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Title: Crew Roster

Karkoff Miller - January 8, 2012 05:58 PM (GMT)
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<img src="">
<br><b>Captain: </b>
<a href=""> Hannibal Masters </a> <br>Played by Wildback:
As far as Hannibal is concerned, the life you lived before you stepped onto his boat doesn’t matter. You’re all equal in his eyes, he wants you to prove what you can do. He respects those who respect him and is trustworthy of his crew, to a certain point. </td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Second in Command: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Belle Faust </a><br><i>Jeth </i> Belle fought in the Gades millita, very dedicated against the Browncoat invaders. It was there that she bumped into, and fought with, a certain Captain Masters. Now, she signs up with the Vindicator to help her old friend keep the scum in line. Unlike Hannibal, Belle refuses to trust them. Smart woman.</td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> General Muscle: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Karkoff Miller </a><br><i>Ertia </i> Some of you may remember Miller from his days runnin with Crazy Kate How. These days, he's been doin' a life term in Andersonville for piracy. Startin' to realize all Kate ever bought him was a heap of trouble.</td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Axe-Crazy Knife Guy: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Felix Lann </a><br><i>Caleb </i> Felix was a nice guy, really! Until bandits killed his wife and child. So he snapped and butchered them all with a knife. Serving time for several counts of murder Felix is given a chance to rid the world of scum like the kind that killed his family. He takes it happily.</td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> General labour/Penal Trooper: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Mari Green </a><br><i>Abbey- </i> Mari was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Three of her “friends” robbed a bank, forcing her to drive getaway. Now she's in prison and way over her head. She jumped on board the Vindicator as a chance to see her father one last time before he croaked. Prison's toughened her up some, she might just make it.</td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Cortex Jock/young killer: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Storm Xiao </a><br><i>Spy- </i> A deaf boy with a good education, Storm's girlfriend Amber was abducted. The Alliance failed to find her so the boy took matters into his own hands. His investigations soon led to him murdering a few people. Murders that sent him to the hell-hole called Andersonville. Storm wants a chance to rescue his lady from wherever she is and being on the Vindicator gives him the chance to do just that.</td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Explosives Expert: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Deron Briggs </a><br><i>Rabbit </i> A history teacher who's parents were murdered by Blue Sun enforcers, Deron decided to take matters into his own hands. Former a terrorist cell dubbed, “Weatherman,” Briggs struck against the mega-corporation. His actions caused much chaos, though he was eventually captured. The Blue Sun threw their full weight against him, carting Briggs off to Andersonville. He fights to see his family again and he fights against corruption.</td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Medic: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Nikki Reese </a><br><i>Syn- </i> Nikki tried to patch people up, all sorts of people. A lack of medical degrees didn't stop this tenacious nurse from learning all she could. One day she helped a pair of thugs who showed up at her door. Those criminals turned out had been in quite a spot of trouble, killing cops in fact. Well, said cops didn't take kindly to it, busting her with every charge they could think of. Now working on the Vindicator Nikki is in charge of keeping the suicide troopers ready for action.</td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Mechanic: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Elliot Lawson </a><br><i>Joe </i> Elliot Lawson has a problem, women. It was this exact problem that ended him up in Andersonville in the first place. Get's woman pregnant, woman cries rape to powerful daddy, daddy ships Elliot off to prison. Now this handsome mechanic brings his wrenches and his six pack onto the Vindicator for a chance to clear his name. </td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Deacon: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Mykeal Raines </a><br><i>PreatorLitch</i> Mykeal had a normal childhood, a normal life. At first. Until his dark tendencies came into light, driving him to kill. Mykeal began a murder spree, choosing victims and methods at random, brutally murdering over six people before Alliance police caught up to him. Shipped off to Andersonville, Mykeal was given solitary for causing more chaos than even Devore cared for. There he found a Bible, and his true calling. Now this self-proclaimed “Deacon,” has turned from his vile ways, using the power of God to hold is instincts at bay. It is a tough battle, but Hannibal has faith in him.</td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Security: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> PFC Rachel Vance </a><br><i>NPC </i> A solider from Hannibal's unit and loyal to the death, Rachel insisted he not take the posting. When he did she signed on to keep an eye on him. She doesn't let people near her and doesn't like physical contact, but she's a good soldier and one of the few Hannibal trusts explicitly. </td>

<td><img src="" ><br><b> Alliance Marine: </b></td><td>
<a href=""> Sgt. Theodore "Ted" Turner </a><br><i>NPC </i> The sergeant commanding the squad of Alliance Marines on board the Vindicator. Ted is chipper, upbeat and always smiling. In addition, he's more than capable of flying the shuttles in a pinch. </td>



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