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 Happy Birthday!
Posted by Joey - 05-3-07 21:54 - 1 comments
Happy BIrthday!
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 When Are We Getting Back To The Story
Posted by Joey - 04-30-07 19:58 - 6 comments
It was turning out to be really good. I miss it.
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 Link Exchange
Posted by jasoniuo - 03-28-07 22:01 - 0 comments
Good evening
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 Oh My Goddess, She Forgot Her...
Posted by Joey - 03-28-07 05:33 - 7 comments
What else could Vivian forget?

-Hair Gel
-Collection of Salleari Cds.
-Her goose that lays the golden egg!
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 13th Labour On Wikipedia
Posted by limmortal - 03-28-07 00:28 - 6 comments

This makes me ambiguously upset. I'm sad and mad and want to find a way to use it, whatever it is, and ...read more
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 Where Are All The Updates?
Posted by Joey - 03-13-07 23:22 - 4 comments
I mean seriously...I was getting really intrested again, and then you stop updating!
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Posted by Joey - 02-21-07 00:52 - 3 comments
Great stuff the last few weeks.
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 Significant Chains Of Comics
Posted by limmortal - 01-29-07 19:50 - 1 comments
Here's an interesting dichotomy:

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 Funny Script!
Posted by Joey - 01-23-07 22:21 - 3 comments
Today's (1/23/07) script is great!

Benvolo's cameo's get better every time. But don't rely on him to get laughs too much.
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Posted by limmortal - 08-10-06 23:09 - 9 comments
I've run into a block, of sorts. I have tablet-phobia, and no scanner. I can't create new comics without using either the scanner or the tablet to turn out line art (or the mouse, which looks even worse than the tablet).

If I can ...read more
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 Guess Whoooo...
Posted by libra_in_red - 06-14-06 05:49 - 8 comments
Welcome back. Sorry I've been away, but it's good to see you are updating again. tongue.gif The art is gett ...read more
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 Thank God You Ended This Story
Posted by Joey - 06-3-06 22:47 - 2 comments
It was bad. The next one will be better I think.

A suggestion: If you want romance in a future story, let me write it.

Although I did like the last panel with Jordan/Andrei

Oh and you're not on An Artificial Ant ...read more
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 Someone's Got A Birthday...
Posted by Joey - 05-24-06 21:31 - 1 comments
i wonder who?

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 The Notes
Posted by Joey - 05-17-06 00:48 - 5 comments
For the most part I like them.

it would be nice if you did the "is it farther?" in three. THink of two more instances. The last joke could be like the "yes it is" style, but done in character.

Overall I lik ...read more
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 Positive Reinforcement
Posted by Joey - 04-25-06 20:56 - 9 comments
Don't take my advice in the wrong way. YOu are VERY talented, and I think you have a good sense of humor too. THe problem isn't with you having a lack of talent, I think it's with a lack of self esteem.

You keep telling yours ...read more
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 Great Page About Writing
Posted by Joey - 04-4-06 01:08 - 4 comments
No B.S, just writing tips. Mostly for screenplays but good for web comics too.


I think it'll he ...read more
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 Free Domain Names
Posted by Joey - 03-23-06 00:03 - 0 comments
YOu might be intrested in this:


The tiny nation of Tokelau gives free domain names away!
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 Web Awards
Posted by Joey - 03-1-06 22:28 - 0 comments
Wikkipedia said that if you can win some web awards that the site will allow a 13th labour page to exist. Otherwise it will delete it.
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 Stephen's Thoughts.
Posted by torrential - 02-1-06 07:41 - 8 comments
Visuals have improved rapidly lately.
Humor has improved, too, but not at the same velocity.

Stephen thinks the 13th Labour concerns itself too much in plot. Most people don't have the interest to check in daily on a plot that w ...read more
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 New Shading Trick
Posted by limmortal - 01-31-06 05:50 - 1 comments
I found a way to make it look a lot neater with almost no extra work. Ask me nicely, and I'll tell you how to do it in Photoshop.

Basically, I was reading about light and shadow, and discovered (couldn't have figured it out by obs ...read more
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 It's Terrible. Just Terrible.
Posted by limmortal - 01-27-06 23:07 - 4 comments

Go to that site, and run a blue/yellow color-blindness check on read more
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Posted by Joey - 01-17-06 22:49 - 2 comments
I suggest you get a domain name with them because it's so cheap!
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Posted by limmortal - 01-14-06 12:13 - 5 comments

Ooooh. This is . . . wow. It makes me feel like I'm not even trying. Which I'm not - when was the last time yo ...read more
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 Comic Change
Posted by limmortal - 01-14-06 12:04 - 2 comments
I updated http://the13labour.comicgen.com/d/20060107.html in case you're interested. It doesn't change the plot much, but it's a punch line that I left out whe ...read more
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Posted by Joey - 01-11-06 01:13 - 0 comments
For those of you who watch what you eat... Here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting medical studies.

1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart att ...read more
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Posted by limmortal - 01-4-06 05:47 - 4 comments
How was the composition on that diagonal layout?
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 Art And Storyline
Posted by limmortal - 12-27-05 10:36 - 2 comments
Well, that's half of the storyline finished. Now for a brief interlude. It will be ridiculous. But I suspect I think it's more ridiculous than it actually is. Or my reasons are different.

No one commented on my six-panel page. Pos ...read more
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