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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 Nichalchi: Devils Own Part 2, Continued from Part 1
Unity Life
Posted: Aug 10 2009, 09:45 PM

Unity Life Corporation

Group: NPC
Posts: 7
Member No.: 704
Joined: 18-July 08

Every life lived comes burdened with a singular realization. For some it comes young and tender, transmitted in the dying light from a parent's eye. For others, it only comes in the moment when they feel their own life slip away from their control. In some lives, it is through lovers, brothers, family and friend that one may realize that what is so vibrant, so vital, so alive one moment, can be stripped away, and leave in it's place a hole that may never be filled.

Nihalchi brought that moment, that stark breath in which one breathed life only to find it stripped away, to many. From the dark walled secrets of wartime tests and tortures, to the modern day compounds where wills were pitted against the barest essentials of survival, Nihalchi kept it's cursed secrets and shared only its moment, its realization, with all who came.

In the same moment it threw that realization to Carter Goodspeed and Zira Griffon, it also gave it to another...

Inside the Control Dome, a dark haired woman, lean and hard, her battle-hardened frame not so different from Zira Griffon's, stripped off her helmet and stared down at the impossible. Yes, impossible to Feya Silvana, that the man at her feet, the man she had followed, honored, called commander and father was dead. Her world and every promise left unkept collapsed upon her as she looked upon his bloodied ravaged body.

To Nihalchi it was only one more moment, one more realization among thousands. To Feya, it was the ending of a dream.

Feya raised her radio to her lips, clicking the channel clear. "Borrows? Call off." The sound of her audible swallow choked across the line, "Dolenz is dead."

"I repeat, Dolenz is dead. Call off."

The news rippled through the Compound and to those outside of it, over hand-coms at first, and then by voice. Weapons lowered. Some fell to the ground and wept. Others simply stood, stunned, amid the chaos they had wrought in the name of a dead man.

With one singular exception, two soldiers of specific fortune still locked together in combat, the chaos began to slow.

Orange light broke over the horizon, gleaming rays streaming over the mud-torn compound, warring with the orange glare of the burning forest, whispering through the smoke. As though waking from a dream, Nihalchi's children, those shattered creatures who had come seeking a new life and discovered within themselves the heart of the primitive, gathered staggered together, faces lifted to the long promised coming of dawn.
Posted: Aug 10 2009, 10:09 PM

Corsair Class Transport

Group: NPC
Posts: 130
Member No.: 121
Joined: 4-August 06


Zira, Carter, Brun and Bit and whoever else on Kasern's crew who might be running around out here have returned to Kasern. Please continue any posting there.

In the case of Operatives v Diggory and Roman, court is still in session. Please let E. know what you need to wrap up.

Posted: Aug 13 2009, 11:11 AM


Group: NPC
Posts: 5
Member No.: 873
Joined: 5-December 08

The Operative Ship

"Honest, Officer...I just don't know what the problem could be!"

Warnings blared across the ship a second before the emergency thrusters fired, seeking to avoid a collision that didn’t exist.

Cain found himself thrown to the decking and unable to orient himself as his boat rocked in the Nihalchi atmosphere. However, while the average reaction might be shock, or perhaps anger, the Operative remained eerily calm and sought only to correct the situation and continue his mission.

Peripherally he was aware of Salome’s Med-Stats spiking on a nearby vid-screen. From his cursory examination, he could tell that she was in trouble…dire trouble by the look of it.

He needed to land, regardless of the obvious attack the ship was currently experiencing.

Switching everything to manual, Cain partially crashed the ship in order to bring it down quickly, but before he departed, he whispered into his headset…the channel still tuned to the Onion’s frequency,
”Remember this day…for it marks the last time you awoke without the knowledge that I am hunting you.”

Not waiting for an answer, The Operative shut down the ship’s computer core and ran through the night toward the nearby Unity Living Compound.
Octavius C. Roman
Posted: Aug 13 2009, 03:30 PM

A real nice guy.

Group: Members
Posts: 110
Member No.: 304
Joined: 18-April 07

Octavius and Salome's Play Date

Octavius walked over to his fallen opponent, placing both feet on her wrists and squatted over her. He waited for her to shake off the stunned feeling from having her chin meet his fist and from hitting the ground hard. Once he started to see her eyelids flutter and her head move, he increased the weight on her wrists.

"You know, out of all the people who've tried to kill me in the past. You've certainly lasted the longest. I admire that." he said to the armored woman, while he removed the swords from her hands. "It's really a shame I have to kill you though. I've always wanted a worthy adversary."

His fist curled up and landed a hard blow to the Operative's face. Making sure she was out like a light, he dragged her over to the Women's Novice Barracks. Inside he found something to tie her to. It was a wooden sleeping pallet with some thread bare sheets on them. Taking the sheets off, Octavius placed the woman onto the pallet and using a pair of handcuffs from a dead mercenary, he cuffed one of her wrists to a part of the pallet. Ripping the sheet into wide strips with his hands, Octavius used two of the strips to restrain her legs.

Stepping outside, he went over to the nearest vacant vehicle, the first one he had spotted earlier when he was atop the roof of the building he had just exited. Octavius rummaged inside and found a five gallon fuel can along with some emergency flares. Grabbing two of the flares and the fuel can, Octavius headed back to the barracks he had his new friend tied up in.

Back inside, Octavius started to pour the fuel from the fuel can around the inside perimeter of the building, around the sleeping pallet the woman was tied to, and made a line that lead outside the door. He placed the fuel can in the middle of the room and walked over to the woman, placing the knife he had on him slightly out of reach of her free hand. Walking over to the door frame, Octavius waited for her to wake up.

"Thought you'd wake up sometime soon, sleepy head." Octavius replied. "You're just in time to see me slip out of your grasp."

While Octavius took out a flare and struck it, he explained to her, "I just doused this room with enough fuel to make for a very big bonfire." He dropped the lit flare next to the trail of fuel that lead from the doorway and into the room. As the fire started to spread, he turned his back towards the woman warrior and continued, "There's a knife near your free hand slightly out of reach. I give you three minutes to know what to do with it before this buildin' is engulfed in flames." He grinned and added, "Make that two minutes."

Octavius then walked out of the building, feeling the heat from the flames kiss his backside. Once he was a few feet from the building, he ran for cover. If she made it out, he'd hunt her and do battle again. If she didn't make it out, he supposed he wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

Taking out the hand held comm he took from the Onion, he opened a channel to Kit and said, "I think I'm done with my play date now, can we get a move on?"

<< OOC: This post has been approved by the Grims. >>
Posted: Aug 14 2009, 09:47 AM


Group: NPC
Posts: 5
Member No.: 873
Joined: 5-December 08

”Octavius Roman!,” Cain’s edged voice cut through the blackness of death and darkness, ”For the crimes of murder and mayhem and with the authority of the Allied Parliament, I hereby bind you by law! Your road ends here, monster!”

From the windswept shadows, the Operative emerged; his jet black 9mm trained on Roman’s head.

So often viewed in the bluish-green tint of his holo-display, the form of the criminal seemed less real than his photon facsimile…like a fact distorted by the veil of dream. Cain wasn't comfortable with direct confrontation, which compounded his unease. His was a life lived for the hunt, and his prey, more often than not, found themselves snared by one of his many traps. Seldom did he ever regard his target in the wild so to speak. It was...unnerving.

With predatory eyes unique even among his clan, Cain spotted Salome’s discarded swords…and the glow of fire growing from within one of the nearby structures. Tactics and religion, theology and the hunt…the essence of Cain; within milliseconds he had divined what had occurred.

”Does she live?”, he asked the murderer before him.

It was a simple question…but Roman’s answer, regardless of what it was, would present a rather complex dilemma to the hunter.
Octavius C. Roman
Posted: Aug 15 2009, 09:53 PM

A real nice guy.

Group: Members
Posts: 110
Member No.: 304
Joined: 18-April 07

”Octavius Roman!,” ”For the crimes of murder and mayhem and with the authority of the Allied Parliament, I hereby bind you by law! Your road ends here, monster!”

"I'm goin' to have to call you back later, Kit." replied Octavius into the hand held comm. "Looks like I've got myself a new friend to play with."

Octavius clicked off the comm and slid it into his pants pocket. He cocked his head to the side a little ways and listened to the approaching footsteps over the sounds of the crackling fire coming from the building he had just left. He stood there listening for a moment, before calmly turning around and coming face-to-face with his new buddy and the barrel end of said buddy's handgun. Octavius raised an eyebrow as his eyes studied the gun, the hand holding it, the arm that was attached to the hand, and traveling down that arm until his eyes locked with those of the other Operative.

Octavius could sense the man was out of his element. He could smell it coming off the man before he saw him. This new player in the game looked more like the type to get things done from behind the safety of a keyboard and viewscreen, rather than go out and get his hands dirty. But despite that, Octavius could tell this man was just as much a threat as the woman.

”Does she live?”

"Depends." Octavius calmly stated. "I haven't heard any screams yet. Either she's dead from the smoke inhalation, the fire, or she's just not much of a screamer when cuttin' off her own hand to free herself. Either way, you've got about thirty seconds to find out."

While his body language denied it, Octavius was every bit ready to strike this man down and kill him before his finger even squeezed the trigger.
Octavius C. Roman
Posted: Sep 17 2009, 08:46 PM

A real nice guy.

Group: Members
Posts: 110
Member No.: 304
Joined: 18-April 07

<< OOC: Cain's actions and the fate of both him and Salome provided by Grims via PM. Sammy's words and actions provided by the E. >>

Octavius and Cain's Standoff

Octavius watched as the Operative lowered his gun and ran into the burning building without saying a word. Thirty seconds later there was an explosion resulting from the fire reaching the fuel can in the middle of the room. Shortly afterwards the building collapsed into a burning heap. Octavius looked at it burn for a bit, the flames reflecting in his eyes, before he turned and casually walked away.

Pulling the comm out of his pocket, Octavius turned it back on, and said into it, "Kit, I'm ready to get off this rock if you are. I took care of our friends so we don't have to worry about them anymore."

"COPY THAT!" Sam's voice came through too loud and too clear. She was still creeped as hell, Cain's threat edging at the back of her brain like a scalpel, slowly shaving away any sense of security she may have been starting to obtain. The Minnow barrel rolled in her hands and swooped low over the compound, breaking through the smoke from the fire and into the orange light of dawn, "Who in purple-skins was that? He said the was Alliance, but didn't sound like cops! And whatever they're flying wasn't reg-standard!"

"I'll tell you later once we're out of atmo and far away from here, but they definitely weren't cops." Octavius replied into the comm, watching as the Onion came into view and started to lower.

Dropping as low as she dared, she dropped the thrusters downwards, the blast hovering the little ship four feet off the ground, trying hard not to look at the carnage that was spread over the compound. With a punch, the cargo bay doors slid open and the ramp extended, "This party's over, partner. Let's hit the sky!"

"Sounds like a plan." Octavius said, plopping himself down in the seat adjacent to Kit. Reclining back in the seat, Octavius put his hands behind his head and his feet up on the console. He looked up at the ceiling and let out a sigh of relief just as the Onion started to move.

She cast a longing look towards the grey bulk of the Corsair Class ship Kasern and wondered if she'd ever encounter it's crew again. Whoever their hacker was, she owed her a major debt. With a half-smile, she logged the ship-id and imprinted their pulse-beacon to the Minnow's database. If she ever found them again, she'd pay them back.
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