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!!! 2x03 Circus Freaks
Miss J.
Posted: Nov 17 2006, 12:55 PM

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MJ has totally regained all of her memory, with a very, well lets say, memorable night with Dean. dance.gif
MJ : You know it kinda sucks -
Dean : What?
MJ : Getting all my memory back -
Dean : What? Why?!
MJ : Cause i remember the asylum... and everything that happened there...
Emily : shocking.gif
MJ : mez.gif

(the Impala. MJ resumes her normal seat in the front, and Em sits in between Jess and Sam. Mj appears very tired because of afore mentioned memorable night with Dean, and Dean is happily munching on M&Ms. Sam is on his sexy laptop, Em is laying on his shoulder, and Jess is staring out the window.)
Sam : So...?
Dean : (singing) A fire of unknown origin took my baby way!
Sam : Oh, God...
Em : Dean, shut up.
Dean : Why?
Em : Put it thi sway. I'm glad MJ got her memory back and you guys are all happy now, except did you really have to be that noisy last night? Some of us miss sleep.
Dean : Not my fault. I can't help it if Sammy is such a tightass that he wouldn't splurge for two hotel rooms. I tried to tell you...
Em : And in very graphic detail too. (she looks sick)
(Sam pats Em's head affectionately)
Sam : There, there Em. We'll get back at them tonight.
Em : oh...
Sam : We'll fill their bed with frogs!
Em : (slaps him) WTF?
Sam : What did you think I was talking about?
Em : What is wrong with you?
Sam : Nothing!
Dean : yeah, Em, leave him alone. It's not his fault that the stress of sleeping with a demon is getting to him.
Em : I am not a f*cking demon!
Sam : And I am so not stressed out!
Dean : Evs. You keep denying what you already know.
MJ : (warningly) Dean...
Dean : What?
MJ : No one likes a smartass in the morning.
Dean : Except you.
MJ : Well, not in these surroundings...
Dean : Or rather, not with these people...
MJ : Yeah...
Em : We don't want to hear about it!
Dean : Since when have I cared about what you wanted?
Em : Since now? (she turns to Jess) Burn him!
Jess : No.
Em : What?
Jess : No.
Em : Why not?
Jess : Because I don't want to be a part of that lifestyle anymore.
Em : Jess, did not kill Toby.
Jess : Then who did? You?
Em : No, of course not. That was just Sam being a d*ckhead.
Sam : tee hee! (he looks at his computer screen. He is currently playing minesweeper)
Em : Sam! Shut the hell up.
Sam : God, why are you so grumpy?
Em : Coz my boyfriend is acting like a crack addict.
Sam : (defensively) I'm not on drugs.
Dean : That was a bit jumpy, Sammy. Got something you'd like to confess?
Sam : No!
Em : Whatever, Sam.

Em: *totally stressed out* i need a holiday.
Sam: harhar1.gif
Em: wtf? wacko.gif
Jess: I think we all need a holiday.
Dean: Yeah .. from sam.
Em: I agree.
Sam: You know you love me ... oooooh *pokes emily in the eye* ahahaha
Em: *punches sam in the face(not that hard shifty.gif * wat the hell was that for.
Mj: Turn onto this exit dean.
Dean: Anything for you biggrin.gif
Sam: Ooooh Dean and Mj kissing in a tree .. K I S S I N G .. first comes love .. them comes marrige .. then comes the baby in the baby carrige.
Dean: WTF!? blink.gif wacko.gif
Mj: (to em) what the hell is up with him.
Em: He's lost his friggin mind.
Mj: Well were off to holiday in San Fransisco.
Dean: I've never been there.
Mj: What!
Jess: It's not all that cracked up to wat its supposed to be.
Em: Thats because when we went we had to kill that bus full of tourists .. we never actually got to do anything excapt kill and toture and leave distruction in our wake .. remember?
Jess: Oh yes ... and dad banned you form your soccer games coz you refused to do it.
Dean: Wow!
Em: grrR.jpg what!
Dean: Never knew how much you and sam had in common.
Em: rolleyes.gif
Sam: And the sun is a golden yellow L.jpg L.jpg
Dean: huh.gif
Mj: huh.gif
Jess: huh.gif
Em: doh.gif

(Still the Impala.)
Em : gah, I can't take this!
Sam : Tee hee. (he pokes Em)
Em : Jess, can I swap places with you?
Jess : God, no.
Em : MJ?
MJ : Uh...I think we all need a break. (They pass a convienently placed mall) Let's go shopping!
Dean : No!
MJ : Why not?
Dean : Shopping? With you women? I'd rather sleep with rats!
MJ : But...I was going to buy a new outfit...for tonight...
Dean : Oh...throw in a gun and I'm in.
MJ : Yep, you got it!
Dean : That's my girl!
(They park the Impala in the car park, and Em, Jess, MJ and Dean try and escape Sam, who, even in his drugged up state, has enough sense to follow them.)
Sam : hee. You can't escape me.
Em : Dammit, Sam, just leave me alone!
Sam : Poke. (he pokes her)
Em : Sam, I swear to God, one more stupid action, comment or anything and we're over!
Sam : You could never dump me...I've sacrificed too much for you.
Em : Don't hold your breath.
Sam : Don't tell me what to do! (he starts holding his breath.)
Em : Someone shoot me.
(In a random shop. Dean is eating Peanut M&Ms while MJ tries on various outfits. Em and Jess are browsing various racks while Sam continues acting like a d*ckhead)
MJ : So...(She comes out of the changeroom in in jeans and a black t-shirt looking totally hot.) How do I look?
Dean : Damn sexy. (He comes up to her and kisses her, holding her tight.) The things you make me think of...
MJ : Later, okay?
Dean : But...I don't want to wait!
MJ : I still have thirty more outfits to try on!
Dean : And don't forget the weapons.
MJ : Of course not.
Em : (holding up a pair of kickass boots) What do you think?
Jess : I think you already own twenty pairs of them
Em : But...twenty one is an awesome number!
Jess : twenty one is too many...
Em : Or not enough...
Jess : you're hopeless.
Em : No, you are.
Jess : Why?
Em : Because you don't own any boots.
Jess : neither will you in a minute.
Em : you wouldn't.
Jess : Yeah, I wouldn't.
Em : Wah?
Jess : I told you, no more demon lifestyle for me.
Em : But...what we Toby have wanted?
Jess : To be alive right now?
Em : yeah, probably...not the point!
Jess : You know, if I had've been normal, he'd be alive right now.
Em : You wouldn't have met.
Jess : I'd still have a chance of meeting him.
Em : He'd want you to be happy.
Jess : How can I be happy without him? I don't want to live the way that killed him, Em.
Em : that's not going to bring him back.
Jess : I don't care...I want out.
Em : Where would you go?
Jess : No idea.
Em : do you even care what happens to you? What happens to us?
Jess: What does it matter? I killed him, and I'll never see him again.
(Jess exits.)
Dean : She's still not over him? I mean, come on. She'll be sleeping with someone else by tomorrow night.
Em : Leave her alone. You don't know what it's like.
Dean : She's not the only one to have experienced death.
Em : But we're the only ones who have been brought up on it.
Dean : Coz, I mean, Sam and I, we never killed when we were young.
Em : You killed innocent people?
Dean : No...
Em : My point exactly. So, just lay off, will you?
Sam : Emmy Pemmy, why are you so grumpy?
Em : Because Jess is depressed, Dean is a prick, I didn't get any sleep last night, and you're high on something. I need a break!
(She exits, MJ follows her.)
MJ : Dean! Don't move!
Dean : Hmph.
(Em and MJ)
MJ : Em?
Em : What?
MJ : Are you okay?
Em : Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
MJ : You sounded pretty stressed out back there.
Em : I never planned for things to turn out this way. This gig was supposed to be just hunting. No casualties, no stress, nothing. Just getting out there, hunting, and shooting. Where did it get so complicated?
MJ : C'est la vie.
Em : Wah?
MJ : That's life.
Em : This is hardly life.
MJ : You just need some time off, bubz.
Em : Uh, yeah, like that's going to happen. Your boy can't sit still for twenty seconds.
MJ : True, but who cares? You need a few days, just to gather your thoughts.
Em : And how do you propose we do that?
MJ : We're going to San Francisco, yeah?
Em : Mmmmhmmm.
MJ : Surely there's something to do there.
(Em and MJ go to a tourist booth thing in the mall)
MJ : Hey, look, there's a circus in SF.
Em : Why go to a circus when we have our own personal clown?
MJ : True, Sam is pretty stupid as of late...don't be so negative!
Em : Fine, we'll go to the damn circus.
MJ : That's a good girl.
Em : Hmph.

MJ : Although...?
Em : What?
MJ : We still got heaps of shopping to do! shriek.gif
Em : Hmm, guess...
MJ : Aw, come on em! Boots!
Em rolleyes.gif : Yeah, i am so byeing those hotties!
MJ : Yay! Shopping! (MJ goes again, Em slowly gets draged along behind hier, cause she grabbed her by the hand, as is never letting go mahahaha! laugh.gif )

(in change room, dean is outside)
MJ : Ok, i'm in love with this!
Dean : Haven't you brought enough yet?
MJ EmoPackv12_010.gif : How could you say that?!
Dean : Easily... haven't you brought enough yet?!
MJ : Nope, and anyway, we still have to go to the weapons junkie place down the road!
Dean dance.gif : oh, yeah!
(mj pokes her head out from the change room)
MJ : I love this one! (she steps out in short shorts and a blue tanktop! hehe, i would so never!)
Dean drool2.gif : So do I!
MJ : hehe, well anyway, i think we pretty much cleared out the store here...
Dean hyper.gif : Guns?!
MJ rolleyes.gif : Fine!
Dean : Yes! (Dean runs off happily)
MJ doh.gif : Im in love with a 3 year old!
Dean : Hurry up!
MJ : OK! (Mj runs off too)

-The gun store-
Dean : This and this, and this, oh, omg, and these! (Holds up death stars)
MJ : Thank god we have fake credit cards!
Dean : Omg, these! (Dean runs off to the back of the store)
MJ : Dean! Come on you're going crazy!
MJ quickly follows.
But stops when she see's a silver crossbow, the thing is completely silver, except for the handle which is a black colour. MJ is in love!
And comes with special matching arrows, the head of the arrow is silver, and the feathery part black.
Dean : Hey!
MJ jumps : Oh, hey, (notices dean is carrying like 6 shotguns with ammo, and death stars, knifes and junk) got enough?
Dean shifty.gif : I get these, you get that! (nods at crossbow)
MJ : Dean, it's silver... i can't remember?
Dean : Oh, right... are you sure you can't?
MJ : Dean!
Dean : Fine, well maybe, you could -
Store clerk walks past.
Dean : hey! Dude!
SC turns around quickly.
SC : Yeah, wow, please don't tell me your a physco murderer stacking up, we get way to many -
Dean : yeah fine, look, shut up for a minute -
MJ : Dean!
Dean : Hmm, yes... hey SC is that pure silver on that crossbow?!
SC : What?
MJ ermm.gif : I'm a well, alergic to, um, silver, runs in the family, all my life, and well yeah...
SC : yeah, it's not really silver, we just say it is cause the store is really cheap...
MJ shriek.gif : Dean!
Dean : Yeah, i know, just let me bye these and you get it!
MJ th_hug9in.gif th_hug9in.gif th_hug9in.gif : I love you!
Dean : I love you to Death stars, er, um, i mean MJ!
MJ dry.gif : Just shut up and bye me the crossbow already!
Dean : Deal!

Em: Hey jess .. JESS!
Jess: Oh hey em .. can you hold these for me.
Em: *jess ladens her with bags* retail theorpy i see?
Jess: Yes .. its works the best.
Em: How are you going to pay for all this stuff?
Sam: *comes running up to emily* emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!
Sam grabs emily around the waist and spins her round .. she drops all the bags and they spill onto the floor.
Jess: Great *picks up bags sadly* i'll see you round em.
Jess leaves and emily looks after her worried .. then her gaze turns to sam who is smiling goofily at her.
Sam: Gotcha! now i'll hide and you have to find me.
Em: *admitts defeat* ok .. go hide.
Sam: Luff yoooo *kisses emily on the cheek and runs off to hide*
-------20mins later-------
Em: *talks what appears to be a clothes rack* Sam please come out!
Sam: *from inside the clothes rack* no .. im not playing anymore.
Dean: *comes over* why are you talking tp that clothes rack? happyoface.jpg
Em: that clothes rack is your brother.
Sam: Am not im a clothes rack.
Em: *buries face in hands* i cant do this anymore .. im sorry but im at the end of my teather.
Dean: *looks concered for emily's stress levels (not to mention her sanity)* why dont i look after him for a while .. go and buy yourself a .. whatever girls like to buy.
Em: Thanks dean but he isnt going to come out of there!
Dean: Why is he in there anyway.
Em: *sighs* because i found him in hide and seek and he said he wasnt playing and threw a tanti coz he didnt want to be in.
Dean: I know a trick that will get him out .. oi sam! i got you some ahh lucky charms here .. boy they are sweet and i'll even give you the prize.
Sam instantly jumps out.
Sam: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Dean: Ok emily is just going to leave now.
Sam: *hugs emily and pins her to his side* emily is the bestest girlfriend alive! i dont want her leaving. *kisses roughly on the forhead*
Dean: Come on .. you let her go and you and me are going to go get some lucky charms ok?
Sam: *clings harder to emily* but what if the ghosties get her? ermm.gif
Dean: She can handle herself.
Sam: OK! biggrin.gif .. bye emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!
Sam runs off.
Dean: What a tool!

(Everyone is in the Impala, driving to the circus. There a million bags everywhere because the trunk is full of weapons and Dean refused to destroy his beloved weapon area with clothes. So now everyone is cramped in the Impala with shopping bags. And, i can honestly say, there was no point in writing the previous sentences. Or that one. Or that one...etc.)
Sam : We're going to the circus, we're going to the circus, we're going to the circus, we're going...
Em : Shoot me.
Dean : With pleasure.
Em : Go to hell.
Sam : the circus!
Jess : Will you shut the f*ck up?
Sam : Dean?
Dean : Yes?
Sam : Why are demons always so grumpy?
Dean : I don't know. Must be in their blood.
Em : I am not a demon!
MJ : Em. We know.
Em : Then how come they don't act like it?
MJ : Because Sam's a d*ckhead and Dean doesn't need to be smart.
Dean : I is too smart!
MJ : You see my point?
Dean : That's irony.
Sam : You know what that big word means, Deanie?
Dean : Sammy, do you want to walk to the circus?
Sam : No....
Dean : Then shut the f*ck up!
Sam : Fine. I hate you! (Sam stares out the window for the remainder of the trip.)
Dean : There we go. Problem solved.

Gang Arrive at the Circus .. we see a bunch of clowns entertaining some kids.
Jess: Look emily clowns laugh.gif
Em: Wha- .. Ah!*runs and hides behind sam*
Jess: Tee hee.
Dean: WTF!
Jess: Emily is scared of clowns.
Dean: haha what laugh.gif
Em: grrR.jpg not scared of them .. just mortily affraid of them.
Mj: Isnt that the same thing.
Em: i dont care .. lets just not go near them.
Too Late .. dean has started walking down to them.
Em: I .. ahh need to go somewhere .. sam ur coming. *drags sam off somewhere*
Dean, Jess and Mj get close to the clowns and watch them.

(Em and Sam)
Sam : Emily...what are you doing? I wanted to play with the clowns!
Em : Don't say that word!
Sam : Which one?
Em : The...the c word.
Sam : Oh...clown?
Em : Gah!
Sam : tee hee.
Em : Why are you acting like Dean all of a sudden?
Sam : I'm not acting like Dean...he's a clown! Tee hee hee.
Em : That's exactly something Dean would do. Minus the tee hee hee - ing.
Sam : Whatever. But let's just make this clear. I'm not high on anything.
Em : Oh, really...(suspicious look)
Sam : Really.
Em : I think I;m just going to look in the Impala for a while.
Sam : i'll come.
Em : Get real. You go play with those things! (Em runs off scared.)
Sam : Demons.
Em : I heard that, b*tch!
Sam : Bite me!
Em : You wish.
Sam : Yeah, pretty much.
Em : Arghhh! (She runs even faster. Sam returns to Dean, Jess and MJ)
(Jess, Dean and MJ. Sam enters.)
Jess : (pointing to the freak show.) Hey Dean! There's where you belong!
Dean : Very funny. But remember, I'm not the demon.
Jess : yeah, you're just the one that believes in them.
Dean : B*tch. (he looks at the ground) Toby.
Jess: What did you just say?
Dean : Nothing. Just reminiscing.
Jess : About?
Dean : A guy who's life was tragically cut short by demons.
Jess : I hate you (she exits.)
MJ : That was low.
Dean : but so worth it.
MJ : Why?
Dean : I don't know. Sounded good at the time.
MJ : Hey, Sam. Where's Em?
Sam : the Impala.
Dean : Oh oka- What?! She's in teh Impala!
Sam : Ya-ha.
Dean : She's hurting my baby!
(Dean runs off to the Impala)
MJ : Men.

Dean: *runing towards impala* EMILYYYYYYYYYYYY!
Dean reaches the impala and emily is no where to be seen.
Em: *appearing behind dean* What the hell are you doing.
Dean: I thought you hurt my baby *hugs impala*
Em: Hmmm righto .. come on lets go .. the circus act thingo is about to start.
Dean: ARe you sure you didnt hurt my baby? embarresed.jpg
Em: Yes rolleyes.gif

In Circus Tent!
The ringmaster comes out and announces the acts that will be preforming. He leaves and the fire jugglers come out and start doing tricks with those sticks that are lit on fire on both ends.
Dean: Thats what i call playing with fire *smirks at jess*
Jess: Pffff .. they dont know anything .. that can't even manipulate the fire.
Dean: And you can! tongue.gif
Jess: Yeah I can .. and i can also create it .. so one more smart remark out of you and ur lovely impala is going to suspiously burst into flames.
Dean: You wouldnt ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
Jess: Wanna bet!
Dean: AH! *runs out of the tent to check the impala.
Mj: You two.
Jess: What!? * The clowns come on and emily hides in sam's arm while he hums that clown tune*
Mj: Remember when the gang split up?
Jess: Which time rolleyes.gif
Mj: The time when you and dean lived in new york together.
Jess: Yes dry.gif
Mj: You got along so well ..
Jess: Well yeah sorry but things change.
Mj: What things?
Jess: Like the fact he treats me like sh*t and has no reguard for my feelings and says my boyfriend died all because of me sad.gif
Mj: You actually believe that?
Jess: wacko.gif
Mj: Its all dean's MO .. no emotion can be shown. He cares about you so much .. your still like his little sister .. nothing has changed .. he is so worried about you .. about ur drinking .. and he doesnt blame u for toby's death .. and i even think he was a bit jealous of toby because he wasnt ur big bro anymore .. you only had eyes for toby .. so he really confused coz he knows he shouldnt feel happy about toby's death .. and believe me he is not .. he is just really happy that he is the only permanate guy in ur life again.
Jess: *touched*
Sam: Im a permanate guy in jess's life dry.gif
Mj: Sam u dont really classify .. ur kinda weird and a bit stuffed in the head.
Sam: ohmy.gif .......... true *goes back to singing the clown song*
Dean comes back and sits between mj and jess .. jess hugs him.
Jess: AWWWW dean i never knew.
Dean: Knew what.
Jess: Its ok .. lets just not fight.
Dean: OK L.jpg
Sam: *sniffs air* Can anyone smell smoke?
Dean: MY BABY! *zooms off to check impala*

(In the circus tent)
Em : gah! Clowns! (she buries her head in Sam's chest)
Sam : (to Dean) I forgot how much i liked clowns...(he smirks). (To Em) There, there, little one...
Em : What did you just say?
Sam : oh, nothing...(he winks at Dean. Dean looks disturbed)
Dean : (to MJ) Since when did he become so...
MJ : So like you?
Dean : Don't compare him to the greatness of me! But yeah. When did that happen?
MJ : idea. I guess around the time I got my memory back?
Dean : Maybe. I don't like it.
Jess : Afraid of a little competition?
Dean : What?
Jess : oh, you know, since your so used to being in charge, being the one making all the smartass comments...maybe you feel your position is being threatened?
Dean : Don't you dare go psychiatric on me!
Jess : Why not?
Dean : Coz you need more help than I do.
Jess : What is that supposed to mean?
Dean : The whole getting drunk off your ass thing.
Jess : So, you do actually care?
Dean : No, Jess, I just don't like the smell of vodka.
Jess : Thought it was something like that.
Dean : You were right. (he turns back to MJ) What the hell did you say to her before?
MJ : What?
Dean : She thinks I care!
MJ : But you do...don't you?
Dean : Only like a sister...which isn't really that it?
MJ : You know it is.
Dean : That's why I love you. You know me so frigging well.
MJ : Damn right I do. And I know what you like...
(They kiss)
(Camera moves to Em and Sam. A clown is approaching Em, who's head is still buried in Sam's chest)
Sam : Em!
Em : What? Has it gone?
Sam : Of course it has. Now there's a pretty pony here that wants an apple!
Em : Really? Where? (she looks up and sees the clown) Sam! That's not a pony!
Sam : (laughing) You should've seen your face!
Em : You're a b*tch!
Sam : (serious) What?
Em : You heard me. I hate you! (she walks over to Jess and MJ) I hate him!
MJ : What happened?
Em : He made me look at a clown!
MJ : Awww, bubz...
Jess : He'll get what's coming to him...
(Suddenly, Sam's hair is set on fire)
Sam : Gah! What's happening?
Em : Karma, baby, karma...

Ringmaster: Now pretty ladies and strapping young gentlemen.
Sam: *who's hair is now not on fire just a little bit singed* Dam straight!
Dean: huh.gif
Mj: huh.gif
Jess: huh.gif
Em: huh.gif
Ringmaster: Now our most extrodanary event .. Damien Moore!
The ringmaster leaves and Damien Moore comes out into the ring.. he is holding a violin .. he pushes a button and a cages open up .. 3 lions, tigers and bears come out .. they start growling and getting ready to pounce. Damien just starts playing his violin. The animals start geting calmed down .. people seem entranced in his tunes .. there so peaceful. (except the guys dont seem to be to entranced .. being guys and all biggrin.gif *
Damien slowly makes the animals go back into their cages just by playing there them. Once all animals are back in there cages damien stops playing and the crowds cheers. (the show has ended)
Jess: Whoa he was so good .. and kinda cute.
Dean: *frown*
Sam: He wasnt as good as I am when me and emily are alone smile.gif
Mj: Scarred for life.
Jess: Me two.
Dean: Me three.
Em: *sighs* You guys go ahead .. i need to have a word with Sam.
The 3sum leave.
Em: *punches sam in the arm* WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?
Sam: *Sleezy* Because ur so hot *kisses em*
th_hug9in.gif th_hug9in.gif
Em: *pushes sam off* Sam .. come on.
They exit tent

MJ : Ok, i have to say this now before i go crazy! ... What the f*ck?!
Dean : What?!
MJ : What - the - f*ck?!
Dean : What?
MJ : With Sam!
Dean : oh, yeah right...
MJ : I think something Hodo is going on...
Jess : Did you seriously just say Hodo?
MJ : Yeah, shut up...
Jess : What!?
MJ : Nah, i love you *hugs*
Jess : Aww, ok. Maybe we should do something...
Dean : Like what, it's obvious that he is seriously F'ed up!
MJ : Maybe he is on well, smokin' something!
Dean : You think Sam is high?!
Jess : What else?
Dean : Ok, he is high...

Sam and Em approach-
Sam : Hey what up my peeps?!
Em dry.gif : Get me the hell away from him!
Dean : Seconds that!
MJ : Come on guys, we still got heaps to check out here! Not to mention the spook house, duck shoot thingo, and that thing - (points up at a huge rollercoaster)
Dean ermm.gif : That - that - thing!
MJ : Aww, dean... come on, can't you put up with it for me?
Dean : But it's like - like - a plane!
Sam : Aww, Deanie Weanie, is scared of the rollercoaster!
Dean rant.gif : I will go on twice!!
MJ : Aww, babe i love you!
Dean : Damn right!

Jess: Hey guys we could meet the actors ... lets go.
The group go over to the people from the act.
Dean: *mutters* Why are we even here?
Mj: Coz you love me.
Dean: Dam straight! th_hug9in.gif th_hug9in.gif th_hug9in.gif
Clown comes up to em
Clown: Hello.
Em: Ahhh *runs away and hides behind sam*
The clown drops the act.
Clown: *to sam* Whats wrong with her?
Sam: I think you scared her .. and with a ugly mug like that no wonder she is running.
Clown: grrR.jpg *walks off*
Em: *kisses em* I love you sam! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Sam: Coz i got rid of the clown.
Em: Yes! biggrin.gif
Sam: Well he did have one ugly mug.
th_hug9in.gif th_hug9in.gif
Jess goes up to damien while sam and em and mj and dean be all couply.
Jess: Hey its Damien isnt it?
Damien: Mademoiselle *kiss jess's hand lightly (jess blushes)* you are?
Jess: Jess.
Damien: Jessica .. There is some mystery to it .. i like it. *charming smile*
Jess: *smiles/gazes dreamily at damien and his smile*
Damien: Friends of yours? *looking over at dean and mj who are feeding each other m&m's and emily who sam is trying to tickle*
Jess: *clearly embaressed* ahh yeah. *walks over to the group with Damien* Guys this is Damien .. Damien this is Sam, Dean, Mj and Emily.
Dean: Hey!
Damien: *Kisses mj on the hand then emily* Mademoiselles *to em* You and Jessica could be sisters.
Em: Funnily enough we are.
Damien: Ahh i could tell *charming smile*
There is akward silence when Jess and Damien exchange dreamy looks.
Dean: ok .. well we best be going .. you know going to check out the shops and stuff.
Damien: Jessica .. would you like to come to have lunch with me instead?
Dean: *big bro protective thing* oh i dont thin-
Jess: -yes i would.
Damien: Well i just have to put my violin back.
Jess: Ok .. well meet up with u guys later.
Em: Bye .. hey sam dont steal my nail file *runs after sam*
Mj: come on dean
Dean: *watches jess go looking confused* I dont like that guy.
Mj: *under breath* Suprise suprise
Dean: What?
Mj: Nothing .. ur just hot happyoface.jpg
Dean: Not as hot as you th_hug9in.gif

MJ : Oh, we so need to go to the duck shoot now!
Dean : Oh, omg. Yes! I will kick ass!
MJ : Hey Em, we're going to the duck shoot thing, can you take care of Sam?
Em sad.gif : Um, yeah! Sam come on!
Sam : Weeeeeeeee...!

Mj and Dean head towards the duck shoot-
A totally scary looking guy leans on the bench of the duck shot...
SG : Hey woman! Dude!
Dean : Ah, hi...
MJ : Howdy!
SG : Would you fine woman want to try and shoot, it'll just be some fun, i really don't expect you to be able to actually do it!
MJ grrR.jpg : What - ?!
Dean : Oh, crap!
MJ : Give me that gun!
SG : ok, then....
Dean : MJ should you really -
MJ (points gun) : All due respect, but shut the hell up dean!
Dean : hmm, ok! (whispers to SG) I hope you know what you start?

Em and Sam come over to dean and Mj.
Em: Whoa Mj!
Mj Shoots the last duck and the SG (who ducked down in case got shot) slowly stood up.
Mj: Yeah .. didnt think i could do it.
Dean: Man i love you. th_hug9in.gif th_hug9in.gif
SG: *to em and sam* Did you two want a go?
Em: Sure .. sammy u go first biggrin.gif
Sam shoots at a duck and hits the side of the shop.
Sam: ahah got the sucker!
Em: Sam you missed.
Sam: wacko.gif
SG: *taking the gun off sam* ok pretty lady lets see if you can hit all the targets .. *to sam but everyone hears what SG says* dont worry mate .. ur girl wont be better than you.
Em: *snatches gun off SG* Give that thing here before you hurt yourself.
Em shoots right at SG's head .. he ducks.
Em: Oh sorry did i miss.
Mj: Man i love you em.
Em: love ya too mj *to SG* next time be a bit nicer to ur customers.
The gang walk away .. laughing at how proud em and mj are .. but also weirdered out sam missed by so far!

MJ : Oh, that prick back there!
Dean : Let it go!
MJ : I didn't even get a giant toy!
Dean : Hey yeah! Prick!
Em : Guys! Does it really matter!
MJ and Dean : Yeah!
Em blink.gif : Ok, then!
MJ : Oh, wait!
Dean : What?
MJ shriek.gif : Rollercoaster!!!!!!!
Dean : Ah, oh, god help me!
MJ : Dean!
Dean : MJ!
MJ : Dean!
Dean : MJ!
Em : Ah, guys? WTF?
Sam : They're just practising... for later!
Em (pounces) : Sam!
MJ : blink.gif ok, i am really scarred myself now!
Dean huh.gif : Same...
MJ : Rollercoaster!
Dean dry.gif : Um, ok...fine!
Dean : You guys?
Sam : What Deanie?!
MJ : You going to?!
Em : Nah, not yet...
MJ : Ok, what ever!
MJ grabs Dean by the arm and starts dragging him towards the rollercoaster.

Dean and MJ get on, MJ is so excited while Dean just grips her arm, really, really, really tightly.
The ride starts really slow.
Then suddenly it gets to the top of the first thingo.
Dean drop_gob.gif : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

The ride stops and dean gets off looking very pale, and tipsy.

Em : Bahaha, guys that was so funny!
MJ happy.gif : Dean, you ok?
Dean (groans) : meh......
Sam : Deanie, you were so funny, you were like! - user posted image

Dean huh.gif (groans) : Stay off the weed dude!
MJ laugh.gif : Come on, lets go get fairy floss and you can lay down....

(Dean is eating fairy floss happily while MJ is arguing SG to get her plush toy. Sam is floating around, making random interjections occasionally but far too often for anyone's liking, and Em is desperately trying to escape Sam, or at least get him to shut the hell up.)
Dean : That rollercoaster...(he goes pale, takes another bite of his fairy floss) Damn, that's good cotton candy!
MJ : Only the best for my Deanie Boy! (she turns to face SG) I want my toy!
SG : Why should I give it to you?
MJ : Coz I satisfied all the criteria of this damn game!
SG : Prove it.
(MJ grabs SG by the collar)
MJ : I'll do more than prove it, b*tch.
SG : Let go of me or I'll have you kicked out of the circus.
Em : keep going MJ!
Sam : But I like the clowns! (he laughs in Em's ear)
Em : God, what is your problem?
Sam : Nothing, I just let all my problems fly with the wind, and give them all to you...
Em : Idiot.
Sam : See? I told you that I gave you all my problems.
Em : sam, you are my freakin' problem!
Sam : i'm sure we can solve the Impala...
Em : You must be high if you think I want to do anything there, with you!
Sam : I know you want me...
Em : I want you off whatever your on
MJ : (To Sg) So, are you going to give me the damn plush?
SG : Okay, which one do you want?
MJ : That one! (she points to an oversized care bear with a sunflower on it's stomach)
Dean : That one?
MJ : Yes.
Dean : Why?
MJ : Why not?
Dean : It's so...feminine.
MJ : Last time I checked, I was a girl. Or you're gay.
Dean : Ah, yes, you're right.
MJ : About you being gay?
Dean : Yes, MJ...
MJ : I love you Dean.
Dean : Damn right you do! (they kiss, Em runs up to them)
Em : You have got to get me away from him!
Dean : Right now?
Em : Yes!
MJ : Sure, bubz. (she calls out to Sam) Hey, Sam!
Sam : Yeah?
MJ : Cops are nearby. They're randomly drug testing people.
Sam : Sh*t! Not that I'm high or anything...I just...need to use the bathroom!
(Sam exits)
Dean : So, you really think he's on something?
MJ : No, he just ran away for no reason.
Dean : Thought so.
(Em hits him)
Dean : What was that for?
Em : Coz you're an idiot!

Dean: This is boring.
Em: Want to go?
Mj: Yep, lets go find jess.
Dean: You girls go were all the cafés are .. i'll take crack head to damo's trailer.
Em: dry.gif
Mj: Ok Dean th_hug9in.gif
Em and Mj depart and sam comes back.
Sam: *normal now* Where is em?
Dean: She went to find jess crack whore.
Sam: dry.gif dude im not a crack whore.
Dean: Listen sammy .. u can go all drugo on us thats fine .. but emily isnt going to put up with it .. she is cleary stressed out and worrying about you and when we go a hunt and u try and shoot something and you miss .. that could mean the death of one of us .. or em .. so think about what ur doing!
Sam: Even if i was on crack i would never do it in a hunt dude .. not that im on crack shifty.gif
Dean: *shakes head* Ok sammy .. we're going to that damo dude's trailer to see if jess is there.

Em: Hey Jess!
Mj and Em come over to the table were Damien and Jess are sitting.
Mj: We're gonna go now jessie.
Jess: Ok .. i'll see you soon damien .. you have my number.
Damien: Yes.
Jess gets up to leave with Em and Mj, who have already started walking away. Damien grabs her hand and kisses her on the cheek.
Damien: I want to be hearing from you.
Damien leaves and jess catches up to emily and mj smiling happily.
Em: Whats that look for? happyoface.jpg
Jess: *happily* what .. this is what i look like.
Mj: *to em* she is so wipped happyoface.jpg
Mj and Em giggle about jess.

--------at the same time---------

At Trailer
Sam: I dont think anyone is in there.
Dean: Or they dont wont to be disturbed.
Sam: happyoface.jpg
Dean tries the door and it isnt locked. They enter the trailer.
Dean: I thought he would have had a lock because his precious violin is in here.
Sam: rolleyes.gif
There is no one in the trailer .. sam and dean open the bedroom door and see damien standing there holding his violin.
Dean: Well he isnt with jess.
Dean: Whoa calm down damo.
Damien: ......... calm down? You just broke enter private property!! rant.gif
Dean: Dude chill.
Damien: NO! .. get out! .. GET OUT!
Sam and Dean hurry out of the trailer.
Damien stands for a moment holding the violin looking very unsure of what to do .. he quickly puts the violin down and hurridly leaves the trailer.!

Dean : That guy was insane!
Sam : So are you!
Dean : Dude, What - the - f*ck!?
Sam : Nothing...let find the girls ok?
Dean : Yeah..i can agree with you there, pot head!
Sam : Shut up! Beavus!
Dean huh.gif : Lets just go...

Dean and Sam meet up with the girls.
Jess : Hey guys!
Dean : Did she get laid?
MJ : Dean!
Dean : What!?
MJ : Shut up!
Sam grabs Em around the shoulders and kisses her on the forehead, making little squishy noises.
Jess : Sam, stop sucking out Em's brain!
Sam : Mmm... brains! Zombie02.gif
MJ : Ah ok...
Dean : You me back off impala!
MJ : Dean, you're getting just as weird as Sam..
Dean (yells) : Never!
MJ : huh.gif
Jess : blink.gif
Em : SAM GET OF MY FOREHEAD!!! EmoPackv12_010.gif

Em : (pleadingly) Can we go now? Please?
Sam : But that would involve leaving the circus!
Dean : No sh*t, sherlock.
Sam : Don't you talk to me like that!
Dean : Whatever.
Sam : Bite me!
Em : Please. Let's just get out of here.
(MJ, Jess, and Em begin to walk off. Dean pulls Sam back)
Dean : Remeber what I said, Sammy boy...
Sam : Dude! Right now, I don't remember anything.
Dean : I wonder why. careful of what you have, she's fiesty, but she still needs to be looked after. Like when she's around clowns, and you didn't do that. You mocked her fears.
Sam : Go Sigmund Freud.
Dean : Who?
Sam : And I'm the idiot?
Dean : I'm not the one who's high.
Sam : Well, that makes two of us.
Dean : Denial.
Sam : You wish.
Dean : Let's just get your ass out of here.
Sam : Hmph, fine. (he calls out to the circus) bye bye clownies! Miss me!
Dean : Oh, God...
(Everyone is it the Impala. The care bear sits on MJ's lap. And yes, that detail IS important.)
Sam : La did da di da!
Dean : What the hell are you singing?
Sam : An ode to my girlfriend...
Em : Awwww!
Sam : ...and her grumpy, stressed out ways.
Em : F*ck off.
Sam : Watch your language.
Em : Go to hell.
Sam : Happy people don't.
Em : Drug addicts do.
Sam : Stop with the accusations.
Em : Stop with the crack.
MJ : So...where are we off to?
Dean : A hotel. Two rooms.
MJ : Really! Awesome! But what know...
Dean : Oh, not in that way. A room for Sam, and a room for the rest of us.
Sam : Don't you want to be around me?
Dean : Hell no!
MJ : I like the way you think.
Dean : Of course you do.
MJ : You're so up yourself.
Dean : And you're so hot.
(jess' cell phone rings)
Jess : Hey!...Damian! How are you babe?...
Dean : (to MJ) They've known each other what, three hours? And she's already calling him babe?
MJ : Yeah, so?
Dean : God, he's just a guy.
MJ : Let her be happy. Maybe she'll stop drinking.
Dean : And start sleeping around.
MJ : Don't be so negative.
Dean : Why the hell not?
MJ : Coz I'll make it worth your while
Dean : Maybe we'll need more rooms tonight...
Jess : (on phone) ... yeah, it's all good ... they broke into your cabin? ... two guys? ... well, that's weird ... you going to call the cops? ... good idea ... okay, I'll talk to you later? ... dinner? tonight? ... hell yeah, you know I'm there! ... eight o'clock, got it. Love ya! (she hangs up)
Dean : So, you seeing him tonight?
Sam : So, is he going to call the cops on us?
Jess : yes and no. Why the hell were you in his trailer?
Sam : Looking for you.
Jess : If I was in his trailer, do you think I'd want to be found.
Em : Jess, we don't want to know.
MJ : I second that.

Jess: Well then mind ur own business you to.
Mj and Em: Never biggrin.gif
Dean: *frown*
Sam: You alright deanie *pokes dean's sholder*
Dean: I'm .. fine .. oh here is the hotel.
Dean stops the car and the group get out.
Sam: Emmmy they have a pool .. did you bring ur floaties .. coz i forgot mine sad.gif
Em: Oh god WHY!
Sam: *hugs/clings to em*
Dean: I'll go get the rooms .. mj come with me.

Dean and Mj head over to the motel office .. instead of going inside dean pulls Mj around the back of the office.
Mj: I know what you want. *seductively*
Dean: huh? wacko.gif .. oh yeah .. that
Mj: But dont you think we should get rooms first.
Dean: I wasnt coming here to do that .. i need to talk about jess.
Mj: What .. let it go .. guys are gonna ask her out.
Dean: Thats not it .. what time did you find jess?
Mj: Around 3 i guess.
Dean: And damien was with jess?
Mj: Yeah .. wha-
Dean: Because me and sam were at the trailer at 3 too .. and damien was there.
Mj: ermm.gif thats not good.
Dean: What do u rekon .. shapershifter .. some kind of dark double?
Mj: .......
Dean: Hello mj? *waves hand infront of her face*
Mj: I guess our holiday is over?
Dean: Yeah guess so.
Emily comes round the corner.
Em: Thank god u guys are just talking .. i thought i would come round here and wittness some kinky sh*t. blink.gif
Mj: Em ...
Em: What .. you guys look kinda glum.
Dean: ermm.gif
Mj: When we met up with Jess and Damien .. Dean and Sam were talking to him in his trailer.
Em: dry.gif
Dean: We think something is up .. like our kind of something.
Em: Great ... My sister is dating a really nice, sweet, charming guy or a evil shifter .. just great!
Dean: Yeah thats about it.
Em: Well what does it want .. which one is the real one? wacko.gif
Dean: I would say that the one jess is dating is the real one ..
Em: How'd you figure that?
Dean: Well the damien me and sam met was kind of .. ahh of his rocker.
Em: *wearily* Arn't they all?
Dean: Hey well he was really agro and I think he was trying to steal Damien's violin.
Em: Why .. whats so special about it .. its just some piece of wood with strings on it.
Dean: Not everything is what it appears emily.
Em: Like sam appears like a nice sensible person then when you say one word to him you find out he is utterly crazy?
Dean: *ignores this* maybe the violin is magical .. like someone blessed it or something.
Mj: Could explain why Damien could control those animals like that.
Em: Yeah but maybe he doesnt even know its magical.
Dean: Well lets look into it.
Em: Umm jess?
Mj: I dont think we should tell her just yet ... not until we have proof.
Dean: Well sam will be in his own room .. jess will be on her date .. we can research then.
Mj: Your so hot when you say stuff like that^^
Dean and Mj = th_hug9in.gif
Em: O.....k blink.gif .. im gonna go find sam ...

(Damian and Jess)
Damian : Evening mademoiselle Jessica. (That's so weird - I haven't been called Jessica in ages!)
Jess : Hey Damian!
(he kisses her hand, Jess blushes.)
Damian : Shall we sit down?
Jess : Ah, yeah, I guess...
(Damien pulls out a seat for her, Jess sits.)
Jess : So, do you come here often?
Damian : Only when the circus is in town, and usually alone.
Jess : Don't you have millions of girls fawning over you?
Damien : Not really. And none of them have eyes like you...
Jess : Awwww.
Damien : What about you? Aren't you with someone? Surely someone like you would have a man in their life?
Jess : I travel a lot with my sister and my friends, so I don't really have time to setlle down...
Damien : I sense there is more to the story.
Jess : In my life, there's more to every story.
Damien : I'm sorry, what did you just say?
Jess : Oh, nothing, nothing important.
Damien : Things that lack importance would never come from your lips.
Jess : (blushing madly) Uh...
Damien : So, what happened with the last guy in your life?
Jess : I don't...don't want to talk about it.
Damien : Wounds can never heal if they are never revealed.
Jess : It's just...very recent. May we order now?
Damien : Certainly.
(Em, MJ and Dean. Sam is locked up in his room)
Em : guys really think something's up with Damien?
Dean : How many times do we have to say yes?
Em : Until you convince me.
MJ : I thought we had.
Em : you have, I just like p*ssing Dean off.
Dean : GO to hell.
Em : Right after you.
MJ : Guys! Research!
Dean : Fine.
(They start looking through books, Dean is on his laptop. MJ looks hard at a page.)
MJ : Hey! Isn't that Damien's violin?

Dean and Mj scoot over to mj and her dam sexy piece of paper cool.gif
Em: It is .. why is it in a Gypsy history paper? wacko.gif
Dean: Maybe if we read we'll find out.
Em: *sarcastically* No WAY! ohmy.gif
Mj: *reads* Its a gypsy lengend .. they say a powerful gypsy god blessed a ancient violin .. the god blessed it with the power to be able to calm all animals .. even control them .. it is also rumoured that the violin could calm paranormal things .. such as spirits, creatures and demons.
Dean: So whoever this guy is .. he wants the violin .. to what create a army of supernatural beings?
Mj: Seems like it.
Em: What if damien knows?
Mj: blink.gif
Em: No think about it .. if he knows about the violin .. and what if he knows about jess?
Mj: He could control her?
Em: Great.
Dean: I dont think thats the case .. even if he does know about the violin there is know way he could know about jess.
Em: Well then we have to find the dude who wants it.
Mj: Ok .. lets kick some ass
Dean: Whoa! hold up!
Em and Mj: What!
Dean: This guy wants the violin and could control anything supernatural
Mj: Yeah .. ur point?
Dean: You, jess and Sam are all in danger.
Mj: Excuse me.
Em: Dean's right mj .. he could control you.
Mj: So what .. you guys want to do this on ur own?
Em: ......
Dean: ........
Mj: You need my help .. you need sam's help .. you defiantly need jess .. she is the one with the fire power.
Em: Listen Mj .. remember when Yemen controlled you .. do you really want that to happen again .. to feel that out-of-control!
Mj: I really dont care what happens to me.
Dean: Well i do.
Mj; come on dean .. we're stronger together.
Dean: ........
Mj: Dean sad.gif
Dean: Ok.
Em: What!
Mj: Thanks .. i'll get the duffle ready.
Mj leaves.
Em: Are you insane .. if she gets controlled or jess or sam its not going to be pretty .. i know she isnt evil or anything and neither are the other two but they certainly do have the ability to be evil.
Dean: I know its dangerous. But this damien wanna be wont hurt them .. its us he'll need out of the way.
Em: Exactly .. he will try and use mj, sam and jess to do that .. how are you gonna feel when u might have to kill ur brother .. ur girlfriend in self defence.
Dean: ...........
Em: Dean!?
Dean: Its a risk .. isnt everything in this job .. come on we have work to do.
Em: *mutters* more with the macho emotionless crap.
Dean: what?
Em: Nothing .. i didnt say anything!

They arrive at the circus, it's late and it seems that no one is around, except
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