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The Tale So Far

September, 1741:

Madre de Dios, a Spanish galleon loaded with gold, is on her way back to Europe with her convoy. But an ambush lies in wait for her in the Inaguas – the Sea Hound is planning a bold assault on the larger ship, her pirate crew willing to risk it all for gold and glory. But Sea Hound is both predator and prey, as the HMS Steadfast closes in for another encounter with her quarry. The deadly showdown between the three forces is fast approaching...

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After "Beat to Quarters" closed, "Before the Mast" is the site leading the stories in the West Indies... but in 1720. Active since August 2010.

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Liz's enthusiasm, dedication, and talent all make her an invaluable member of the BtQ community! Her recent character, Dr. Daniel Hedge has proved to be a fine addition to Steadfast's crew, and a source of brilliant posting. Her commitment to character development makes each of her posts a joy to read.


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 Hedge, Daniel
Posted: Jan 17 2011, 11:18 PM

Group: Members
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- Player Info -

Name/nickname: Liz

AIM/e-mail/whatnot: epd2@alfred.edu AIM will only be given privately

Substitute players:

- Character info -

Name: Daniel Hedge

Nickname/Alias: none

Age: 38

Gender: male

Rank/Occupation: Steadfast’s surgeon

Appearance: Daniel stands at about 5’ 7’’ and is somewhat gangly in build. He does have a decent amount of muscle but he would not be considered ‘strong’ by any of his fellow sailors. He tends to care very little about how he presents himself, physically, and as a result his clothes may often appear unkempt and disheveled. He doesn’t care for colors or matching or anything like that so his clothes are very simple in construction, usually consisting of browns, scuffed blacks and un-dyed cotton. However, despite this, he will always appear clean and shaven. He believes cleanliness to be of the utmost importance, and it is in his line of work, and he will always take time to wash when he can, shave, and brush his hair so that it may be manageable. He has many small calluses on his hands due to the constant use of the tools of his ‘trade’ but they are clean hands and his fingernails are free of the usual grit.
His face is that of a young man in his thirties but his eyes are tired. He has a rather charming face that may seem homey and his hair usually flies back from his forehead in soft waves. His eyes are dark and intelligent but the circles under them tell of many misfortunes and too many battles observed. He is, by little means, a worldly man but he has defiantly seen his fair share of the hard life that his profession demands.

Personality: He is a quiet and observing gentleman. He will often choose to say nothing at all and just take in the situation around him before making any decisions out loud. However, when he does choose to speak, it is usually well thought out and calculating. Because of this trait, many sailors who have served with him find him to be unnerving to be around. He has the ability to show a sense of humor, but he rarely participates, vocally, in any kind of conversation. His eyes say a lot for him, as they are constantly tracking and observing, thus they tend to be the tell tail signs of his emotional state at the time. His eyes have no trouble showing his displeasure at something just as fast as laughing at a salty joke, but his voice will not usually join them.

Bio: Daniel led a very simple life as a child playing in the mud on the banks of the Thames. He would partake in the games of the other children, but he was always the quiet one. His father was a doctor for the British military, which is where Daniel received his trade from, and his mother was a seamstress for a bit of extra income. Neither of his parents were especially emotional people, with his father being considerably more cold and calculating than Daniel is. When he was just old enough, his father sent him off to learn the trade in the military, but the boy didn’t last more than 10 years there. It wasn’t that he was a bad student or that he misbehaved, he simply did not wish to continue being a doctor in England. When he was about 21, he had the odd opportunity to witness a scholarly presentation on some strange species of bird found on an island near the new colonies. This got the young man to thinking about how limited his world was here in England, and he yearned to learn more about what these islands had to offer.

After a rather tense argument with his father about things, Daniel asked to be re-assigned as a surgeon for the British Royal Navy. He was quite proud of himself for a while before realizing what it was that he had gotten himself into. Being a doctor on board a ship, particularly one in battle, was a thankless job. Unlike the military, Daniel did not have the luxury of being able to treat a patient in a hospital with resources at his disposal. On board a ship, he quickly learned of how easy it could be to let a man die. It wasn’t the gore that got to him, for he could easily deal with the multiple amputation he inevitably had to administer, it was the amount of deaths. Eventually, Daniel began to privately refer to his profession as ‘the undertaker’s hobby’. He learned how to sleep silently after sending a man to his death, everyone does eventually, but he never stopped looking at it as something closer to murder rather than mercy. For this reason, he came to harbor a hatred for senseless violence, being as he was usually the one who had to deal with the men who fell victim to it. “Men,” he resolved, “can die honorably for their country, but they cannot do so after giving their lives for something less honorable than that.”

Since joining the Navy Daniel has indeed been to many places outside of England, but the Caribbean is a new frontier for him. After serving on multiple ships across the Atlantic, he has been sent to Barbados to assist in any way the Admiral would have him.

Birthplace: London, somewhere near the Thames

Family: James Hedge (father)
Eliza Marie Hedge (mother)

Skills: Daniel has been trained in medicine and surgery in both the military and the Navy since he was 12. He is experienced and reliable. While he is not able to keep as many patients alive as he would like, he works very hard to preserve life on board.

Weaknesses: He hates useless fighting. Although being a doctor has given him quite a strong constitution, he has a tendency to be rather bitter towards people who have hurt themselves due to a conflict that could have been avoided in some way.

In addition, he is not particularly skilled in any kind of combat. He can certainly defend himself, if needed, but he is not the fighting kind.

Anything Else: He has no love interests, though he is not a stubborn bachelor. If one comes along, he may consider marriage but that time has not yet come for him.

I’m going to work more on his involvement with ‘modern’ medicine as we go.

"Men can die honorably for their country, but they cannot do so after giving their lives for something less honorable than that."

-Dr. Daniel Hedge
The Seven Seas
Posted: Jan 18 2011, 12:53 AM


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