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Welcome to Year Eight

"Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' fore she keens. Makes her a home."

Year Eight and Still Flyin'! Thank You, Everyone!


 The Shangren - Images, Specs, Layout
Posted: Mar 16 2008, 08:24 PM

Father of Jayne and Harper

Group: Founding Fathers
Posts: 713
Member No.: 2
Joined: 2-May 06

(Posted Image)

The Shangren is divided into three decks, all accessible via old-fashioned ladders and stairs:

1. Flight Deck/Bridge: Where the actual flying thing is done, the sworn duty of the Pilot. El can often be seen hovering around here when she's nervous, one of her emotional tells.

2. Operations: While it might be more economic to split gunnery and piloting into one, El doesn't wish for those particular occupations to mix, and thus the purpose of Operations. The gunner's domain, this station is usually under strict supervision by El when in use; she doesn't want to hit the wrong people, let alone waste ammo. This station also serves as a weapons locker.

3. Central Hall: Pathway through the ship, leading through and providing access to all decks.

4. Bathroom: Proferring some acknowledgement of privacy, El removed the two-man bunk bathrooms, installing two bathrooms in former weapons lockers.

5. Captain's Quarters: While El's by right, this room has hardly even been entered in over a decade. The former residence of Captain Thom Donner, El feels it is still his, and refuses to stay there. Anyone else wants it, they can take it, as long as they don't take or touch anything inside.

6. Medical: While small, the medical bay is well-stocked in spite of lacking a proper doctor. A boat like the Shangren can't afford to work without a healthcare plan.

7a: Munitions: Home of the missiles, these rooms are kept locked in all cases other than combat, in case a loading emergency occurs. Fully automated otherwise, maintaining Munitions is the responsibility of the gunner.

7b: Crew Quarters: While not in use on account of the Shangren being crewed by two, the quarters have been fitted to hold two crewmembers, on account of the Shangren's small living space.

8. Ventral Cargo Bay: Where about half of cargo is stored, along with Blue the Killer Hoverbike. Opens through sliding doors, occasionally used as bomb bay.

9. Galley: Kitchen, conference chambers, and dining room, the Galley's stock is unlike most ship's: real meat, real fruit, and almost no protein bars. With lots of money and when she's serving for two, authentic food is the usual on the menu.

10. Aft Cargo Bay: The main cargo bay. Opens from the Shangren's back end, allowing for a shoot-and-run tactic if necessary.

11. Engine Room: Where the gears turn, if a bit gummily. Lackluster, manned by El, the state the engine's in is far from perfect but still functional. A source of frustration from El, the Shangren's engine still haven't given up their secrets to her, and hopefully can get back to forceful.
Eleanor Lee
Posted: Mar 16 2008, 10:32 PM

No Chickens

Group: OC
Posts: 59
Member No.: 473
Joined: 17-November 07

Well, you've seen the 'prints and specs that Grim put up, but some of you may be scratching heads as to exactly what our purpose is. Here's the stuff I yanked from Oath (doesn't guard his CorPad well). Read it over:


The Shangren is a freelance ship known to play both sides, taking on high-class, under-wraps jobs of theft while sometimes paying the bills as a merc ship, sowing a bit of destruction where it's needed. Unlike your more noble freelance boats, the Shangren has no problem whatsoever stealing jobs from other ships, and in fact does this quite often. Playing as pirate, mercenary, hauler, and occasional savior, the Shangren will do it all for enough cred, and will take on anybody if they've got the money, can lend a hand, and are willing leave loyalties behind on the dirt they came from. She'll be launching into some pretty intense go-se, ranging from partying hard on Sihnon to exploding people that may or may not deserve exploding. Dubious morals, shady pasts, vicious double-crossing, and explosions are the word here, and you'd best be ready for it. Remember: if you aren't flying with her, eventually you'll be flying against her, probably facing down a missile salvo.

She's a refitted Jo Lynn class ship, customized into a tough, compact gunboat. Bearing a strong resemblance to older Firefly models, the Shangren herself is in high favor of the best defense being a good offense, described as a flying tank. With four missile pads mounted on the 'shoulders' of the ship, a dorsal turret, and five military-issue drop-bombs deployed via a bombtrack below the stern, and an armed and armored hoverbike (Blue), the Shangren, while somewhat aesthetically unappealing, is a dangerous opponent to come up against in terms of armament. Where she lacks, however, is speed and agility, partly due to her age. Also, as the only engineer onboard since the ship's restoration, Eleanor isn't exceptional at innovative upgrades, meeting the bare minimum. The engine is nothing special at the moment, powering two thrusters. Alongside the hoverbike Blue is the JN-5, the resident mule, lacking in Blue's oversized armaments but still tough and surprisingly fast for it's cumbersome look.

On the inside, the Shangren remains nearly the same as in her glory days in the Fleet; after acquiring her, the Alliance didn't bother to clean house after arresting the crew, and much of her past can be discovered by a simple walk-through. The two-man bunks still have posters, captures, and even CorPads lying around, although if you look closely, not a thing is dusty, and if you look very closely, they have an almost arranged appearance, like what museum displays of dinosaur digs look like. Eleanor has eschewed her own Captain's bunk in favor of sleeping in the decor-less Bridge, a fact that is dangerous to be observed. Small living space that she has, all crew-members will be required to bunk in pairs, and while El doesn't admit it, one of the Shangren's darker qualities is that, if needed, it can be successfully manned by one person. (NOT FORESHADOWING!)

Eleanor Lee
Posted: Apr 19 2008, 11:42 PM

No Chickens

Group: OC
Posts: 59
Member No.: 473
Joined: 17-November 07

The Current Crew

(Posted Image)

Reggie Barbossa
Posted: Aug 16 2008, 03:42 PM

El's First Mate

Group: OC
Posts: 87
Member No.: 555
Joined: 10-March 08

'Ere be our Mule just een case ya ever wondered what de 'ell eet looked like. She ain't as flashee as de Ranjeets', but she geets de job done.
(Posted Image)

Standard Features:
'Eavee Dutee 'Ydrogen Fuel Cell Engine
Full Time Seex Wheel Drive
Electreec Start
Steel Chassis
'Eadlights (Gotta see een de dark.)
Trailer 'Eetch (For 'ookeen' up de trailer or sand surfeen'.)
Electreec Dump Bed (For dumpeen' cargo or unruly passeengers out ;))

Weight: 1135 lbs
Gross Veheecle Weight: 2135 lbs
Gross Permeesseeble Weight Een Water: 1635 lbs
Length: 99"
'Eight: 52"
Weedth: 57"
Wheelbase: 58"
Seateen': 2
Bed Size: 53"L x 51"W x 10"H
Fuel Cell Capaceetee: 5 gallons
Toween' Capaceetee: 1000 lbs
Payload Capaceetee (Een Bed): 1000 lbs
Speed on Land: 40 mph
Speed een Water: 10 mph
Posted: Jun 13 2009, 11:29 PM

Board Bitch

Group: BDV Admin
Posts: 2,744
Member No.: 73
Joined: 9-June 06

Posted: Jan 26 2011, 10:05 AM

Father of Jayne and Harper

Group: Founding Fathers
Posts: 713
Member No.: 2
Joined: 2-May 06


Going from everyone's earlier posts, I have formulated an 'Assigned Bunks' list.

Using the above cutaway as a guide, I came up with this...

1. Flight Deck - Miriam and Eleanor

5. Captain's Quarters - Reggie (and most of the time Abe)

7b(left) Crew Quarters - Vangy and Abe...technically

7b(right) Crew Quarters - Davina

8. Ventral Cargo Bay - Killi (in one of the corners)

9. Galley - Jeth (in the storage rooms in the back) I took some liberties with this
one. Figured it would keep him close to his music. Let me know if he
needs something else.

10. Aft Cargo Bay - Jeremiah

11. Engine Room - Dade

Please let me know if this is too confusing or if I misinterpreted something.
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