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Title: BDV History - Heart of Gold
Description: Where We've Laid

"Jax" Malone - May 22, 2007 05:25 PM (GMT)
Episode 1- "Quiet Night at the Heart of Gold"

As the whorehouse opens for business, trained Companion Damian "Master D" Malone-identical twin to Jax Malone-arrives deep in debt, searching for a job. After an interview with Petaline, the House Madame, he is given charge of the Heart of Gold’s Dark Room, where darker passions are serviced. Mal contacts Petaline, informing her of Serenity’s imminent arrival.

Days later, the crews of Serenity and the Ares Shield arrive at Jinye. The feds are working undercover, still after the Lassiter, which Mal and Co. have failed to successfully fence. As the crews arrive, a tornado hits Jinye, forcing everyone inside. Someone reveals the presence of the Feds to Petaline prior to Serenity’s arrival on-site. Thinking the Feds will threaten Lync, an obviously wealthy “customer,” the House Mistress warns him, allowing him to pass the word on to Womack. The Lt. orders Marlowe to secure Serenity (see how it goes down in “Heart of the Matter”) and readies Cory and Zenobia for their appearance before the crew of Serenity.

As the Heart's staff members gather, ready for storm troubles from within and without, Lync leads Serenity's crew upstairs to complete their "buisness deal" which brings them face to face with Womack, Tildara, and Bell. A gunfight breaks out between Captain Reynolds and crew and the not so undercover Feds. Catri, Damian's assistant, is caught in the crossfire as she and Shanti, another employee of the Gold, come in out of the storm. Though there is no telling whose bullet hit her, suspicion is automatically directed toward Womack by Damian, which increases when Shanti informs Master D that Catri's liver was hit.

A gunshot Womack pleads help for Lincoln "Lync" Lopez, his partner, who earlier got into a fight with the Hero of Canton. With little med help to offer and one of their own hurt, the Heart's med-trained employee Shanti does what she can for Lync as Zenobia apologizes for the violence that had occured. To ensure that Lync gets better help, Womack offers to take Catri on board the Ares Shield, Master D and Shanti accompanying her. Serenity's crew and the crew of the Shield, bullets exchanged, go their separate ways, leaving the remaining employees of the Gold to clean up after the storm. So much for a quiet night...

"Jax" Malone - March 14, 2008 03:51 PM (GMT)
Episode 2 - "High Stakes/Long Road to Burgesstown"

Following the twister, Widow Burgess sends a letter charging more taxes to the god whores of the Heart, still cleaning up the damage to their own building while they carry on with business. Kazimir Sternberg, a Browncoat veteran suffering from PTSD, is hired on as bouncer while Ludlow Morant helps Madame Petaline come up with ways to get more coin flowing.

Petaline contacts Fanty and Mingo, twin crime-bosses based out of The Maidenhead, and requests a loan to help her hold a Rim poker tournament. Upon agreement of the two, the Heart's employees get to work. Roland Black, an opportunist and thief seeking easy money, and Archie Vanderbilt, a smug boy-whore seeking work, join the group, Roland's offer of coin to help the tourney refused by Petaline.

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