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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!

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 Gulliver's Travels: Part 1, Diggory/Roman/Gulliver Adventure
Octavius C. Roman
Posted: Sep 27 2008, 09:33 PM

A real nice guy.

Group: Members
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Aboard the Glass Onion

"I'll take a look at 'em when we get to Bellerophon."

"You do that, Kit." replied Octavius, not paying much attention to her as he caught the look that Sonya was giving him. His eyes looked into hers' before they scanned down her body very slowly, a half smile forming and an eyebrow raising, as his eyes returned to hers'.

"I'll get us going... "

"I bet you will." thought Octavius, his eyes watching the rhythmic movements of Sonya's backside as she headed for the Bridge.

"Just get us under way while I grab a quick nap and then I can take over... You guys... "

The Kitten looked sleepy, very sleepy indeed. With her about to hit the hay and Sonya's attention fixed on the controls, Octavius would have the perfect opportunity to dispose of Jabbrar's body before it started to stink or the ladies found it. Octavius watched the Kitten with arms crossed as he waited to hear what she had to say.

"You guys were awesome out there today. But now ... now we've got what we need to get this thing done." "Just sayin, thanks. That's all. Thanks."

"No problem, Kit." replied Octavius with a smile. "Have good sleep."

He watched her leave then waited for the sounds of the thrusters to ignite before initiating his little "clean-up" plan. Once he heard the roar, he quickly walked over to where he hid Jabbrar's corpse. Uncovering it, he grabbed it by the ankles and dragged it over to the Onion's garbage cubicle. He opened the hatch to it, looked down, and then pondered. It was just big enough to fit Jabbrar in if he did some very creative bone snapping. He could always don a pressure suit and dump the body out of the airlock, but that would eat up too much time.

"Fine." he muttered, as he started the process to make Jabbrar more compact, gritting his teeth at each snap of bone.

Once that was finished, he took the new, more compact Jabbrar and dumped him into the receptacle. By the time he had done that, he could hear the thrusters die down and feel the shuttle slip through Paquin's gravitational grasp. They had just left atmo and Octavius didn't have much time left to act. Closing the garbage cubicle's hatch, he touched the small touchscreen on the left and was greeted with a message.



Octavius pressed 'VENT' and was greeted with another message.


"No." Octavius said as he touched the 'NO' on the screen.


"YES!" shouted Octavius, stabbing the 'YES' on the screen with enough force to distort it.

After he had pressed yes another message appeared.


"Oh come the rutt ON!" pleaded Octavius as he watched the bar graph reach 100%. As the exterior hatch on the underside of the cubicle opened into the vacuum of space, there was a small "thunk" and yet another message displayed on the screen.


Octavius breathed a sigh of relief at that point. Had the screen asked him one more thing, he would've gone ape go-se on it and either smashed it with his bare hands, or ripped it out of its mounting brackets and stomped it to death. Since he had done neither and Jabbrar's body was taken care of, that meant he could relax and unwind.
Sonya Gulliver
Posted: Sep 28 2008, 01:49 PM

Big Damn Hero

Group: OC
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Sonya got them on course. She looked around for Sammy to lock it in, the whole trust thing. But she was already sacked out on the pull down cot.

There was an Alliance station not far off the intended course, she could have ... but she didn't, consider it that is. She was in with them, if she didn't have Ian... she'd be in all the way. This was all the dangerous waters she'd always had trouble with before, but more so. This wasn't just playing.

After locking in the course, she stopped at the vanity, brushed through her hair and popped a Blue Bunny birth control pill. She smiled at herself in the mirror, she'd been thinking about this... even before the theatre.


Sonya shut the door to the small cargo deck quiet, so as not to waken sleeping Sammy.
With a fresh blanket over her shoulder she walked across the metal deck. She made sure Octavius knew she was coming with a bit of a heavier than usual step, surprising him from behind didn't have a very healthy feel to it.

He cocked his head little, surely on purpose, to let her know he knew she was moving closer. Instead she moved across the small bay and dropped the matress they'd rotated sleeping on from it's leaning position, then dropped the blanket on it.

Roman had just finished with the Garbage and Sonya had what was vented well blocked out of her mind as her hands felt along the back of his shoulders. She leaned in against him, her lips just brushing the back of his neck. "Only sixteen hours until we have to drop out of pulse drive. How much sleep do you need?"

It was her best, truly sincere sultry voice. She didn't need any, days of continous cross country endurance races. Endurance. The althete and the altered super soldier; she smiled as she pulled his shirt off him. That was it then, she figured; the challenge?

Rut no, she just wanted him.

(Posted Image)

He let her take charge, taking her time moving across the small deck. Stopping at a crate where the last of their clothes went in all directions. She was used to strong, amazingly strong lovers. Most were surprised at her, but not him. Sonya knew then, after what Soap had said, this man was something out of the sci-fi departments.

On the mattress he still lets her lead, she doesn't hurry. Sonya holds nothing back, leaves herself completely open; she's rough and hard, then slow and groaning. As Roman then finds himself under her, tightening and clutching... Sonya believes he actually lets it down, his guard.

He seemed open then, she hadn't noticed while she was losing herself, but as she lowered herself to lay across his heaving chest; Sonya was sure it wasn't just a souped up soldier, it was a lover, a man that had just let himself be just that.

Sonya raised her head, letting her hair drape around Octavius's face. "I don't think a wow is going to quite be able to.. " his hands were moving along her body. "no... definately .. not."

She tried to roll them over, but he had none of it now. Octavius Roman was taking charge. He rolled them over, had her pinned; if you can call it pinned with her arms and legs entwined around him. He had a look of mischievous evil, a leg was hooked by his arm, the looked moved to a smile.

"oh... " Sonya muttered.

"Oh Yes."

(Posted Image)

.. with Roman permission, though not the specifics....
The Glass Onion
Posted: Sep 28 2008, 10:15 PM


Group: NPC
Posts: 9
Member No.: 651
Joined: 26-May 08


The Glass Onion flew through the field of stars on its course to Bellerophon leaving Paquin in its wake. Normally there were four passengers inside her, but now there was three. One slept on one of the Onion's pull down cots, tired from her day's activities, while the other two expressed their lust for one another inside her cargo bay. None of this concerned the Onion as she wasn't a sentient being, but just a bunch of circuits, wires, conduits, electronics, life support and nav systems, as well as a pulse engine, all wrapped in metal and ceramic composite. If she had any concerns they were solely on getting her crew to their destination safe and sound. She sailed on through the Black nonetheless, as her interior was filled with twitters, beeps, and the sounds of human sleep as well as those of two humans putting on a grand finale to their lustfest.

<< OOC: This concludes Part 1 of Gulliver's Travels. Please join us for Part 2 coming to a Bellerophon near you. >>
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