire career for, is being grounded. That was personal. That was a crisis of human proportions.

On the screen, unfolding before April's eyes, was devastation on a global scale. An entire continent represented in crumbling concrete, twisted steel, and bare-foot, shock-eyed refugees wandering amongst the rubble, crying names that had lost the sound of love and were overriden in fear and loss.

Quiet gasps, whispers, a sound of disbelief. Somoene's tea-cup shattering followed by a jolted curse. The noises of the crew, sounds as stunned as April felt.

Slowly, she turned to face them, putting the news at her back, letting it push her next words before she could rethink them. "I've never disobeyed a direct order before. And I don't intend to now."

She let that sink in a moment, letting them all understand what she was about to suggest, "Walter? Please notify the governing body of Jinye that we are on our way." Her lips pursed a moment, an unhappy habit that brought to mind threats from her mother of facial paralysis, "And set a direct course for the Rim Moons. As direct as you can make it whilst putting Londinium between us and them."

Despite the sudden pounding of her heart and the tightness in her gut, Dr. April Chee took time to look them all in the eye, one by one, appreciating their talents, their skills, their determination. "Parliament doesn't think R&R is worth funding. I think it's time we show them what that funding can do."
The Hippocrates II
Posted: Sep 9 2012, 12:04 PM

Rescue Class

Group: NPC
Posts: 88
Member No.: 119
Joined: 4-August 06

Where there is darkness,

We will bring light.

Where there is Fear,

We will bring Solace.

Where there is Pain,

We will bring Surcease.

We are

Med-Acad Research & Rescue

and We're On Our Way.

Sister Catherine Grey
Posted: Sep 9 2012, 08:24 PM

Big Damn Hero

Group: OC
Posts: 108
Member No.: 118
Joined: 4-August 06

"Now, you'll have to go back." she said to the two orphans. "I can handle my things from here. You do know your way back to the front of the building where the van is, don't you? If you get lost, don't hesitate to ask someone."

"I wish you didn't have to go, Sister Catherine." said the little girl. She knew the boy felt the same, but it was harder for him to express, being a boy. He gripped the control box tighter, and the sled shifted and bumped against his shin. "Oww!" he exclaimed. "Ta ma duh . . . sorry sister."

"Oh, I'm sure the old sled has been called worse." she said. "But it's good you remember. I'll get someone to help me unload everything and you can take it back to the church."

She lifted the little girl off her perch and set her down on the ground.

"Emily, Richard, don't be sad. I'm not going away forever. I'll be back in time, and I'll come to visit sometimes too. Even a medical ship gets some leave time for family. I grew up in the church just like you, and I'm never going to leave for good. This is a good job, to help people and learn new things."

"But there's bad things in the black," said the boy, "like pirates . . . and Indep soldiers on faraway moons who don't know the war's over yet! I heard they found one who's been hiding out there for years, and still fighting . . ."

"That is so not true! That's silly! They could just send him a wave." said the girl.

"Is too true! And he wouldn't get it 'cause he's hiding!"

"You can't hide from waves! They go through walls!" said the girl, but he wasn't listening.

"And there's worse stuff, like . . ."

"Hello? Indep soldier? This is a wave for you . . . you can come home and stop fighting now, 'cause the war has been over for eleventy bazillion years, you big dum dum!"

"Like those of whom we do not speak."

Catherine leaned down, touching his shoulder reassuringly. "God will protect me in the black." she said. "And as means of protection, I am sure this ship has security people who can keep the bad ones at bay. Sometimes bad things happen, and people get hurt, but that is why it is so important to go out and help wherever you can. I will be all right. I'll send you waves, and I'll try to get back for a visit as soon as I can."

Catherine stared at the devastation on the screen in horror. Disaster and human suffering were bad enough in any setting, but this . . .

"I love you, Sister Catherine." he said, throwing his arms around her. She gathered the two of them to her.

A cold chill ran through her, a weight pressing in on her that was trying to force words out of her and crush them at the same time.

"And I love you as well." she said. "And if you'll just wait here a moment, I belive that is the captain of the ship over there with the others."

"Oh my God . . ."

"Parliament doesn't think R&R is worth funding. I think it's time we show them what that funding can do."

"Londinium . . ." she said, her voice distant in her own ears. She might have almost suspected she'd forgotten her medication had she not remembered clearly taking it. "That's where I was born . . . the orphanage where I grew up, where I went to school, made my commitment to the church . . . it's all . . . there."

She looked to Dr. Chee, the same face she had greeted when she had first seen the Hippocrates II on the Osiris Med-Acad docks.

"All the children . . . they're . . . oh my . . ."

Through pox and flood and primitive ape men and slavery on floating casinos, Sister Catherine Grey had always been able to find the words she needed.

"I love you, Sister Catherine."

But now, they were nowhere to be found.
Blodwyn Bardier
Posted: Sep 12 2012, 10:21 PM


Group: OC
Posts: 114
Member No.: 154
Joined: 14-September 06

Where Blodwyn's hand had come up to grip the bridge of her nose during the director's little "we're looking for other options" speech, now it drew across her eyes, because she didn't know what you were supposed to say to that, to do, but it was still too much to take, too much and too big and she couldn't look. A woman grown, a doctor, a doctor who'd witnessed babies born without brains and smallpox and drownings, watched a man be impaled right before her eyes, and she couldn't look at that feed without feeling the bottom of her stomach drop away.

Higgin's Moon had been bad enough, Ariel had been bad enough, but at least then, she'd been close, been present. Here, she was less than useless, and they wanted them to go to Jinye? To do what? Give birth control to hookers and press smiley bandaids on screaming toddlers while people were dying planets away? People that would otherwise be alive? Sod that. She didn't give some of her best years of her life to that fat hu choo-shang tza-jiao duh tzang-huo just for shits and giggles, and neither had she come here, come to this ship and these people, than for anything less than what she was promised. That what she did would matter. That she would matter.

And the thought that everything, all the good she'd done, all the surgeries and sacrifice and pain and real, actual happiness, the thought that all of that would be rendered less than meaningless, was enough to make her grit her teeth to keep back a sound even as it firmed her jaw. Blodwyn's hand dropped down to slam on the tabletop. "We'll make it so they never need reminding again," she promised, a bark that bared its teeth, itching to sink them into something, anything. There was no one to blame for events like this, but that didn't mean she'd sit helpless, either. Bardiers never sat when they could walk, never walked when they could run, and she didn't plan to stop now.


hu choo-shang tza-jiao duh tzang-huo: Animal-f*cking bastard
Dr. Cheng
Posted: Sep 17 2012, 11:49 PM


Group: OC
Posts: 62
Member No.: 282
Joined: 3-March 07

It doesn't look real. That was all he could think, jaw slack and thermos mug dangling forgotten, as he steadied himself with a hand against the doorway. Somehow, he felt disappointed. So much destroyed, and it doesn't even look- The corpses changed his mind; no Educational Recreation would have dared use that much gore.

"All the children . . . they're . . . oh my . . ."

Sister Catherine's horrified whisper raised the hackles on his neck and his mind froze, unable to grasp the depth of what she must be feeling.

At Doctor Bardier's decisive slap, he startled, nearly dropped his mug, barely caught it, whacked his hand on the door jam in the process.

The fastidious young doctor didn't seem to notice the dark coffee stain creeping across his uniform's pearly white Med-Acad sigil. Instead, he watched his slender fingers gently flex, forming and reforming a fist, reassuring himself that nothing was broken. Slowly, he realized that the Commander had spoken while the images had absorbed his mind. And there was something more, something the announcer had said...

"Second... quake? But, uh- but didn't- she- she said- yesterday?" Cheng swayed slackly, gesturing vaguely at the screen, eyes blankly panning the room, listening to his own voice incredulously tell him a truth beyond his comprehension: "But- but- The Director- When he told us to- He... knew?"
Jonathan Delaney
Posted: Nov 16 2012, 11:06 AM

Six Shoetin' Cook on the HII

Group: OC
Posts: 65
Member No.: 122
Joined: 4-August 06

Decommissioned. Images of devastation on the screen, a cry for help from Lodinium - and they were being decommissioned. Jonathan didn't notice when Alexis sat up with her own whisper of denial - he only noticed the absence of her presence. His safety net, gone.

"You all still have jobs." If, when they got to Jinye, because surely they would have to make good on the entire gorram trip until they were called back, what would it matter? The doctors would have jobs. Jobs they hated, it was true, but jobs all the same. What could he do? Settle into some stuffy office and start shuttling supplies in and out? See how long he could last in the middle of nowhere as a no name supplier for some whorehouse?

Or he could disappear again.

Cage doors snapping shut, jail bars sliding home, he was trapped. Sitting here, on the ship that had become home, he felt insanity coming to nibble at him, getting a taste and deciding if it wanted another, larger bite. There was a momentary panic in his eyes, the best con artist in the 'Verse suddenly feeling, knowing that he was still being chased. For past mis-deeds, for getting the best of them again and again, for escaping more times than one person deserved, he would pay.

"But- but- The Director- When he told us to- He... knew?" Dr. Cheng's stunned words, the shock in his voice, was the first thing to register as the supply officer wrenched his gaze from the screens. Suffocating. There were people in that rubble suffocating and he knew exactly how they felt.

"Government specialty - getting in the way." His tone was bitter, angry, as he pulled out his CorPad. Swallowing, trying to break a hard-learned habit, Jonathan opened up the meager supply list he had on him, making plans to access the ship's systems later. He had to see what they had, what they needed, and what they could get. If he focused enough on the challenge of his job, maybe he could keep from creating yet another alias. Maybe he could stop himself from running.

Scrolling through a list of suppliers, he tried not to think. If the news of their decommissioning was public knowledge, it wasn't likely anyone would deal with him. After all, they were headed for the ass-end of nowhere. What supplies did they really need? Swearing, Jonathan got to his feet. The hell with waiting. He needed the ship's information now.

He dashed to the work station, almost too grateful that this position meant his back was to the crew, and started thinking supplies. Better to let the numbers claim him, let the work carry him away to a place where sleep and hunger weren't as important. How long could he manage before the old habits re-surfaced again? Would he run this time?
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