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" If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you?"
The First Doctor

"You'll find there's so much else to think about. To remember. Our lives are different to anybody else's. That's the exciting thing, that nobody in the universe can do what we're doing."
The Second Doctor

"So be careful how you tell that story, will you? Don't glamourise it. Don't make war sound like an exciting and thrilling game."
The Third Doctor

"If the square on the hypotenuse equals the sum of the square on the other two sides, why is it a mouse when it spins? Never did know the answer to that one."
Th Fourth Doctor

" Of course, you and I both know that at the end of a millennium they'd still be tapping out gibberish."
The Fifth Doctor

" Oh, I thought you were my mirror image — Until I realised I wasn't the one holding a gun."
The Sixth Doctor

"Yes, that's right, you're going. You've been gone for ages. You're already gone. You're still here. You've just arrived. I haven't even met you yet. It all depends on who you are and how you look at it. Strange business, time.n."
The Seventh Doctor

"Grace, I came back to life before your eyes. I held back death. Look, I can't make your dream come true forever, but I can make it come true today!"
The Eighth Doctor

"You just want to drag the stars down and stick them underground, underneath tons of sand and dirt, and label them! You're about as far from the stars as you can get!... And you took her down with you."
The Ninth Doctor

"People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but, actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff."
The Tenth Doctor

" Amy Pond, there's something you better understand about me 'cause it's important and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a mad man with a box."
The Eleventh Doctor

"Kidneys! I've got new kidneys! I don't like the colour."
The Twelfth Doctor

"No. Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost."
The War Doctor

Year Seven and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!


 Kendrick Rayner
Posted: Jun 6 2009, 11:41 PM

Crew Member

Group: Members
Posts: 54
Member No.: 961
Joined: 6-June 09

Your ‘Real’ Name (or preferred 'out of character' Handle): DemonTank

How Often You Can Post: at least once daily

Tell Us About Your Roleplay Past/Abilities: 4 years on and off on multiple sites. D&D for two, three years, a star wars campaign, and a year or two of world of warcraft… if that counts. (It was on a specific roll-playing server)
How Familiar Are You With The Firefly 'Verse?: Seen Serenity more than once, but not every single episode of Firefly. I need my girlfriend to part with them first.

How Did You Hear About The BDV Site?: Zira

In your mind, you can picture your Original let us 'see' them.

If you could 'cast' the role of your OC, who would play the part:
NOTE: Please check the OC Casting List pinned in the RP Applications Forum, your casting choice may already have been taken. Hugh Jackman

What BDV ship/location do want to be assigned to: I rather like Ranjit, but anywhere that’ll have me. Preferably a ship or space station

Character Name: Kendrick Rayner, Kendrick

Character Occupation:
He's mainly a gunhand, a fairly good shot if someone were to ask him. But he also knows enough about mechanics to keep something running if he absolutely has to. His gun skills are far better than his machine skills, however

Gender: male

Age (the character, not the actor/actress): 26

Detailed Physical Description (2 PARAGRAPHS):
His eyes are a dull blue gray. He stands 6 feet tall. His hair is cropped at a medium height. Its color is that of a deep brown with sun bleached highlights. His hands are gruff with wear and tear. His arms are that of tightly corded muscle and what you can see through his pants are that of weather worn skin on more muscle. He wears his facial hair scraggily but neatly kept when heading into town.
He tends to wear an army stile jacket with the sleeves cut off and a bland but tight black shirt. He wears beat up jeans more often than not unless something requires him to do otherwise. Most of the time he covers his eyes with shades. He prefers to keep his hair under a hat. He also prefers to wear mechanics gloves with the fingers cut out.

Detailed Personality (2 PARAGRAPHS):
He tends to get rushed and will run without knowing it. He is polite and generally friendly. He is overtly gallant towards women and is on constant alert for danger. He listens to his gut instincts. He also tends to think in the formal sense unless he knows you very well. He favors tinkering with things and loves a good conversation. He is not afraid of a fight but tends to think things over before he puts himself in a nasty situation. When he does do that he pushes full steam to the goal. However when it comes to the goals he becomes stubborn and will not let much stand in his way to accomplish those goals.

Even though he takes a position as a keeper of the law, he's not always fond of it, though he does follow it as much as he can. However,when something happens, and the only way to get the problem fixed is to break a law, he doesn't hesitate. Issues with guilt, they sometimes get to him if he thinks about them too much. Though it's rare, he can sometimes get so down that he will need someone or something to concentrate on to pull him out of the depression

Detailed History(2 OR MORE PARAGRAPHS):
Born on Hera, Kendrick's parents were both staunch supporters of the Alliance. As such, he was constantly hearing about how grand they were through most of his childhood. Needless to say, he grew tired of it and his teenage rebellion years were a bit more rebellious than others his age, seeing as how at age 18, he ran from home and joined up with the Browncoats during the last years of the war.

Spending a year with them and seeing the other sides of both the 'coats and the Alliance, he thought that he had chosen right. Then, on a mission, his unit came across a young and wounded soldier wearing a very distinctive purple uniform. While the rest of his unit wanted to shoot him so that the Independent base wouldn't be discovered, Kendrick tried to reason with them, attempting to save the boy's life. He was overruled though, they boy was killed and the unit returned to base. A lot of the guilt he feels comes from this event.

This one event was enough to disillusion him about who the Browncoats really were, and he quickly began to plan on how he could get out. It didn't take long before he found a way to break free and find the nearest Alliance outpost, declaring his defection. Untrusting, they sent him back to his home planet to be interviewed and to see what he knew, and if he was telling the truth.

When it became clear that he was, and had provided locations of several bases and other important information, the Alliance allowed him to return home and declared him a minor war hero for supplying information.

Within a few months, he grew bored of life at home, and returned to fighting, this time on the side of the Alliance. He stayed off the main fields of battle as much as possible, not wanting to chance seeing any of those he had once considered friends, nor looking at their faces as he perhaps killed them. There was still something in him that cared about his now enemies.

When the war ended, he stayed in with the Alliance, making his family proud. He doesn't boast about his name as hero, nor does he advertise that he is, as he knows that there are many out there that would shoot him on sight still, for his defection.

Strengths (1 paragraph):
Kendrick is caring for just about everyone. He is always seeking to do the right thing. He is a crack shot when given a gun. His mechanical skills are sub par but they get things done when it comes to a pinch. He works best when modifying weapons to suite the user. He can also cobble together a computer if he really needs to.

Weaknesses (1 paragraph):
Kendrick does what he thinks is right, regardless of what other people think. It sometimes gets him into trouble though. He has bouts of depression and can be hot headed at the worst time. When it comes down to it he never talks about his past unless he has a few drinks. His depressing and even his hot headedness become much worse when he's drunk.

Sample Post: (3 paragraphs minimum/Third Person Past Tense): Please use the Big Damn Verse Styling Guide to format your post.
Kendrick rocked in his boots as he stood there staring into space. Every time he thought about his past this is what ended up happening. His eyes grew colder still as he stared. He thought, “What am I doing here again. I am just happy that I don’t have to deal with this hero junk anymore. One of these days I am going to leave the alliance get my own boat and sail as far as the eye can see. ” As he stood there Jack came in to the observation deck interrupting Kendrick’s musings.

“Hey Kendrick snap out of it man. This is the fourth time this week! Come on its dinner time.”

“Huh. Oh sorry Jack I’ll be down in a minute or two. It’s dinner time eh.” Jack left without another word ignoring Kendricks response. Kendrick ran through his mental checklist and looked around the room. He picked up his rifle and started out. Back on duty and no one truly knew what he was thinking. Slowly ,as he walked, the glint that was in his eyes from looking at the black, vanished.
Posted: Jun 6 2009, 11:59 PM

Board Bitch

Group: BDV Admin
Posts: 2,735
Member No.: 73
Joined: 9-June 06

Lt. Pratt says you're hired.
We just need to get you another Admin approval and you'll be good to go!
Posted: Jun 7 2009, 12:11 AM

Crew Member

Group: Members
Posts: 54
Member No.: 961
Joined: 6-June 09

Thanks E. I can't wait to see how things go.
Posted: Jun 7 2009, 08:15 AM

Crew Member

Group: Members
Posts: 54
Member No.: 961
Joined: 6-June 09

Bumbity bump bump... morning everyone
Synthia Lyndon Heller
Posted: Jun 7 2009, 08:25 AM

Big Damn Hero

Group: BDV Admin
Posts: 681
Member No.: 32
Joined: 7-May 06

Looks good here :)
Jeth Fiction
Posted: Jun 7 2009, 10:18 AM

Royale with cheese.

Group: BDV Admin
Posts: 240
Member No.: 493
Joined: 16-December 07

If the Ranjit can't take him right away, he's welcome to stay at Route 66 in the interim. Although the last time we had an Alliance officer wandering around there things almost got ugly...
Posted: Jun 7 2009, 10:38 AM

Crew Member

Group: Members
Posts: 54
Member No.: 961
Joined: 6-June 09

Trust me I'd wear my purple discreatly if i was on 66. I am no dummy and my character is border line alliance some days he wishes eh was a civy.....
Posted: Jun 7 2009, 01:50 PM

Board Bitch

Group: BDV Admin
Posts: 2,735
Member No.: 73
Joined: 9-June 06

Actually- I've got an idea to get you involved in R66 easy and fast! PM on its way!

Feel free to hop on over to Route 66, Kendrick, and we'll pick you up as soon as we figure out who killed the Med-Acad doctor! :)

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