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Madre de Dios, a Spanish galleon loaded with gold, is on her way back to Europe with her convoy. But an ambush lies in wait for her in the Inaguas the Sea Hound is planning a bold assault on the larger ship, her pirate crew willing to risk it all for gold and glory. But Sea Hound is both predator and prey, as the HMS Steadfast closes in for another encounter with her quarry. The deadly showdown between the three forces is fast approaching...

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 Saer, Callum
Callum Saer
Posted: Jul 26 2011, 04:36 AM

Group: Members
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Joined: 25-July 11

- Player Info -

Name/nickname: Katy

AIM/e-mail/whatnot: broken_angel001@live.com

Substitute players:

- Character info -

Name: Callum Achaius Saer

Nickname/Alias: Callum, Saer, "Sabre" for his rapid killings with his weight-light sabre.

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Rank/Occupation: Pirate Sailing under the Sea Hound


Callum has always been tall for his age, even in his mid-twenties. He's 6"5, and has been since he was nineteen. His hair is auburn like his mother's, and his are a deep green. Over the years, his pasty freckled skin has darkened from sun exposure, and now is lightly bronzedn . His freckles are still very prominent, but less so at night, when the sun can't shine on them. He has a baby face that he despises to no end, but in the last few years has given up trying to build up muscle. Although he has the appearance of a eighteen year old, beneath his clothes are muscles, though not bulk, that he proudly shows off at every given chance.

His normal wear is a beige or ivory short sleeved shirt, and a pair of brown pants that have so much wear and tear they are ripping on the edges. Sometimes you'll catch him either with a dark brown coat and a blue bandanna wrapped around his head or arm, but otherwise he enjoys going without his shirt.

Personality: Prideful at times, though he can be a genuine sweetheart, when he wants to be. He uses every advantage he has when it comes to getting his way, especially with girls. Callum loves to flirt, but getting serious is one place he'll never go to. He has a certain respect for married women, and won't go near them, and if he's commanded by his captain, he will avoid any flirtatious meetings. He particularly hates England and its rulers, refusing to follow any decrees or rules, but when it comes to being aboard a ship, he gladly follows the authority. It's unlikely you'll ever catch Callum on a bad day, because he is quite happy most of the time, though you don't want to see him in a bad mood. Rarely are the occurrences, except maybe catching sick, or failing to do something he wants to achieve, still, his temper is unavoidable on one of those rare bad days. He also dislikes waking before the sun, but grudgingly does so despite his grumblings.


Callum was born to Sorcha Saer and Richard Paisley on December 1st.

Sorcha was a prostitute in Newry, Ireland, before she had her first child, Gardenia Saer, with a Welsh sea merchant, Merrick Owen. She never told Merrick that she had had his child, instead running off to England to find better work and raise her daughter. She found a job as a scullery maid for a middle class family that paid her only enough to put bread on the table. A year later, she met Richard Paisley, a married carpenter with two children. He was in need of a nurse maid for his children, because his wife was on her deathbed, and so, after some considerable thought, Sorcha quit her job to work for Richard, not just because he was so in need, but her pay would be a little better.

Not but a few months after she started, his wife died, and Sorcha, having some of her old habits from the days she worked as a prostitute come out, as well as the lack of love in her life, took advantage of Richard and seduced him in his grieving state. Nine months later, on that cold winter day, Sorcha gave birth to Callum. Realizing that the baby was his, Richard wanted to raise Callum himself, and give him his last name; but Sorcha didn't agree with Richard, believing in her son having a mother, so ran off once more, arriving in Wicklow, Ireland.

Callum grew up in Wicklow, Ireland, a small town at the time, where his mother returned a few weeks after his birth, along with his sister Gardenia, later his brother Keagan, and when he was ten, his sister Nola.

He was a good boy around his mother and siblings, enjoying rough housing with the local boys and learning to tie knots from the fishermen. But around the time he was fourteen, something changed in him, something that rearranged his entire world, flipping it to pieces. His small town was attacked by British pirate forces, and through all the chaos, fighting, and bloodshed, his mother and sisters were taken. Callum hasn't seen or heard from them since. He was devastated, and grew a deep hatred of England.

After that, he and his brother had to strive for food and clothes, finding some little things to make and sell, or even just odd jobs like watching a horse for an hour or fetching a loaf of bread for a rich man who was too lazy to retrieve it himself. They stayed near the docks of their new home, Bray, Ireland, and sometimes stole things from boats or passersby. It became a terrible habit, but one day, on a stroke of luck, a man saw them playing with pieces of string and nibbling on moldy bread, and offered them a fair amount of money if they would care for his horse for the day. They gladly agreed, and when the man paid them, he asked if they had yet been to school, and offered to take them back to England with him once he departed Ireland.Keagan, barely thirteen, was overjoyed and agreed immediately, whereas Callum, fourteen, was mistrusting of the man. He didn't want Keagan to go, but being very ambitious and stubborn, he did so anyways. Keagan somehow convinced Callum just to tag along, explaining that he could leave once they arrived in England to find a job. Callum agreed, and once he was at sea, he didn't want to return to land. The opposite was said for Keagan, for as soon as they docked, Keagan rushed off the ship and said his goodbyes to Callum. Though before, Callum had had a dreary attitude, he was much chipper, and now that he knew what sailing was like, he wanted more of it.

A few months after arriving in England, a ship stopped there and was recruiting new sailors. Callum was signed on as a ship's boy just before he turned fifteen after some very good acting of being British, and for a year and a half, he was more happy than he'd ever been before, though a little tense from keeping his Irish origins a secret. He was made a midshipmen after turning sixteen, another joy to shout about as he learned the ropes of sailing under the crew of the HMS Marlborough

The summer that the ship was sailing through the Spanish Maine, the ship was attacked by a pirate brigantine, and was sunk within two days of continuous battle. Callum watched as the ship sank beneath the cruel waters, the only real home he had left. The pirate crew that had attacked him offered him service, and though Callum felt sickened by the pirates, however, he also didn't want to return to land, where things would be much harder. He was then signed onto the crew.

Just some weeks after joining another ship, the Sea Hound, docked at the same port as the crew Callum was with. Callum saw the crew and followed the ones who went ashore, into a local pub to recruit some new crew members. Callum was overjoyed that he had the opportunity to be rid of the nasty pirate crew he had been sailing with for the past weeks, and giddily signed on with the Sea Hound, at twenty-two. Still, he did miss the old ship he had sailed with four a little more than six years, but didn't linger on it for too long. He's been aboard the Sea Hound for quite some time now, and is enjoying every minute of piracy.

Birthplace: Blackpool, England.


Richard Paisley - His father. He is no longer alive, but was about twenty-nine when Callum was born. Richard never really knew his son. He knew that somewhere out there he had a son, but he didn't try finding him. He had black hair and green eyes, peach skin, and was about 6"8. He was an Englishman, and had two daughters, one five years older than Callum, the other eight years older.

Sorcha Saer - His mother. Was seventeen when she gave birth to Callum, and would be forty-one. Never married. An Irish prostitute most of her life, until the age sixteen. Then she was a scullery maid for almost two years, and finally, she worked as a serving wench in a pub. Callum doesn't know if she's still alive or not. Auburn hair, brown eyes, freckles, salmon skin, about 5"3.

Gardenia Eilidh Saer - His older sister. One and a half years older than him. She was fifteen when she was taken, and Callum also hasn't seen her since. She would be twenty-five. Worked with her mother as a serving wench to make money. Daughter of a Welsh merchant. Auburn hair, hazel eyes, freckles, ivory skin, about 5"4 at fifteen.

Keagan Adair Saer - Younger brother, about two years younger. He wasn't taken, but Callum hasn't seen him in almost eight years, but has received a letter or two, and he knows he's doing all right, working as a printer's assistant at twenty. Son of a Scottish fisherman. Brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, salmon skin, 6"1.

Nola Sine Saer - Younger sister. Ten years younger. She was also taken along with her mother and sister, at four years old. Callum hasn't seen her since. She would be fourteen. Daughter of an Irish innkeeper. Red hair, blue eyes, peach-beige skin, freckles, would be about 5" at fourteen.


Quick study - He is not easily distracted--except with women--if he's learning something. He enjoys, most of all, his sword lessons, but from time to time, he'll take an interest in something he's learned ashore, like a language or loading a pistol. He's very quick when it comes to these things as well, but his ego is always present after learning something new.

Swift - If there's one thing he likes about being lean, not including his height, it's the fact that he can move around quicker than most of his enemies. He's fast and a little cocky, taking this for granted most of the time.

Charming - He has a bit of charm underneath all that ego, that is mostly directed towards women, but on occasion, he will be sent on a specific task of coaxing something out of someone--he's quite good at it.

Sneaky - Every pirate needs to be sneaky, and Callum has learned how to be so over the years he's been in piracy.


Treasure - His favorite type of treasure is a new weapon, be it cutlass, saber, or even a new pistol. Gold and silver and jewels are nice from time to time too, and though he won't admit it, he would die of happiness if he owned a boatload of treasure that only he could have.

Women - Yes, this would be counted as a weakness. Sometimes he loves them too much--that is, to flirt with them and even some physical contact--and he's a sucker for a damsel in distress, though he secretly thinks that they can also be quite annoying. Still, he refuses to stay with one woman too long, for fear of anything serious. This could be similar to his mother's fear of marriage.

Cocky - His confidence could be regarded in a positive manner if he didn't slather it on with whatever he's doing. Even if he's failing, he has this cocky, angry side that comes out and wants to rise above everything else. Not even the king of England could calm his ego down.

Too Much, Too Little - Callum can never find a happy medium. Say, he wanted to visit an inn, drink, laugh party; with Callum, it's either be drunk, do something wrong, or don't do it at all. He simply doesn't know how to say a little and I'm done, or it won't hurt if I steer clear of one thing, and enjoy the other. He'll never be in between, but one side or the other.

Anything Else: He has a small tattoo of an anchor and rope on his chest, that he got in Ireland, after he received his first shares. It's a little faded now, but still remains the sea-blue it was the year he got it. No one knows about it, not even those who know him best. He keeps it there to remind him that he always has a home at sea, though his first one was mutilated in front of him.

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lovely by contour @ tda!
Annette Williams
Posted: Aug 8 2011, 10:48 AM

Group: Admin
Posts: 119
Member No.: 84
Joined: 30-January 10

Just a few grammar mistakes left but, other than that, consider yourself Approved!

Please feel free to start posting in 'Crimson Night' smile.gif

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