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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 Beaumonde - Blue Velvet
Zenobia Tildara
Posted: May 8 2010, 05:44 PM

The Demon of Ezra

Group: Members
Posts: 951
Member No.: 82
Joined: 20-June 06

Zenobia remained silent as Christine told her about everything that happened at High Mass. Hightower's dead? Damn. We didn't always get along, but he was a good person, even if his mind was a little too focused on the wrong things. And nobody deserves to die like he did. I ever find out who did that him, they'll pay for it. And Womack ... he was an asshole, but I hope he's dead or hiding. If Niska has him ... I've heard about the kind of things Niska does to people who make him angry. Nobody deserves that.

"It's on. All the way."

"Good." Zenobia's face screwed up in a mask of hatred, and for the first time since Christine had entered the room the Demon of Ezra revealed her true face. "I wouldn't want it any other way. I want him dead. I want whoever pulled the trigger dead." Zenobia let out a snarl of rage and slammed her fist into the dressing room's wall. "I want Niska's entire organization dead. I want every other crime boss in the 'verse pissing themselves in terror at the thought that they might share his fate."

"I want..." Zenobia trailed off, and the rage on face was slowly replaced with agony, and the broken woman whispered. "I want my sister back."

Moments later Christine was at her side, wrapping Zenobia in a gentle hug and whispering soothing words into the her ears. Zenobia's outward appearance of strength shattered, and tears poured down her face as she sobbed brokenly in Christine's arms. The tears gradually slowed to a stop as Zenobia's grief played itself out, and for a time the two women remained together in relative silence as Zenobia slowly recovered her composure while Christine continued to hold her, gently stroking the other woman's back.

After a few silent minutes, Zenobia spoke once more. "Thanks." after taking a moment more to gather herself, Zenobia continued. "I'm coming with you." Zenobia reluctantly pulled back from Christine's arms and met the other woman's gaze with eyes that were now red-rimmed from crying. "I have to do this. Matlida ... she wasn't perfect but she was my sister. I can't just let her murder pass; I have to make the people who did it pay. But..."

Zenobia hesitated for a moment before she gathered the courage to confess. "I told you what I used to be like. On Ezra. When Matilda died I ... regressed." Another pause as Zenobia gathered herself. "I went to Gades for most of it; I brought Matilda's body there for burial, and then ..." Zenobia heaved out a sigh, and then took a deep breath before she continued. "I thought it might have been someone from Gades that killed her instead of Niska. No ... I hoped it was that, that it wouldn't be my fault. I guess it did some good, the crime rate went down, but..."

"I shot a kid." Zenobia blurted out the confession. "Not a little kid; she was sixteen, and she shot me first so it was self-defense, and she'd probably been helping out the rest of her slaver family, but still..." Zenobia trailed off, her eyes downcast as her mind shot back to that moment.

"That's why I called you." Zenobia added, returning her attention fully to Christine. "I'm scared. I should have figured it out sooner, when Mouse left, but ... I can't do this by myself. Not if I want to stay sane. I need you. I think you're the only one I can trust to keep me grounded; Anise has been doing everything she can, but it's not nearly enough. I think you're the only person I can depend on to keep me from slipping too much." Zenobia hesitated for a second, and then quietly added. "And ... if I do go over the edge, you're the only person I can trust to stop me."

Cory GMed with the player's permission.

This post has been edited by Zenobia Tildara on May 10 2010, 11:40 PM
Christine "Cory" Bell
Posted: May 10 2010, 07:21 PM

Trust Me

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 246
Member No.: 61
Joined: 21-May 06

Christine closed her eyes, feeling Zenobia close to her. She had wanted to tell her everything, everything she had told Womack before High Mass. She had even begun to speak . . .

"Z . . ."

Yeah, that would go over well. "You're the only person I can trust." "Thanks. By the way, Christine isn't my real name, I've never been a cop. I have an extensive list of crimes to my many names, most of which I've gotten away with. But you can still trust me."

I want to tell her, and I will . . . but not here. Not today. This isn't the time or place.

"We're going to be all right. At least for now."

She pulled out a small, folded note she had written, handing it to Zenobia.

"We shouldn't leave together." she said. "We're at the shuttle docks. This will tell you where to find us, and how to get in touch with the ship if you miss the flight for any reason."

She smiled, squeezing Zenobia's hand gently.

"Just get there and we're good . . . well, as good as it gets for us anyway."
Zenobia Tildara
Posted: May 10 2010, 10:12 PM

The Demon of Ezra

Group: Members
Posts: 951
Member No.: 82
Joined: 20-June 06

"Yeah. We'll be alright." Zenobia was not sure if she believed the words or not, but just saying it out loud made it seem slightly more real, made her a little more convinced that things would work out in the end. I can do this. Mouse was right, I should have gotten in touch with Christine ages ago.

"It's probably best if you go out first." Zenobia suggested. "I imagine you brought some backup; I'm not in disguise, so it would be a bad idea to risk a scene if any of them are people who would recognize me. Besides, I need to get my weapons and armor back on and hidden before I can leave anyway."

"Besides, even if we didn't need to keep things quiet, there are a couple things I need to get taken care of before getting back to your ship. I have personal effects to pick up, clothes, toiletries, heavy weapons, armor, explosives, the usual sort of things." A hint of humor entered the woman's eyes and she shared a smile with Christine. "I suppose the nobility thing does have it's advantages; when I need guns and armor I can buy high-quality stuff instead of scrounging." On the other hand, that was money that could have gone into the Kyra Scholarship or the Rebuilding Fund. I just hope I've stopped enough evil and done enough good to make up for it.

"I'll need to make arrangements to send Anise back to Gades too; I don't want her getting mixed up in this." Besides, I need her to cover my absence from Gades; I don't want Niska to see me coming. Good thing Anise has plenty of experience covering for me when I was out doing the Astarte thing. Sure, the double she found wouldn't fool anyone who really knew me, but nobody on Gades knows me all that well.

Zenobia leaned in and after a moment of hesitation pressed a gentle kiss against Christine's lips, relaxing when Christine pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. Zenobia had not been certain Christine would still accept her after her absence and the changes Matilda's death had wrought, but much to her relief it seemed like nothing had changed. "Be safe." Zenobia whispered once the kiss came to an end. "I'll see you soon."

Christine left, and Zenobia began the process of preparing for her own departure. It should be interesting to see the rest of the crew again. I kind of missed Shanti; a bit quiet, but also kind, and there was steel underneath her softness. Be nice to see Mancoon again as well, he was one of the better men out there.

Cory GMed with the player's permission.

This post has been edited by Zenobia Tildara on May 10 2010, 11:40 PM
Christine "Cory" Bell
Posted: May 12 2010, 07:39 PM

Trust Me

Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 246
Member No.: 61
Joined: 21-May 06

Christine slipped out of the dressing room and headed back to the cafe'. Actually trying on the dress she had gotten would have been a formality anyway; She knew the measurements she had given them were accurate, and the extra handwork helped to ensure they'd be double checked. They wouldn't want to waste the seamstress' time doing custom detail work on a garment that would be sent back for fit. The sewing centers were pretty accurate, and if she had to, she could handle minor alteration herself. Young Companion acolytes learned how to maintain their own wardrobes. One never knew when it would be needed.

"Everything's just great." she said to an employee as she passed, holding up the garment bag she was carrying. The statement was actually intended for Shanti, who was nearby when she said it. "Just like every time before."

Glancing back at Shanti invitingly one last time, she swung the garment bag over her shoulder and swept down the curving staircase to the exit.
Posted: May 12 2010, 08:06 PM

Kaleidoscopic Girl

Group: OC
Posts: 308
Member No.: 84
Joined: 23-June 06

At the very sight of Cory, Shanti felt a sudden release of tension that she hadn't realized she'd garnered. And at the 'okay' signal, it burst into a single swift sunbeam of hope.

She raised her cup to Cory's inviting gaze and swallowed down the last of it, letting the brew warm her from the inside out. Zenobia was here. Pasalewe was here. Their numbers were gaining in strength and skill.

Soon, perhaps too soon, (or not soon enough) they would be ready to make their move. In the back of her mind, her secret hope whispered. However hard she tried not to let it be known, tried to protect her heart from it's dangerous, oh so dangerous voice, it whispered like an ancient tribal talisman against the dark, Hold on, Karl... where-ever you are... bai tuo, hold on.

The Raven
Posted: May 14 2010, 07:12 PM


Group: Forum Moderators
Posts: 14
Member No.: 1,035
Joined: 30-November 09

As quietly as they had arrived, the members of the mysterious Raven's crew, and those they had come for, left the Blue Velvet, filtering back to the shuttle docks where their shuttle waited to take them back to the ship, hidden in a canyon, away from the normal travel paths between cities.

Ahead of them lay a quick and stealthy ascent into That Black, their mission, and their enemies.

Behind them, one such enemy, who, although unaware that his quarry had been just down the street as he carried out his plan, and The Raven's crew equally unaware of him, was setting in motion the events that would reopen the game.

Episode end continues here
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