In a night of twists and turns the 6CW universe saw Max Adamson become the winner of the inaugural Gateway To Glory match, picking up the 6CW World Heavyweight Title in the process after Mr Jones informed entrant number one Nate Nack that if he did not win the Gateway To Glory match he would lose his title to the eventual winner!

The Universe also saw the crowning of new United Kingdom champion Vincent Costello and inaugural tag team champions Scott Harris and Mike Masters with Enforcer being the only champion able to retain on the night after a hellacious match with the EXT Champion Ojore.

The Gateway To Glory showed just what 6CW was about with some shocking moments that will live in the memory of the fans for years to come...what a perfect way to kick off the road to NIGHT OF GLORY V!

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 Escalation Promo section, Fun times ahead.
Posted: Jun 3 2012, 05:21 PM


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Let the good times roll.
Posted: Jun 3 2012, 05:35 PM


Group: Members
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From Cable on 606v2

Team Japan RP

(The scene takes place in a 6CW Arena. The fans are all excited and ready for the upcoming events of Escalation. Japan's National Anthem Blast on the PA as the fans errupt in booes. Mr. Marvelous the true leader of Team Japan followed by Coach Tachibana and the first female Miu wearing her JXW Woman's Championship on her shoulder. The three walks down the ramp as the fans looks surprised not to see Hidari, Tsukasa or Kenzaki. The three other members makes their way down to the ring and up the stairs into the ring as "Japan's National Anthem" dies down. Mr. Marvelous grabs the mic)

Mr. Marvelous- Greetings Wrestling Fans in the Arena today. In case you haven't noticed this is indeed our first conformation like this. My name is Mr. Marvelous. To my right is a man who I believed can shape Team Japan to a whole new level or competition Coach Tachibana!

(The Fans Boo)

Mr. Marvelous- As expected the fans in 6CWF don't appreciate good talent but as 2012 begins to change for the better Team Japan will eventually be the Center of Attention. As we move along for the events of Night or Glory which is behind us now. Best be sure that Night of Glory V Team Japan will be the hype!

Mr. Marvelous- But best be sured I'm a very nice individual! I don't want no trouble which is why I guess I'm the most loved person in the Wrestling Industry. But once you crossed me I become your most feared person you've ever met!

(The fans boo)

Mr. Marvelous- Now unlike you European Men. We Japanese People feed off of the hatred and naive booes you people show Team Japan. Which one of the reason why we won the Interfed Cup back in March. Very interesting but the problem Team Japan currently deals with is not determined enough. No Ruthless Aggression at all. So now before I leave to go back to Japan. I must leave my mark on this Team so thats why I would conduct punishment to the team. I am disappointment with this team's performance so thats why I want Hidari, Tsukasa and Kenzaki to come out!

(Mr. Marvelous looks up at the tron)

Mr. Marvelous- Please bring them out!

(Japan's National Anthem blast as Hidari, Tsukasa and Kenzaki comes out in handcuffs beings dragged by what appears to be Japanese Police Officers. Hidari looks peed as Tsukasa and Kenzaki looks down depressed. The three look like they been ruff up and their attire appears to be ripped..)

Mr. Marvelous- Please escort those three into the ring.

(The Japanese Officers drag the three into the ring as they are on their knees. Hidari looks away as Mr. Marvelous stares straight at him "Japanese National Anthem" dies down)

Mr. Marvelous- Hidari you seem aggravated are you mad? Are you sad? Are you disappointment that you failed twice in the last two months! You Hidari failed to win the Elimination Chamber to face Lex hart at Night of Glory which was won by the current World Heavyweight Champion Keith Leone! Then you lose the Treasure Trail to a make who played (GHOST) throughout the whole process Jackson Black! That joke! You beat him before but you couldn't get the job done! Now he's been stripped of the International Title a title which could have been won by you by now!

(Hidari expression changed from annoyed to sad)

Mr. Marvelous- Now Dopant Zero the two men who were suppose to be Tag Team Champions! You lost twice to Gazzy D and Jerome Duboris! You make me sick! I am tired of seeing you two lose to old men. You two were suppose to beat them at Night of Glory!!!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN!!???!?!?!?!

Mr. Marvelous- Fall or Die!? Thats a load of bull$Poopie!

Mr. Marvelous- You three died losing everything that made you who you were!! Which leads us to today! It's time so can I please get a kendo stick for me, Miu and Tachibana please?

6CW Officials bring out kendo sticks as the Officers rip off the attire of Hidari, Tsukasa and Kenzaki, The three men are down to wearing nothing but their trackpants. The shirts labeled Fall or Die are not ripped to pieces.

Mr. Marvelous has a kendo stick in his hand as Hidari looks as if he's been screwed.

Mr. Marvelous- The more you move Hidari the more it'll hurt!

(Hidari looks up as Mr. Marvelous swings the kendo stick on his back making Hidari's back red. Hidari flinches as he takes the pain. Mr. Marvelos swings the kendo stick 9 more times as Hidari shakes. His face is red as his back went from red to dark red. Coach Tachibana walks behind Hidari and swings his kendo stick behind Hidari's back. Hidari falls down in pain as he gets up but the Japanese Officers hold him back down. Miu takes her Kendo stick and swings it behind Hidari 10 times. Hidari continues to shake as his back is now swelling with blood.)

Mr. Marvelous- Hidari your release your problem. You are now Pure!

(Hidari looks back confused)

Mr. Marvelous- Now Dopant Zero it is you turn!

(Suddenly Mr. Marvelous, Miu and Coach Tachibana each took turns swing Kendo Sticks to the back of Kenzaki and Tsukasa. Both Men took it less lightly than Hidari did. Although Tsukasa and Kenzaki's back look less bruised up than Hidari's)

Mr. Marvelous- I hope you three can reflect from what has occurred today into the future of this company! I expect nothing but the best of results for now on! The next time you lose Coach Tachibana will give you the carnage you experienced today! As of now I must leave to go back to Japan!

(Mr. Marvelous leaves the Arena. As Hidari faints in pain. EMT's comes out as Japan's National Anthem Blast in the PA............scene fades away)
Posted: Jun 3 2012, 05:36 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 2,122
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Joined: 19-October 09

again from Cable on 606v2

Hidari Kenji RP

(The scene takes place a day after the events of the brutal assault from Team Japan's leader Mr. Marvelous. The scene opens up backstage where 6CW Wrestlers prepare for their big match up. Suddenly a figure walks by who appears to be Hidari Kenji is wearing his traditional Team Japan Sweat Suit Attire. He also has sunglasses on. Hidari walks down the hall backstage looking peed when 6CW Cameras started following the man.)

Hidari- Stop following me!

Leave Me Alone!

I will not answer and of your parasitic questions.

6CW Reporter- But Hidari after what has transpired last week what does the future has in store for Team Japan will you three break up! And what about yesterday!! Hidari are you quitting the company?!!!!!

(Hidari ignores the reporters as he continues walking down until he passes a figure who appears to be Alex Walker)

Alex Walker- Hidari! Long Time No See!

(Hidari snatches his sunglasses off)

Hidari- You got some nerve looking at me in the eye right now Walker! You are the last person I want to see right now!

Alex Walker- Oh well im most indeed sorry for whatever your experiencing right now Hidari but I'm just happy to have you on the roster.

Hidari- You son of a bitch! I am more than just a wrestler on this pathetic show. I am one of the best competitors in this company! HELL! I AM TOP 10 IN THIS COMPANY!

(Alex Walker chuckles)

Alex Walker- That you are I must admit but you don't look yourself lately as if you're slowing falling off top ten!

Hidari- Get the Hell away from me do you know my sempai!

Alex Walker- I'm sorry I don't know that term? you mean your boss Mr. Marvelous oh such a wonderful guy! He's the only reason why you're still employed with a job!
You and Marvelous can all go back to Japan where I won't have to look at you ever again!

Hidari- You're lucky you're wearing that suit because I will rip that damn thing off just to kick your ass!

Alex Walker- Oh really? Well take your frustration out on your opponent for next week!

Hidari- And who might this be? If it's not Mr. Kenty for the International Title I can give too $hits less!

Alex Walker- This is a man who wants revenge from what you did to him back in January

Hidari- I'm sorry it's been awhile I kicked a lot of people's asses back in January

Alex Walker- GEOFFFF STEEL! WILL BE YOU OPPONENT in Next Weeks Main Event!

(A mix reception erupts in the 6CW ArenaÖHidari expression just gotten worst)

Hidari- Well guess what Mr. Kiss Ass I hope you tell Geoff he better be ready because I am peed and he gonna wish he was on the shelf!

(Hidari walks off as the fans cheerÖAlex Walker pulls out his cellphone and was off..scene fades away)

(The scene reopens back up in the 6CW Arena where the fans are all hype and excited for Escalation as "Hood Hop" blast from the speakers as the fans erupt in boos.)

JT- What a Main Event we're gonna have next week! I can't believe Hidari is gonna face the former World Heavyweight Champion!

HL- Some balls Walker got! I like the guy in all but this is not how you treat one of the top ten superstars in this company! Hidari is suppose to be walking with the Treasure Trail hell with the World Heavyweight Title instead of Keith Leone that joke! And Dopant Zero are suppose to be our Tag Team Champions!!! As of now! Instead we have to deal with Daniel Reilly someone who hasn't shown himself since last year and Perfect Jack who's been getting his ass kicked by Genesis! This is an outrage!

JT- I'm enjoying this new competition this is a fresh start of 6CW. A New Era. If Hidari wants that title shot he's gonna have to step up!

HL- He's UNDERLOOKED!!!!!!!!!!

(Hidari marches down the ramp ignoring all the fans that are booing him. He around to Mike Bird as he hands him a letter)


(Mike Bird looks intimidated as he gets up to read what Hidari wrote)

Mike Bird- Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Future International Champion Hidariiii Kenji!

HL- That's how you introduce someone Bird!

JT- Please stop!

(Hidari smirks as he steals Mike Bird's mic and climbs back into the ring as "Hood Hop" dies down as Hidari speaks!)

Hidari- #1 I am sick and tired of being underlooked!





(The fans boo)

Hidari- You people are all parasites! European Parasites and Leeches who feed off of other people! You people like to take advantage of other people because you enjoy it! You people are all but Ducks and I HATE DUCKS!

(The fans boo)

Hidari- I am angry at the moment! I am better than a #1 contendership match for the TV Title which I can hold onto more than 90 days unlike some people! Now I gotta face a man who is a washed up joke! Geoff Steel!

(Mix Reaction)


(Fans Boo)

Hidari- I am the man who put Geoff Steel on the shelf! And I enjoyed every minute of kicking his ass! Geoff Steel I am peed and you returning back has made me even angrier! You talk like you've come back to make this company more meaningful weill guess what! That's my job get back in line like all the other HAS-BEENS AND WANABEES WHO WANNA MAKE A NAME OF THEMSELVES!

GEOFF STEEL I am tired of being underlooked! You and I are the best in this company and you really think I'm going to waste my talent to kick your ass then no! I am here for one reason and one reason only and thats to win what I came here for originally and thats the International and World Heavyweight Titles! I can make titles more meaningful unlike you Geoff! You reign as Wordl Heavweight Champion for nearly 5 months! 5 Months but because this sad company wouldn't put you and I at a PPV Main Event the ratings were going down and more and more I was sick of watching an goofball like Jackson Black and Keith Leone believing they can take the title off your waist!

I AM THE REASON WHY YOUR NOT CHAMPION AND I WILL BE3 THE REASON WHY YOU WILL RETIRE GEOFF STEEL! Friday Night on Escalation you are gonna wished you haven't stepped in the ring with me!

You are a waist of my time Geoff!

(Hidari drops the mic as "Hood Hop" blast through the speakersÖ)

JT- Tough words by Hidari!

HL- I think that was on of the best in ring promo's Hidari has done all this month! He's tired of being under looked! He's no Jobber Geoff's the real jobber

(scene fades away).

Posted: Jun 3 2012, 05:38 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 2,122
Member No.: 57
Joined: 19-October 09

Leone promo on 606v2

The camera cuts to the backstage area in the medical room. A doctor is standing over a patient on the medic table and trying to instruct him.

Doctor: All Iím saying is that for the 14 months youíve been an active superstar here, youíve easily been my most regular visitor.

???: What are you trying to say Doc, that I quit wrestling?

Doctor: No, Iím saying that maybe you need to start hanging back a little and let someone else take the lead, rather than fighting every battle yourself.

???: Well obviously you donít know me as well as you think you do then...

The doctor is pushed aside and the man on the table is revealed to be Keith Leone. Leone has his ribs bandaged and has a lot of bruising around his face.

Leone: I have never backed down from a challenge and have always fought for what I believed in. Would I have stood up to Genesis without a mentality like that? No, and weíd all still be under the autocratic rule of Alex Walker. I will never stop fighting for what I believe in and I will damn sure not let a bunch of neíer do wells ruin my federation.

Doctor: That may be your view, but at this rate, that ideology is going to cost you sooner rather than later. Iím going to go and get some more bandages and let you cool off for a minute.

The doctor leaves the room as Leone rests his head in his hands and shakes it for a moment, before bringing it back up in a state of slight tiredness.

Leone: It really is a case of same sh*t different day for me. I have the odds stacked against me in a match, I then overcome those odds only to be beaten down by a bunch of goons, I wonder where I have seen all of this before? Heck, itís even still Lex Hart who swoops in at the end to get the glory, but Iíll get onto that situation later. TWA, last week I called half of your guys the 3 for £10 section of a wrestling agency, now I donít even think theyíre worth that. You threw all of your guys at me and yet I still came out the winner of the match. You had monsters, jesters and three former World Champions, however much I disagree that a TWA Title is worth anything, and you still failed to beat me. Maybe thatís why your company failed, or maybe itís just because it was never a company and really just a way of allowing Crowley to exercise his megalomania, which is at least what it has become now. Crowley, I know you are the one pulling the strings here, and as tough as you think you once were, you know that youíre not strong enough to fight myself, Jackson Black, Gazzy D or any of the true 6CW roster, hence this little band of security youíve assembled to take out the rest of the 6CW roster. But Iíll just remind you Crowley, the last guy that tried to take me down is now just a quivering wreck in his GMís chair, taking orders from the likes of Mike Hill, so imagine what Iím going to do to a guy who has actually assaulted me himself. But really it isnít the real TWA guys that I find most comedic at this point in time, that accolade goes to Geoff Steel. People have been telling me that Geoff Steel and Zach Corchia are both still good guys and are just standing beside the guys they respect, but I tell those people two things; first of all, I donít care about Zach Corchia. He is the epitome of the TWA reject and ever since arriving here he was beaten up by Visage and is now being pushed around by some old man, that doesnít really scream great worker to me. I then tell them that I think that Geoff Steel has shown himself under his true guise, as a coward and a sell-out. If he would have walked into this building alone, heíd have had the love of the fans and the respect of most of the locker room, heck, even I would have at least admired his guts on occasions, but clearly all of that was just a front. You donít think youíre good enough to take on a guy like me, a guy you could never beat, so youíre riding on the coat-tails of a failed group of superstars trying to make real names for themselves, youíre no better than any of them now, congratulations.

But then back onto the parasite himself, my old pal Lex Hart. You know Lex, I didnít think it was possible for a man to fall further down than have a team of men win his matches for him and ensure that he never had to make a real title defence. But to actually have another group of men do your dirty work for you proves that you could do it. But I guess that you donít have to pretend to care about this group while they do the dirty work for you, such as beat me down to a pulp so you could steal the 6CW World Title belt. Now I donít know if you werenít watching last week, but I threw that belt down, because that belt means nothing to me. I was the best for 9 months before I held it and I am still the best now, all that belt actually is, is a way to give the insecure reassurance that they are the best in this company, but look at the last 2 World Champions; yourself, a man who was never able to make a successful title defence, Geoff Steel, a man who has never beaten me and lost to me on 3 separate occasions while he held the title. I am the World Champion, Iím the best and have been since I first arrived in 6CW, so you keep hold of that precious belt of mine and really cherish it, as all itís giving me a chance to do is have that feeling of taking it away from you all over again.

But to get to current affairs, I am booked in a match to fight the true embodiment of TWA ďstardomĒ, Zach Corchia. Now Iíve made my feelings clear on you Zach, youíre a nobody who makes the likes of Kenji Hidari seem like seasoned 6CW veterans. The fact that when I came in to 6CW and had to claw my way from the ground up and you then come in to the federation and are welcomed with a red carpet really boils my blood. So now, Iím going to give you the welcome I have been waiting so long to give you to 6CW and if I get some vengeance for the sneak attacks you have been part of for the past weeks, then all the better.

From off camera the doctor walks into shot with a set of bandages in one hand and a syringe in the other.

Leone: Oh good, more needles without any of the fun stuff in them.

Doctor: Just take it like a man before I start sending you to the vets for your medical work.

Keith Leone looks coldly at the doctor as he moves towards him and the scene fades to black.
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