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 Beloved Enemy Crisis!!!
Posted by jadehaku - 06-6-11 11:53 - 12 comments
Hello everyone. * siiiiigh * It's been so terribly long and that's my fault entirely. I have been dreadfully neglectful of beloved enemy for months upon months. Sadly life got in the way. I hade to deal with many personal issues and having t ...read more
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 Spook-Festival Challenge
Posted by jadehaku - 09-11-10 19:05 - 2 comments
Spook-Festival Challenge

* cross-X- posted from Beloved Enemies main site *

Halloween will be here before we know it and it wo ...read more
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 Beloved Enemy's Memo
Posted by jadehaku - 09-9-10 04:08 - 18 comments
This more for myself than anything. I needed a place to list the things I have planned for the site both near and far into the future.

Here is my to-do list.

1.) Update Fanfiction Index. It's been absolutely forever ...read more
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 OFFICIAL: Summer Nights Challenge
Posted by jadehaku - 08-25-10 04:43 - 0 comments
I've realized that if you don't frequent both the forum and the main site of Beloved Enemy finding everything you need regarding the fanfiction challenge can be confusing and that is where this little post comes in handy.

You can ...read more
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 New Look for the forum!
Posted by jadehaku - 03-28-10 07:12 - 0 comments
I've had the same banner for this site for over a year now so I decided it was time for a change and here it is! I commisioned the lovely Lybian Minamoto to make me this beautiful new banner.

A moment of silence to remember the ol ...read more
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Posted by jadehaku - 03-11-10 11:43 - 0 comments

Por Minoe Inverse

Nota: Las líneas en cursiva son pensadas por Zeros y las normales por Philia

¡Sore wa himitsu desu! A nadie le inte ...read more
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 La Canción Desesperada por Naga
Posted by jadehaku - 03-11-10 10:49 - 0 comments
La Canción Desesperada

de Pablo Neruda

por Naga

Una sombra atraviesa furtiva las oscuras calles de la ciudad. Dos mendigos se encogen al verle pasar, “ese joven no es humano” murmura uno. El extraño s ...read more
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 CHAOTIC BLUE ATTACK!! por Nynaeve al'Meara
Posted by jadehaku - 03-11-10 10:13 - 4 comments


por Nynaeve al'Meara

CAPÍTULO 1º: El Despertar de Azul Caótico..

Una joven, aparentemente la mar de inoce ...read more
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 la batalla del amor por G-FAN
Posted by jadehaku - 03-11-10 09:19 - 0 comments
la batalla del amor

Por G-FAN (también conocida como Fellia-chan) happy.gif

Not ...read more
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 Baila conmigo
Posted by jadehaku - 03-11-10 09:15 - 0 comments
Baila conmigo

“Solo a tu lado veo mi destino”

“solo contigo quiero enfrentarme a esta vida que me tiene ilusionado”

En el banquete de la boda de Zelgadis y Ameria, Zeros se acerca a una mesa en partic ...read more
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