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Title: Promo Thread

Dicey Reilly - March 15, 2011 09:56 AM (GMT)
Get to it :D

Johnny Dice - March 15, 2011 01:26 PM (GMT)
The titantron lights up with the camera swooping through a casino in Vegas. The camera keeps moving past people playing slot machines, past the blackjack tables and stops as it reaches the poker tables.

A large shout can be heard from another section and the camera spins around and starts flying through the casino past the roulette tables, and gets closer to the crowd that is making the noise at the crap tables.

The crowd splits allowing the camera to get closer. A man stands with the dice in his hands. He is wearing a light coloured suit with his shirt unbuttoned to his chest. He is sporting some tan sunglasses that he leaves on.

Johnny Dice: Hey. Good of you to finally find me. The names Dice and I hate to lose.

The man takes a drink from his short tumbler which has a mojito in it,

JD: I make my debut this week and I suggest that you check it out. I am taking on the unknown Internecio. Well just a word of warning to you, Int. The crowd dont know about you, but I do. I have friends in all the right places and they have given me the low down. Your strengths, your weaknesses - there isnt a single thing I don't know about you. I always stack the deck in my favour.

Johnny throws the dice along the table. He hits a 5 and 2 on the roll up and the crowd cheer.

JD: As I said, I don't like to lose.

The camera fades.

Dicey Reilly - March 15, 2011 03:42 PM (GMT)
Dicey is walking backstage and walks by Johnny Dice’s dressing room, Dicey stops and smirks to himself

Dicey: Johnny Dice…maybe he should team up with Daniel Reilly and they could go by the name of Team Dice Reilly and together they still wouldn’t be as good as me haha

Dicey starts to walk again when Christy James walks around the corner and bumps into him

Christy: Oh I’m so sorry Dicey….

Dicey: Shh shh shh shh, it’s ok sweetheart, don’t apologise for fate

Dicey starts to laugh as he gives her a cheeky wink, Christy looks at him and smiles back not knowing if he’s serious or joking

Dicey: Im only messing with ya, whats up?

Christy: Oh thank god, I thought you were serious there for a second, the thoughts of you and me (Christy makes a shuddering noise)

Dicey: I am standing here you know

Christy goes red with embarrassment

Christy: Sorry, anyway you have a big match this week against one of the participants in the Night of Glory Main Event, Lex Hart…

Dicey: Let me stop you right there Christy, I don’t give a shit what match old Pink Pants is in, he is still a pink wearing Canadian ball bag, that I have on numerous occasions slapped the Maple out of his mouth, just because he has somehow found his way into the Main Event in the Greatest show of the year doesn’t mean I won’t beat him until he’s seeing visions of cousin Owen and Grandpa Stew oiled up and pulling the jock strap off one and other

Christy flinches as the vision of Owen and Stew Hart pops into her head

Dicey: Everyone and there dog knows that if I wasn’t defending MY TV Title at NoG, then I would be in that Elimination Match instead of the dumb canuck, but Im not bitter because I have bigger fishes to fry in the shape of big brawn a stupid, Antoine Mason

Christy: We saw you picking up the pin on Monday on Mason, do you think that gives you the edge on him

Dicey: I don’t need the “edge” on Mason or anyone else, just because he beaten Mark Matzko a few times doesn’t mean shit, my nana could beat up Matzko and do it in less time than it took Mason, Ive seen people like Mason before all cock and no balls, he talks a good game but when it comes down to it he’s just big mouth and nothing else, well Mason I have big balls and I cant wait to shove them down that mouth of yours…

Christy looks shockingly at Dicey who realises what he just said

Dicey: Well that didn’t sound right…but I do have big balls ;)

Christy: I’m…sure…you…do anyway I have to go, I’l see you around Dicey

Christy walks off leaving Dicey standing in the hallway, he slaps himself in the head

Dicey: I want to shove my Big balls in your mouth…arrrgh!!! Stupid, Dicey, we could have been in there

Dicey walks off towards his dressing room

theicon - March 15, 2011 04:31 PM (GMT)
As Dicey walks towards his dressing room he is confronted by Lex Hart
Lex is struggling to control his laughter

LH" Are you kidding me?????
You accuse me of being effeminate with these shorts and there you go threatening to teabag you're next opponent

Dicey Dicey Dicey maybe you need to have a long hard look at yourself

The heavy drinking the womanising
Are you trying to fight the inevitable???

Lex is looking at Dicey smugly

Do we need to get Percy back here to help you find your true self????

yarmouth-blade - March 15, 2011 06:00 PM (GMT)
the lights go out and there's green fire works at the top of the stag then the one and only hits, yarmouth blade comes out bouncing on his tip toes, the crowd goes wild.

blade walks down to the ring giving high fives to the crowd as he walks down the ramp and into the ring.he gets a mic, hello 6cw universe.

crowd x5 (yarmouth blade chant)

well what an escalation we had for you last week hey.

crowd x5

I finally got one over angle of the untouchables.

crowd boo x5

now were in a triple tag team match with the core which is my self Frank rook. and triple d.

crowd x5

and were facing the untouchables and Jerome Dubois.

crowd x5 (boo)

my old arsehole friend Jerome Dubois the man can only win by cheating.

the crowd start the arsehole chant at Jerome Dubois.

now me and arsehole have had a history in the past and i cant wait to get my hands on him.he's just one French arsehole who has no respect for himself or his father who has taught me a great deal in this business and i will make sure that Jerome Dubois will know what respect means.

now on to the untouchables.

crowd boo x5

they robbed us of our belts we should now be the tag champs of the world at this time not those idiots but we will get them sooner or later he Franky.

crowd chant rooky, rooky, rooky

now triple d we have not seen eye to eye but i just hope for one night we will unite as one team and kick there candy ass all over the place.

because I am the one and only, blade points the mic to the crowd and the shout yarmouth blade x10.

the one and only hits and he leaves the ring waving to the fans and giving high fives to the crowd as he leaves.

Internecio - March 15, 2011 08:31 PM (GMT)
The scene is one of a circus, people are walking around and having fun at different stalls around the circus. A bearded woman sits in the corner as people queue up to touch her beard. There are a group of monkeys in a cage, but all of them are dressed in suits. A sword goes flying across the camera and stabs a wall before a tattooed man pulls it out of the wall and starts to swallow it as some people 'woop' him. The camera starts moving towards a big tent, the sign above the opening simply says 'The Beast'. The room is dark, but the stands are full of people who are all chattering away in anticipation. Suddenly a single spotlight switches on and the crowd becomes quiet, smoke billows into the centre of the tent and a cage is raised onto the floor. Inside of the cage is a large man, he has long black hair that hangs over his face, he is wearing only a loin cloth and he looks up, his almost pure black eyes staring into the crowd who are shocked into silence. The camera zooms in on one person in the corner of the tent, who is wearing a suit, and taking notes.

The scene changes to in an office, out of the window, you can still see they are in the circus though. A man sits at his desk, he is chewing on a pen, stood next to him is the large man from earlier. There is a knock at the door and the man sat at the desk says; 'Come in.' The suited man from earlier walks in, he walks over to the man at the desk and shakes his hand.

SM: Hello, my name is Mr. Jones.

DM: My name is Jonathan Shaw, you can call me John.

MJ: I am here to make you a business proposition Mr. Shaw. I suggest you take me very seriously.

JS: I am listening.

MJ: I am what you would probably describe as a sports agent. In the past I have represented different sports stars, in different professions and in different ways. I haven't had a client in a couple of years though, I took a break from all the phone calls and the e-mails. I have been on the look out for somebody I believe will become massive, somebody who I want to take to the top.

JS: This is all very nice, but what has this got to do with me and my circus? If there is one thing in this world I hate, it's time-wasters.

MJ: I can assure you, I am not wasting your time. In fact, I am here to sign up one of your...'acts'. In fact, I am here for him.

Mr. Jones looks at the large man in the corner. Mr. Jones and Jonathan Shaw continue to speak and eventually Mr. Jones pulls out a briefcase and opens it up, but it's contents are hidden. Jonathan Shaw's eyes widen as he looks into it, and the large man steps towards Mr. Jonest.

The scene changes again and we're in the 6CW arena, the crowd are all talking, similar to the circus when suddenly the lights go off. 'Your Betrayal' is blasted out and the crowd are not sure how to react as Mr. Jones steps out slowly. He is clapping when the large man steps out.

H: This man looks absolutely huge. We saw him beat Jack Frost on Monday, and seeing this man get the 123 might be a familar sight.

JT: This guy is called Internecio, I did a little research and that means 'destruction' in Latin. If this guy lives up to his name, 6CW better watch out.

Mr. Jones gets into the ring and he is holding a mic. Internecio steps over the top rope and stands by him. Mr. Jones lifts the mic up.

MJ: 6CW, may I have your attention please. I am Mr. Jones, in the past I have been nicknamed The Agent. You miserable people have the pleasure, no, the privelage of having myself and my client; Internecio's presence out here in this ring.

Some of the crowd start booing.

MJ: On Monday you watched my client destroy Jack Frost, who I can only assume is some kind of laughing stock in this company who is mocked by everybody because to even suggest that he was a genuine athelete is laughable.

Most of the arena are booing now.

MJ: He was easily disposed off, left in the corner, brusied and beaten, black and blue, bewildered and baffled at the monster that had just left a trail of destruction in his path. I am sure you have all seen the horrific pictures coming from Japan in the past few days, I am sure you have all been shocked and quite simply upset by the events that have occurred in the Far East.

The crowd stop booing as they realise Mr. Jones is being sympathetic.

You have seen nothing yet! If that shocks you, you should look away everytime you see Internecio here walking down the ramp, because the sheer amount of pain and suffering he will inflict will be more horrifying than any kind of natural disaster!

The crowd begin to boo again.

MJ: This Monday, my client has to face another novelty act. I promised Internecio that I'd get him away from the circus people, away from the clowns, the jokes and the useless human beings that roam this planet. Yet within two weeks 6CW has led him into the path of two huge jokes, but Internecio understands. The powers that be like the hoop jumping, and Internecio will jump hoops until he gets his hand on some sweet, sweet gold. Mr. Dice, you think you know everything there is to know about my client, then you are pretty ignorant. Internecio is mysterious, he is an unknown entity. However, soon all of the world will know who he is, for he is the most Destructive Force in the World!

The crowd boo Mr. Jones and Internecio as the huge monster lifts his arms in the air, his almost pure black eyes piercing yet another crowd. Mr. Jones hands the mic away before rolling out of the ring and walking up the ramp, being followed by Mr. Jones.

Dicey Reilly - March 16, 2011 10:03 AM (GMT)
Dicey grins at Lex

Dicey: Well to get Percy back we would probably have to remove him from your rectum, is there something you want Lex or are those pink budgie smugglers cutting off the oxygen to your brain and your looking to start our fight a little early

Lex puts his hands up in an "easy" way

Marky - March 16, 2011 11:03 AM (GMT)
As Yarmouth Blade gets to the top of the ramp, "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys hits and Duke Dylan Debadguy walks out, he stares intently into the eyes of Yarmouth Blade who doesn't look concerned at all, Duke smirks and puts the microphone to his mouth;

DDD: So you and Frank Rook should be Tag Champs? From what I remember Mr Blade, you and Rook lost cleanly to those "idiots". Let me ask you a question. If they are the idiots, what does that make you?

(Yarmouth Blade goes to speak)

DDD: I'm not done yet Blade, lips moving, still talking. Now i'm not a fan of you or Frank Rook, I don't like you and I don't rate you, as far as i'm concerned you and your buddy can take your crowd pointing to rubbish entrance music antics and disappear from 6CW. But, for some reason, Gerard Dubois sees something in you. He sees something in me, because I should already be 6CW TV Champion. If it wasn't for our opponent Jerome Dubois attacking me when I had the win in the bag. And you are right. We need to unite and kick "their candy ass" as you so eloquently put it, all over the place.

Blade: I...

DDD: Manners Yarmouth Blade, manners. They don't cost a penny. The point is, I don't care if "we" get the win. I don't care if you and Frank Rook get what you would call redemption on The Untouchables. I'm on one side of the ring, and Jerome Dubois is on the other side. Do yourself a favour Blade, stay out of my way on Escalation. Leave Jerome Dubois to me, I am 6CW's resident bad guy, and I will prove it when I put the French Fancy in his place.

(Triple D nonchalantly drops the microphone and walks backstage)

theicon - March 16, 2011 11:43 AM (GMT)
LH" Whoa whoa whoa there Dicey little bit to eager to prove your masculinity ???

Lex grins smugly before looking Dicey up and down

LH" Just take a step back Paddy and chill firstly because your breath is burning my eyes and secondly because I think I have proved in the past more than once what happens when people get in my face!!!!"

Dicey pokes Lex in the chest

DR" Or what!!!"

Lex takes a step back

LH" Ok ok i'll be the bigger man here
I'm not here to cause trouble Dicey
Me and you are alot alike

Dicey looks at Lex confused

LH"We have both won title after title but still the powers that be wanna keep us down
We're not the poster boys of the company and so we are kept from the top

We shouldn't be fighting one another Dicey
We should be fighting a common goal

Dicey still looks at confused

How about at Escalation we show them we wont be forced into this pointless match
We show them we wont be there performing monkeys

How about at Escalation we use the old finger poke of doom, give me the easy win , take the higher ground and show we won't be pushed around

How about it Dicey????

Lex smiles and stretches out his hand for Dicey to shake

Dicey Reilly - March 16, 2011 12:18 PM (GMT)
Dicey scratches his bearded chin, as he mulls over Lexs offer

Dicey: So you want me to lay down for you to prove a point to the man....

Lex: What do you think? us Originals should stick together, so come on shake my hand

Lex trusts his hand closer to Dicey for him to shake

Dicey: You know what Lex your right we should stick together, we've been here from the start, we've proved time and time again that we are the top guys in this company and what do we get in return?

Lex: Nothing

Dicey: You damn right nothing, I have to thank you Lex, you have really opened my eyes to the corruption of this once great Organisation so put it here buddy

Dicey puts his hand out to shake Lex's hand but pulls it away at the last second

Dicey: Put you hand down you moron, did you really think I would fall for that crap, I may be dumb but Im not Canadian dumb, you and me are nothing alike, what have you achieved here? a couple of tin pot belts and nothing else, you were part of the first ever Night of Glory Main Event, while I was fighting the likes of Triple X and look at us now, I'm a former Heavyweight and Tag Champ, the longest reigning TV Champion in 6CW history and I'm the first 6CW Triple Crown winner, my career has been highlight reel after highlight reel and yours haha yours has been an after thought

Lex' face turns red with anger

theicon - March 16, 2011 12:48 PM (GMT)
LH" You impertinent fool
I was offering you a chance to save face
A chance to avoid the biggest beating of your life but you throw it back in my face

How dare you!!!!

Lex is seething

Who do you think you are

You are nothing compared to me, nothing

I am the greatest name in professional wrestling and you are nothing but a joke, a washed up has been desperately clinging to his past carrying a worthless title belt involved in second rate ppv matches

You're a joke Dicey and you have the gall to stand here with me and mock Lex Hart

Lex shakes his head and laughs

You will rue this day Dicey mark my words
Monday night I will show the world exactly why I am headlining Night of Glory
And you will wish you had taken up my offer!!!!!!

Lex turns away to walk down the corridor

Dicey Reilly - March 16, 2011 02:59 PM (GMT)
Dicey shouts after Lex

Dicey: Beating of my life haha your lucky your walking away and that it's St Patricks Day tomorrow or id be dancing all over that ugly mug of yours

Dicey kicks open his dressing room door and slams it shut, he walks over to the draw and takes out his passport and changes into a green t-shirt with "Kiss me i'm Irish" on it

Dicey: Paddy's Day starts now Bettsie old girl, first a few drinks at Jack's bar then off the the Motherland to paint the town Green

Dicey picks up his kit bag and walks out into the corridor

theicon - March 16, 2011 03:24 PM (GMT)
As Dicey walks down the corridor he is struck from behind with a chair

Dicey falls to the floor in agony as his assailant follows it up with a couple of kicks to his stomach

Dicey is prone on the floor as the camera pans up to reveal Lex Hart stood over him grinning smugly

LH" Where's the luck of the Irish now huh Dicey

Lex boots dicey in the gut once more before walking away down the corridor leaving the TV Champion writhing in agony on the floor

Perfect Jack - March 16, 2011 09:54 PM (GMT)
Perfect Jack walks around the corner and see's Dicey Reilly on the floor.

PJ: Oh dear, that's unfortunate.

Perfect Jack helps Dicey up onto a standing position.

PJ: Always needed me to help you back up didn't you Dicey. Looks like no main event for you at Night of Glory 3, but there's a main event for me. This year i'll make it two in a row where I win the world title.

This week, I take on a contender for your TV Title, Antoine Mason, make sure you watch Dicey, because I'll show you how to beat him. Perfectly.

Anonymous - March 16, 2011 11:41 PM (GMT)
The titantron goes black and the fans in the arena quieten down.

A dot appears on the screen flashing.
...RT #generation_z_ We are Legion

The fans in the arena simultaneously reach into their pockets to receive an email. It too reads ‘We are Legion’.

The words on the screen fade away and in its place is an image of a mask.

Underneath fades in 'We are coming'.

Anonymous - March 16, 2011 11:46 PM (GMT)
The camera cuts to a darkened room backstage. Within several monitors align the back wall, each flickering with static and white noise.
In front them silhouetted against the screen sits a lone figure, his features are hidden.
Slowly he reaches out to a keyboard and types out a word, the camera follows and zooms in.


He presses Enter and the screens simultaneously flicker to life.

A masked face appears on every monitor. The same as that appeared on the titantron earlier.

Are you watching us?


Are we watching you?

We are Legion

We are Anonymous

We are No-one

We are Everyone

It begins to fade out but one image remains:


yarmouth-blade - March 17, 2011 10:02 AM (GMT)
the camera spins round the back stage area and yarmouth blade is talking to some security men when christy walks up to him, hi yarmouth blade can i ask you your reaction to what ddd said to you on the stage just now?

blade looks into the camera and smiles, first of by god christy your hot we must go on a date some time hunny.

christy doesn't know where to put her face.

yb only joking hunny calm down, now ddd we agree on two things we don't like each other and we certainly don't like how did you put it that French fancy Jerome Dubois, what big words you have my friend.

ch, blade will you be able to get a long with ddd on escalation on Monday night?

yb well christy babe me and Frank Rook will get a long with ddd but will he get a long with us that's the question?but let me tell you some think, we do care about winning i want to win as many matches as i can so you better be on your game ddd.

the camera spins round out of shot as yarmouth blade walks away.

Johnny Dice - March 17, 2011 03:24 PM (GMT)
Johnny Dice arrives at the arena in his convertable hire car. He is wearing a suit, unbuttoned shirt with gold cufflinks.

He jumps out and grabs his bag.

JD: going to have to get myself some wheels for the UK. And learn to drive on the left as well - that old lady nearly bought the farm!

Johnny walks through the arena doors and is stopped by security.

JD: Hey, watch the threads, amigo. This is Italian Silk and I dont need some beefcake getting it all creased.

Security: Where do you think you are going.

JD: I am Johnny Dice - the next big thing in 6CW - and that is something you can put your house on. Johnny "loaded" Dice is the new star attraction.

The security guard checks his sheet and allows Johnny through. He walks backstage and asks a crew hand where his dressing room is. After settling in, he opens his bag and pulls out a dossier of his opponent.

JD: You are one ugly freak mister. And not the worlds greatest talker by the looks of things. What exactly has 6CW management seen in you? What on earth will they get from having you on the show? Money? Ratings? Merchandise sales?

Johnny closes the dossier and takes out some poker chips that he flicks between his fingers.

JD: Whereas, I have Hollywood looks, a personality to match and such freakish in ring skills, the whole world is going to tune in. And you can put the house on that.

Internecio - March 17, 2011 09:55 PM (GMT)
Mr. Jones is walking backstage with Internecio striding behind him, his hair still hung over his face, his almost pure black eyes barely visible under the black mess that hangs in front of them. The two men walk up to a locker room and knock on the door, the camera swings around to reveal that the door has 'Johnny Dice' written on it with a symbol of some die next to it. The door swings open and Johnny Dice stands there, flipping a coin. Internecio takes a step forward but Mr. Jones lifts his hand up in the air to stop him. Mr. Jones looks Dice up and down before sighing.

MJ: Judging by the state of you, this company has alarmingly low standards. I suppose it is rather ironic that 6CW are taking such a gamble on you, such a heavy gambler. You don't really offer anything more to this company, other than being a laughing stock of the highest order. I have yet to hear anything come out of that mouth of yours that hasn't been filled with deceit and a strong smell of ridicule. Although, I am glad you rely so heavily on luck, as fortune is the only thing that is going to save you from my client.

Internecio flexes his muscles while Mr. Jones glares at Dice.

MJ: Internecio offers what you cannot, he offers talent. 6CW has been calling out for somebody of his stature, 6CW needed somebody who could truly dominate. This man is going to be a world champion, mark my words, write them down. How about you have a little bet on it, because I can assure you Mr. Dice, that Internecio will be a name you, and nobody else will ever forget.

Johnny Dice - March 18, 2011 10:19 AM (GMT)
Johnny Dice looks over at Mr Jones and the beast of an opponent.

He rummages in his bag before pulling out a little black book. He tears out a page and hands it to Mr Jones.

JD: This is my TV debut. I want people to remember this match, so I want you to look respectable. Thats the number for Candy - she'll sort you out with a haircut. She's gold that girl - used to work on tour with the Flock of Seagulls in the 80's.

Johhny goes back to his bag and takes out a pair of steel dice that he starts rotating in the palm of his hand.

JD: I can see you mean business but you have me pegged all wrong. You call me a gambler. That is something I am not. A gamble implies an element of chance. I dont leave things to chance. I make sure that if I am putting money on something, the cards are stacked in my favour. This "contest" of ours is anything but fair. I have friedns who have friends who have told me everything I need to know about your protoge.

JD: And just because he is no longer wanted by the freaks at the crcus anymore, doesnt mean that he is going to make it in 6CW. I know about you Jones. And I know more than anyone else in this federation about you Internecio.

Johnny slumps back down in his chair and flicks on a big plasma screen with live satellite of a Kentucky Horse meet.

JD: Now unless, you two have anything else to say, I suggest that you leave this room before I show you exactly what I am all about.

Johnny looks back over at Internacio and then Mr Jones.

JD: you remember our little chat today. And hopefully, you will have learnt a lesson that Johnny Dice always wins. Especially if it looks like the odds are against him. And you can put your house on that.

Anonymous - March 18, 2011 11:24 AM (GMT)
The camera cuts to backstage where Christy James is relaxing in her locker room, she has a diet coke in her hand and is flicking through the channels.

Christy: Ah Jersey Shore, bit of normality compared to some of those guys I've interviewed over the past few days.

As she settles down though the screen begins to flicker.

Christy: Huh? Why cannot anything work in this place?

She gets up and hits the top of the tv, it briefly flickers and then the signal strengthens, a masked figure appears on the screen.

Christy: Urgh, Snooki needs to sort out her make up!

Masked figure: Sit down Christy.

Christy backs away from the tv and grabs the remote.
She flicks the channels.

The mask remains
Sometimes smaller
Sometimes larger
Sometimes multiples
Sometimes upside down

Masked figure: Are you finished Christy?

Christy screams and throws the remote at the screen, it bounces off and drops to the floor.

Masked figure: We shall commence.

Images flash out of the screen, lolcats, 4chan, sciencology, wikileaks, Rick Astley, no Cussing Club, Sarah Palin, and then back to the masked figure.

We are one
We are few
We are many
We are all

We are neither here nor there
We are nowhere yet everywhere

We are #winning

We empower the meek
We provide a voice
We have no place for egos

For we are Legion

We are Anonymous

We do not forget
We do not forgive


Christy grabs the cable leading out of the back of the tv and rips the plug from the socket on the wall then drops it to the floor. The tv goes black.

Her phone vibrates with a message. She pulls it out her pocket and looks down in shock before dropping it to the floor and running out of the room.
The camera zooms in on the message...

from Anonymous

Dicey Reilly - March 18, 2011 02:36 PM (GMT)
Dicey wipes the blood from his eyes and smiles at Jack

Dicey: You weren't saying that when I brought you on that pub crawl and I was holding you up by pub number 2, I dont need anyone to pick me up never have never will

Dicey shoves Jack away from him

Dicey: We'll see at the end of NoG who is holding a belt, so you can have your Main Event Jack and stick it up your arse, you take care of your own business and stay out of mine, you take on Mason on Monday so focus on him because if you cant finish him I will

Dicey starts to walk off unsteadily after the attack and stops at the corner and looks back at Jack

Dicey: Take care of yourself Jackie Boy, you've done well by getting yourself in the position your dont blow it because I wont be there to pick up the pieces this time

Perfect Jack - March 18, 2011 03:28 PM (GMT)
Perfect Jack laughs.

PJ: I didn't need you before Dicey and I sure as hell don't need you now. I was and still am, the better man. Because I'm Perfect and your not.

gazzyD - March 20, 2011 11:35 PM (GMT)
Scene opens backstage with Christy outside a 6CW locker room

CJ: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm hoping to catch the number one contender for the heavyweight title gazzyD

knocks and gazzyD strolls out wearing jeans and a black t-shirt on it saying seeing is believing

g: Hey Christy, what can I do you for?

CJ: gazzy, I was just hoping to get your reaction to the news we heard last week at Escalaion. At Night of Glory III there'll be another two names added to the main event in Lex Hart and former heavyweight champion Perfect Jack

g: reaction? YOU WANT A REACTION!!!

Christy looks shocked as gazzy starts shouting

g: arsed!! Listen both you and I know I had to be at the top of my game when it was just me and Daniel Reilly scheduled to face off. Theres a reason he's top of the ladder at the minute. The fact that now Perfect Jackass and as Dicey would put it ol' pink budgie smugglers himself, lex have been added to the match won't change a thing. I'm still gonna have to train hard and and put on the performance of my life when it truly matters, and it also won't change the fact that I will be walking out of 6CWs biggest event of the evening as the new World Heavyweight Champion

CJ: But surely all the jibes from Daniel Reilly that you're not ready for he main event, these can't be having a positive effet on you?

g: You would think that, but I do't care about anything Daniel reilly has to say. the only people I listen to are the 20 thousand plus fans who are out there every week cheering my name. As long as they believe gazzyD is main event material then who am I to argue?

CJ:OK, but Daniel reilly you've mentioned yourself is dangerous, and most times you've been in the ring with him you've usually ended up worse off, even when you were meant to be teaming together

g: Fair point, but listen. In all seriousness, there aren't many better in this company, heck the aren't many better in the world than Daniel Reilly. But when I step in that ring for the 6CW title. You can forget everyhing you know about Daniel Reilly, Perfect jack and lex hart. When the spotlight is on the human highlight reel I will make history

CJ: This week on Escalation you go one on one against the champion, surely whoever comes out on top in this one takes a giant step forward in building momentum?

g: aye, which is why I intend to go out there on Monday night and do what I do best.

CJ: You're confident of a win then?

g: I'm confident I can send a message lets leave it at that

CJ: OK, gazzy obviously leaving everything o the imagination there. Only time will tell what his future has in store. back to ringside

Johnny Dice - March 21, 2011 11:51 AM (GMT)
Johhny Dice is slumped in a Lazy boy backstage watching some replays of the World Series of Poker from 2010.

He is lazily doing tricks with some poker chips between his fingers whilst stretching the tightness out of his neck. He flicks the channel over to a video of internecio, from his circus days, showing off his brute strength.

He pauses the image on a close up of the hair covered face of the huge athelete. Johnny sits forward and looks straight into the eyes before standing up and doing some more stretches. He takes one more glance at the image before changing it back to the poker on the other channel, and grinning.

JD: My first match against a freak of an athlete. Lose this Johnny, and the whole world is going to be laughing at you. Win it, and not only will you pocket a tidy sum, but you will be making a huge impression that will lead you onto to glory.

Johnny picks up his cell phone.

JD: What odds will you give me on lifting a belt in 6CW before the end of May? 25-1? I put 10g's on it.

Johnny turns off his phone and throws it into the chair.

JD: Money in the bank.

The Lieutenant - March 21, 2011 01:21 PM (GMT)
Mark Matzko is talking with someone over the phone while sitting backstage.

Mark: Yeah? Uh huh... Absolutely... That should be totally possible... Thank you... Goodbye.

Mark hangs up his phone.

Mark: I've just made it to where 6CW will have the most... interesting summer ever.

Now let me give everyone an update on things going on in 6CW: We have gotten a man whose name is synonymous with the term "Casino Royale", who gambles so much I'd assume he's turned it into a sport, Johnny Dice. I see him doing a lot of bright things here in 6CW.

Also, we've gotten someone from a group I'm all too familiar with: Anonymous. Now for those of you who don't know what Anonymous is, let me tell you: They are a group of internet vigilantes who are relatively neutral. Interesting to see one of them wrestle.

But wait this summer. I have a plan so big, 6CW will be rocked to its core...

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