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Arj and Poopy Forum Rules
As a member of this board, you must follow these rules.

To report abuse, PM poopy or a moderator
No excessive use of profanity.
No racial, ethnic, gender insults or any other discriminations.
No offensive or harmful posts/PMs.
Spam is not allowed. This includes short, useless posts or excessive repeat posting
Pornography, warez, and any other illegal activities are NOT allowed.
All posts are property of the poster and are the poster's responsibility.
Complaints about a moderator should be sent by PM to poopy (when we get some mods).
Large images or several images should be linked to and not posted directly.
Max Signature size: you may have images and text that total 550 width x 150 height or less. A moderator or Admin may contact you about changing it if your signature is larger than this.
You may advertise your website in your signature.
Post in an appropriate forum. If your topic is placed in the wrong forum, it may be moved.
Any impersonation is strictly not allowed.
Topics may be deleted or closed to keep the board organized and up to date.

-We reserve the right to edit or remove any posted content.

Violation of any of these rules will result in one or more of the following punishments:
[Least Severe]
-Change of postcount.
-Edit of post, signature, or avatar.
-Mod queue: all of your posts must be approved first.
-Removal of certain abilities: sig, avatar, PM, etc.
-Removal of your posting rights.
-Suspension of your user account
-Deletion of your user account
-And other punishments.
[Most severe]

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