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 Finwe, window washing sprite
Lord Hoehn
Posted: Jun 9 2009, 09:04 PM

Lord of the leprechauns

Group: Admin
Posts: 434
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-September 07

Sprite Informant

Name Finwe
Gender Male
Race Sprite
Age 38 yrs
Height 8 inches (size of powerade bottle)

Sprites are marvels of magic but who would have thought such a creature would be honed in the art of window washing. A sprite’s wings enable it to reach the highest windows of a sparkling cathedral and the lowest cranny in a crooked hovel. Their high energy and metabolism gives them the ability for strenuous rapid arm movements at lighting speed. The funny thing about sprites spit is that it’s a natural polisher which could turn a scratched disgusting window into glass as clear as air, not to mention that they are small and discrete with cute childish features that everyone loves. Finwe is the sprite that put all these characteristics together as the entrepreneur of the first five sprite window washing company. His work has gained a reputation of all Sylvan, he does jobs reach from the frozen Crown of Sylvan to the humid coast of Brishiania. What most people don’t see past that trusting smile is the sprite’s reputation and involvement in the Black Market. He works as an informant, passing and giving information on or for powerful players in Sylvan politics for anyone for the right price. His wit, cunning, charisma, and a little bit of luck has let him thrive in the world of Sylvan against the power-hungry politics or the occasional nasty window.

Weapons and Apparel
He wears a cloth tunic, the color naturally depends on what he feels like that day even though he usually tends to lean towards natural or woodsy colors, he also switches clothes quite regularly due to frequently bathing after jobs and work
-cloth tunic
-2 small hand mops
-2 squeeges, one big, one small
-two small magical pieces of wire wool that can scrub off almost anything
- four small towels, each a different color, one is a towel that is impervious to water
dark leather custom sprite ordered armor
-small dirk

He is not a fighter in heart but a bussinessman, his skill is not being seen or being able to make a fast escape if need be or talk his way out of a situation. He carries a small dirk half the size of a toothpick in his leather boots but is not well trained in it to say the lease, his weapon of choice is his small rag or a mop against windows not the against foul creatures or deamons of the planes.
-small silver dirk

All he relies on is his natural sprite gifts and his brain alone to stay out of trouble
- Flying wings
- high speed above sprite average
-high agility
- very high charisma
-Good hearing and vision even more than average sprite

He is small and a naturally as a sprite(below)
- low stamina
-low strength
-low health with little combat prowess

Roleplaying attributes
- amazing and expert knowledge in windows and window cleaning and underground dealings
- natural recognition in his field of window washing and underground ventures
- band of loyal companions that he works with above and below the laws of Sylvan
- good charisma that tries to talk his way out of anything
- an unyielding desire for sweets, particularly peppermint candy canes

4 Sprite Employees
Name Maghill
Age 42
Height 12 inches
Bio- Grown up on the harsh streets of Dekani, Maghill was brought up in a poor district of town, he spent most of his childhood stealing from rich patrons or getting into drunken bar fights throughout town. In his early twenty’s he tried to start a Fairy Fighting guild which failed miserably, no one took him seriously on the condition that a small winged humanoid just wasn’t that intimidating. Finwe found the unlucky sprite along an alleyway, near death due to alcohol poising and another recent bar fight.

Weapons and apparel
- a dark blue cloth tunic
- one standard mop, squeegee, two rags
- Brown studded leather armor
- One large human sized knife that he uses as a claymore

- Able to lift heavy windows and screens
- good at hand to hand
- knowledge in blunt and blade weaponry

- Large for a sprite with unnaturally bulging arms
- 2x the strength of a normal sprite
- lower agility and speed due to size but also a little higher health

Roleplaying attributes
- always wants to get into a fight, always quoting that he killed a hill giant alone with his bare hands
- not the best talker, his weapons and hands due the talking for him
- has a drinking problem, some tease he has a bit of dwarf blood in him
- the fighter in the group and the heavy lifter in the above ground business

Name Alie & Name Daehil
Age 24 Age 24
Height 7 inches Height 7 inches

Bio These two dynamic twins put the T in Trouble. A mischievous duo, they worked at their parent’s bakery shop until their early teens in Notnauts when they were kicked out for making everyone who ate the blueberry muffin left with a permanent blue tongue. With no where to go and looking for fun, they were then employed by master Finwe in his Window Washing business, reveling in the excitement and danger of their secret underground ventures.

Weapons and Apparel
-bright yellow cloth tunic
- one standard mop, squeegee, two rags
-tight fitting black cloth clothes for opt speed and low detection
- various magical and chemical vials used for tricks or anything that can go boom
-bright orange cloth tunic
- one standard mop, squeegee, two rags
-tight fitting black cloth clothes for opt speed and low detection
-small (customized) crossbow and quiver and two sprite sized throwing knives

-Both know basic fighting maneuvers but both rely on being hidden and would rather hit you with sleeping gas or turn some part of you a different color
-Very fast window washers, even for a sprites

-Alie is very knowledgeable in alchemy
-Daehil has been known to be a pretty decent pickpocket

Role-playing Attributes
- always looking for fun or danger, playing so many tricks you would think they were leprechauns
- They work best together, each feeding off each other taunts or moves
- Both have lovely singing voices and have even one competitions in Faire Duet contests

Name Amryn
Age 34
Height 8 inches

Bio A distant cousin of Finwe, Amryn had been raised in the life of luxury, his family a favorite of the Fairie Queen herself. He joined up with his cousin when he heard the reputation and fame that had flown from his window washing services. Amryn wanted to make a name for himself instead of everyone knowing himself only from his last name. He cares little for the companies black market ventures, seeing it as dishonorable and caring little for danger or excitement but always gets swindled into each plan somehow

Weapons and Apparel
- dark purple cloth tunic
- one standard mop, squeegee, two rags
- small round spectacles
- Honoree family leaf armor
- A ornamental sprite sized rapier
-(almost always will never have either of these on him, prefers to wear a sprite sized business robe/suit)

- he is the number cruncher, the brains, the pen and paper of the group
- very book smart but unfortunately not very common sense smart
- has connections with high ranking officials in the government

Roleplaying Attributes
- very picky, half the group thinks he makes up smudges on the window with his imagination, taking a long time on each window
- can get hot tempered and frustrated fast
- does not like self criticism and can be a bit pouty at times
Posted: Jun 9 2009, 09:58 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 492
Member No.: 2
Joined: 2-September 07

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